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  1. Threw a clean-pencil headshot example up there now that I have one (thanks DD!)
  2. Speaking as someone fairly familiar with what goes into creating and animating game player models: Yes, it actually would need to be a new body type because of the animations involved - either that or the existing bodies we have would have to have their skeletons edited to accommodate snake tail bones. Concept-wise it's not hard to imagine tail slaps for kick animations, but since the existing models and their bones weren't set up to handle that stuff to begin with... The 'monstrous' legs with their bent beast-feet that we have are pretty much a hack, and only mostly work with the biped animations; just look what happens if you use /e crouch (your legs phase through themselves). The monstrous legs at least still conform more or less to the same thigh/shin/foot structure that normal human legs have, but the geometry is distorted into that shape. It's hard to explain without diagrams but you CANNOT make a snake tail conform to those bones, and the bone setup for snaky NPCs wasn't made to be able to do the lower-body animations you see in Staff Fighting or Dual Pistols either, things would distort and stretch and look generally bizarre if it even animated at all.
  3. I have, and... unforutnately yes, your only option is "I"s. Thankfully, you can move them down to be nearly flush with the floor. I did a whole basketball court with the capital I and the hyphen.
  4. I have an existing character who would be rolled up as a new alt IMMEDIATELY if this happened.
  5. Snake bottoms for PCs would require an entire new body type (Two, if we are to get both male and female snake people) with all new bottom-half animations for every power set that does a lot of moving around below the waist - most notably Martial Arts and Street Justice with the kicking, but probably anything at all that isn't a really arm-centric blast set would need to be redone from the ground up. Also, every costume piece that currently exists that goes on the waist or higher would have to be reworked to fit the new snake skeletons... ...Basically don't hold your breath.
  6. Specifically I am talking about: 1. The new Council, Lava, Isle, and other rock pieces 2. The new Mot and Hamidon pieces We already had large rock pieces in the Landscape tab and Mot/Praetorian Underground pieces in the Bio-Organic tab. Should these new items be moved to those tabs, for the sake of consistency in where things are grouped? Maybe the bones into Bio-Organic too because they're more similar to those pieces than they are to all the trees and shrubbery that the Nature tab has typically been about.
  7. Every object that has a chance to be thrown with Propel - at least, the ones we don't already have. Please! There are some really neato sculptures and furniture in there.
  8. I know exactly what you mean by "plastic-y." Gives me way too much uncanny valley.
  9. And for the third time, I've been commissioned for something that's intended to be a tattoo, which I think is pretty nifty: putting it behind a link just in case SFW in that all of the Bathing Suit Areas are covered but it is a sexy pinup girl so YMMV
  10. 😆 I wasn't even necessarily thinking the Ball of Light would be a pet - they'll heal you even when they con hostile, in fact. And thanks, I'm glad my experience with the Warshade AT has amused! anyway I did another picture for Dalantia... also here's a couple more that I didn't put up yet but were lying around in my imgur
  11. oh another piece of fey lore present in game: one of the Macguffins you might go get from a newspaper mission is a mummified Leshy, so we know it's not just British Isles folklore that matters here.
  12. when people like erwin exist or makes me wonder why I bother selling art at all... if i charged any less than I do I'd be working for below minimum wage why would anyone want anything from me when they could get out from him cheaper and better?
  13. IMO, EVERY costume part should be changed to allow a secondary color (except pieces for which the secondary color is replaced by the skin tone, because game engine limitations). For the wolf heads in particular, good options for color masks would be: -Outside ears and top of muzzle, like this coyote -Outside ears and maybe small patches on the sides of the muzzle, like a fox -Area all around around muzzle and eyes similar to German shepherd or malamute -Muzzle and cheeks with a strip going up between the eyes like a husky -Inside ears, eyebrows, cheeks, and lower parts of muzzle
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