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  1. They're horns, tilted with advanced posing and clipped through the face just a smidge. Sorry, no, I'm right. There is nothing in these images that is connected to Homecoming in particular or any rogue server any more than to City of Heroes back when it was live, any more than literally any piece of fan art could be. The few characters that are unique to Homecoming, such as those from the new Vazhilok/Freakshow content, are absent from my work here and will not be made.
  2. Ditto. And now, Penny Yin.
  3. I understand the concern, but I'm not worried. There is nothing here that could possibly get Homecoming in trouble - I do not represent the Homecoming team, I am not suggesting these miniatures be used as assets for Homecoming, and there is nothing present in any of these miniatures that is somehow specific to Homecoming in particular rather than just City of Heroes at large - we're only one of several rogue servers out there. Any reference images I used were from ParagonWiki or Google Image Search. As far as anyone at all is concerned, I'm just sharing City of Heroes content on a City of Hero
  4. I've lately gotten really, really into making miniature designs on HeroForge, and over the past few days I decided to make a whole bunch of CoH NPCs... Got a bunch of minis of characters belonging to friends and sgmates and me too but not enough screenshots to put next to them for reference, so I'll show those later.
  5. Hi yes, I can give a more detailed explanation. Basically there are three kinds of NPC costume parts: 1. The ones that will fit on character models as they are. Almost any kind of skintight thing is this, such as the metallic ripped-up dental floss costume that CoT Succubi wear, as well as textures that go on parts that are the same shape as what PCs get, such as the boot texture the Carnival Strongmen wear. Some items in this category, like the Carnival Ring Mistress's bandeau tops, would have only limited coloring functionality, because of being more than two colors (including sk
  6. The only way to do this is to build that room outside/above the base plot instead of inside it and place "item" walls yourself instead of using the actual base walls- if you've already built the rest of your base, you can accomplish this by making the room accessible by teleporter instead of just walking in.
  7. Great name and great use of the tire costume parts 😄
  8. Bugs the hell out of me as well. The problem is that the Flex animation isn't put together to accommodate a shield and therefore it defaults back to the original chest-pound - therefore the way to fix it would be to make a new "Flex animation with shield" animation for it though and I don't know how easy that'll be.
  9. What needs to exist to address this issue is the addition of a "Tattooed Short Sleeves" part for Jackets. The upper arm geometry is part of the Jacket Sleeve part in this costume top category, rather than part of the Chest part as it usually is.
  10. I'm not hugely up on my Praetorian lore (though I should be better about it, seeing as one of my own characters is a Praetorian Carnie). That said, the concept of a Seer gone rogue because of DE contamination is entirely plausible - the contamination and subsequent influence from Hamidon might be itself enough to overpower Mother's hold. While this would still point at a Science (representing the DE alterations to the character) or Mutation (representing the innate psychic powers that would bring her into the Seer program in the first place) origin, it is in my mind the simplest a
  11. I've seen a few grand pianos made of alphabet letters, but here's my upright: three mission-style counters overlapped with each other, some short wall pieces to cover the flickering, a few stair rail posts, and a keyboard made presumably the same way as the grands I've seen out of modern picture frames and knife handles.
  12. Oh, I like the colored labels indicating hazard zones, that's neat.
  13. Gosh, he sure does look a lot like my own Punchline.
  14. Screencapped: This happens with both Labeaux 1 and Labeaux 2 for the Robotic Arm 1 and Robotic Arm 3 top categories.
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