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  1. for some reason i didn't do a pokemon for Wild
  2. I called it godawful largely because I got it wrong, lol - feet are the wrong shape, forgot some of the markings, and the fin in the middle of its head is so small as to be nearly nonexistent when it should be larger than the "eyebrow" fins! The Parasect came off much more like "the extra mushrooms are natural individual variations within species" because that was actually intentional...
  3. and for Legend today, a godawful Lugia drawn from memory that doesn't hold a candle to my Parasect.
  4. @Midnight Blue Mage - the dragon character belongs to Charcoal, idk if you play with him at all. Anyway here's Overgrown - one of my succulents.
  5. And now I've done today's - Ash:
  6. a friend's character for Dragon
  7. Yeah that's not going to be a viable thing; no heckin' way will the code allow an AT to have three choosable AT power sets, not to mention it'd be hell to balance.
  8. No actually this is brilliant and I love it, +1. Yes, we can have a pistol-slinging boxer already, but Chance and Ninja are absolutely right in that Dual Pistols and its 'gun fu' animations are 100% inappropriate for this: It would be much more on-brand to use the pistol animations from the Thugs mastermind set. That wouldn't be viable for an entire blast set as they'd get pretty samey - how many non-fancy-flourish pistol attacks can there be? - but in an assault set, where at least half of the powers don't use them, it might fly. On top of that, this would be opening up that concept to be paired with a Control set as primary which is mechanically not something that can presently be done.
  10. I didn't draw on day 9 because I was sick - so I did a single drawing for both 'swing' and 'pattern' the next day! here's that, and a ptarmigan for 'snow' today.
  11. One of my most unconventional, yet extremely effective, uses of an item to make something that is absolutely not that item's intended purpose: When you have a little space on the other side of a bathroom wall, you can use a few curved white counter pieces to serve as a hung-up towel! Oh, and I also made a radiator out of lamps.
  12. As far as lights go - what about placeable light emissive points that don't have any visible fixtures, just markers visible while in edit mode? Especially nice if we could have several different colors (cold white, warm white, yellow/orange, red, purple, blue, and green ought to cover any lighting needs for any space - or better, just one or two of different radii that take custom colors if it's possible!). That would make it easy to add light to any of the non-light-emitting lamps and would be especially valuable in large open areas where there's nowhere to embed a hidden floodlight or hanging lamp (my usual go-to options for hidden lighting).
  13. I didn't rush so much on 'Frail...' much better than yesterday
  14. The top of the machine is the same as yours, just without the button. The handle and the top of the pot are two parts of the same piece - this desk lamp:
  15. nice, thanks. I made a coffeepot of my own, but I wanted one that looked a little more substantial, so: Very pleased with myself for the handle and lid: it's a desk lamp turned upside down 😄 And the burner it sits on is a pressure bottle from the Tech tab.
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