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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, I have a dilemma: I am playing a Carnival of Light character. He's an Energy/Kinetics corruptor (Energy for Carnie lightblasts, Kinetics shared with Primal main as major powerset). When he gets to level 35 and can pick an Epic/Patron pool, I then have the choice between either Mace Mastery with its best-acceptable-Carnie-Staff-stand-in or Primal Forces with its energy melee attacks that LightCarnies have. What do I do, folks?
  2. My take on a pipe organ:
  3. Body scanner from the Tech tab.
  4. hey so the Praetorian Wards have an awfully familiar color scheme for their primary ally groups
  5. A real-life photo of the stuff that goes on in this thread:
  6. They are a bit tricky that way, but I've never had a lot of trouble planning my rooms around them. What I like is that they're seamless, unlike the stairs we originally had, and if I need to turn it around at a landing, a pair of the larger, rectangular University Table pieces just happen to match the stair surface texture perfectly, so they're great for creating those.
  7. Okay, I've seen a lot of big fancy fireplaces and there's a gazillion ways to make them but I haven't found a lot of ways to make small, simple fireplaces. However, an idea struck me today, I tested it out, and it works great, so: 1) Chimney, on its side and sunk into the wall 2) Two Roman door frames, back to back to form the mantel and side columns 3) One small cement plate to cover the back wall 4) Brick wall corner to form chimney going up 5) Firepit (unlit) attached to Surface on the back wall of the fireplace, rotated and sunk down slightly, so the logs fit inside 6) The fire itself is one floor torch to provide actual light, and one "torch flame" effect emitter to increase apparent flame size without increasing brightness - I also found that the torch flame emitters, if turned upside down, emit the embers/sparks downward instead of upward so I did that too in order to avoid embers popping out of the fireplace Below is a 'cutaway' screenshot with the camera angled so you can see what's below the floor, for a better visual on how the logs are placed:
  8. I just gotta say I'm wicked proud of this staircase I put into a small base I did recently:
  9. Is that the ExoProto pattern? Yeah, very annoying to draw; I've encountered it in commissions many times.
  10. Closer to "Discount Colossus" if we're making Marvel comparisons, but hey, he IS named Irons... 🙂 also thanks for the plug further down the thread! @Seed22 - The characters actually originated in CoH, more or less - though Istvan's costumes do have to be approximated to some degree (no legit WWI uniform and no skeletal feathered wings). Saurus, however, has been a CoH character from the start and the drawing is more 'yeah this is what she SHOULD look like if I could make the proportions correct'. Saurus ingame:
  11. Oh hell yes, Spectral Relativity (Ill/Time controller) gettin an UPGRADE with that! 😄 (this is the 'before')
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