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  1. It just takes patience. I generally have to do a lot of fiddling to get them to line up properly - it helps to use the largest possible grid size.
  2. I suppose I might bring my Carnie...
  3. Perhaps this should be re-titled the "Costume Help Request Thread" so as to help alleviate confusion...
  4. Do you have a power source in your base? I believe you need an Arcane Power generator of some sort for the Pillar to function.
  5. Living quarters, rec room, and gym!
  6. Open jackets without the vest: Probably doable, if the staff has a way to edit geometry. Moving "shirt" jackets to shirts: Probably not doable, unfortunately, because of the way sleeves work. Jacket sleeves delete the geometry of the upper arm, allowing them to be closer-fitting without clipping, while "shirts" sleeves don't. This is why the casual dress shirt sleeves are so bulky looking: they have to have buffer space so the arm geometry underneath doesn't clip through when the character moves. Short jacket sleeves replace the arm as part of the sleeve itself which is why you can only pick one color for the sleeve (the other color is the skin color). I also don't expect that the vertices of the jacket shoulder seams would be exactly the same as the shoulder seams on the shirts, and if they're different then the existing "jacket" shirts won't work with the existing "shirt" sleeves and vice versa. I don't expect that this would be possible to reverse-engineer.
  7. Please forgive me if I'm explaining the obvious, it's late and my reading comprehension isn't great. Spectrum doesn't work with any "with skin" tops, gloves, bottoms, or boots because of the way "with skin" costume parts work in a broad sense. Spectrum is essentially a type of tights, and so are those "with-skin" options, such as the metallic mini dress top - that's why they can only take one color. A costume part can only have two custom colors, and for those, the second color is the skin tone. It's a single piece, not a pattern laid over a base "skin" layer; the game doesn't work like that. It's the same reason you can't pick two hairstyles at once; they're the same type of piece. Shirts, jackets, and chest details though are all different costume parts that can be used in addition to tights, laid over. So you can use them over Spectrum no problem. If there's any category that doesn't have Spectrum in it as a Chest option, it is an oversight, not because it's not allowed for some reason but because the game's UI code is a mess and it was an oversight. Costume parts have to be added to these things by hand, which is annoying.
  8. Spectrum pattern. You can do other colors than straight white, too. Play around with it!
  9. We don't have a cat that we can put in our bases, but my main supposedly has one - so I put evidence that one lives there in his personal base. Like this scratching post I put together out of two street pylons, the foot of a bar table, and one of the Arcane Defense pieces flipped upside down.
  10. I don't think there's a good way for you to prevent it from happening, unfortunately - down is as bad as up for item shifting. Maybe if you shifted the other parts of the portal up to match the ring, instead, and added a ramp to make it not be weird?
  11. Wow, that's a big shift. I've had things move before but never to that degree - is this a base built above the plot, and if so, how far above? I've heard that if it's further from the origin, this can be more of an issue. As for a solution I don't know any but periodic checks and maintenance.
  12. It's not visual media, but my partner's and my main characters from Live got recycled into protagonists of a novel and then a sequel that my partner wrote and had published, titled The Interminables and Immortal Architects.
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