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  1. Arcane teleport pad - that's GENIUS!
  2. I rather like Red Fortune, @Regloh - very nice atypical use of that blank faceplate helmet.
  3. Thanks 🙂 I'm really happy with this one. It's one of the rare instances of a piece that as I keep looking at it I only like it more.
  4. HDGFGHFSGHFD ...actual Interminables canon, this time 🙂 Istvan in South Africa (long before his death, obviously).
  5. When I team with my Grav/Kin character, I like to run ahead to the next spawn and Wormhole them onto the tank behind me before hitting Fulcrum Shift. Getting good at managing the KB from that is essential.
  6. JHFGDJGDJHSDFGH my gravity controller is a teleport specialist and I WISH I COULD HAVE THIS INSTEAD OF DIMENSION SHIFT ...oh well, moot point, don't think I could fit it into my build :<
  7. I had an Ill/Time on Live whose Phantom Army was down to just twelve seconds of downtime without one single set bonus, at level 45. I don't have him anymore because I'm paying more attention to my RP characters, but these days I have an Earth/Time that is fantastic for splatting AOEs everywhere.
  8. Ohhhh that's good I didn't realize it added control duration - thought it was magnitude. Wow. Okay that's something to think about using more.
  9. If that's how it works it'll be a game changer.
  10. I use Leo's texture conversion script. What are the contents of your texinfo.txt file? You may be converting with the wrong settings. EDIT: Found the problem. After examining the functionality myself (read: screwing around with fonts for a 'subtler' version of the text), I found that the texture conversion script doesn't seem to notice alpha channels in .png files. If you save as .dds or .tga it will work correctly! If anyone's interested I can share my version that sacrifices a little readability-at-distance in the name of aesthetic, too.
  11. Minor issue with the teleport beacons: the alpha channels on the decorative 'flags' at the bottom edge of the Arcane beacons appear to be empty, causing the gaps to be filled with a black or white background that should be transparent: This is an easy fix though; if you don't know how to do it yourself I could take a few minutes and put together some corrected files for you if you like.
  12. Here's an unusual combo for you - Arachnos mace + 5th Column wire bundle + Tsoo pot = Umbrella stand.
  13. I four-slot my Singularity with Expedient Reinforcement and leave it at that - Grav really benefits from the added recharge with its relative lack of AOE hard control, and Wormhole being up more often is something I generally want, and adding those two procs that Avilister uses in addition to that cuts too much into my personal durability slotting, which I need a lot of as a /Kin on account of the benefits /Kin gets from being in melee (mainly refilling own health and endurance). Wormhole has five Stupefys in it (everything but the KB proc because it already has KB and definitely doesn't need more) and the smashing damage proc from Explosive Strike which I picked because it's thematic for my character but is nonessential; the last slot could easily be filled with an Overwhelming Force KB-to-KD if you don't like KB or some other proc (several options!), or moved somewhere else. It doesn't need the Razzle Dazzle immob proc though, because it's more reliable to hit them with a Crushing Field directly after the wormhole lands if you want them not to wander off - my Crushing Field has four slots of Overwhelming Force including the proc, the Debilitative Action +stun, and the Gravitational Anchor +hold to further shore up my AOE control options.
  14. also, forgot to mention before, but I like your scifi medical machines, Dacy :3
  15. Yes, Tinhead is Paige. We're partners. You can get them from Amazon too, yeah, but we like to point out that you don't have to give Bezos a cut, hence my linking to the publisher site 🙂 Also I drew some more stuff - my Earth/Time controller Saurus, and yet another of Tinhead's character (and second protagonist in The Interminables) The Devil's Doctor, partway between his two forms:
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