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  1. Well, to be perfectly precise, it said REcolor, so it'd be on stuff that was already colored that you wanted the colors changed.
  2. Hold shift while clicking and dragging the fish to move them vertically and drag them under the water.
  3. Some good skies that do not have a day/night cycle include Cimerora (day) and Space (night).
  4. We do have non-butterfly insect wings already - though oddly, it's a triple pair of wings, which no insect has (double pairs for everything but flies which have a single pair... and a butterfly isn't a fly, for the record). Still, it gets the job done. What I'd really like is some rotten, exposed-bone zombie bird wings. We have bat/dragon options with bone, but nothing with bone and feathers! And on the topic of insects, beetle wings would be cool too, with the shield that opens up and the wings that come out from under that.
  5. ..>Can we have this as a placeable NPC in bases? Cause that'd be sick.
  6. Just putting it out there again that this work is my entire livelihood and I need customers. Seriously, I'm starting to worry about food and internet if I don't get some work soon...
  7. Haha, back on live I had some Menders of my own that were 'veiled' (by which I mean the veil being completely transparent) expies of characters from well-known time travel stories... Mender Epoch (Bots/Thermal MM), Mender Zeal (Fire/Dark/Mu Corruptor), and Mender Lathrop (Kin/Elec Defender)... let's see if I can reconstruct their costumes from memory:
  8. The latest! @KalSpiro's controller, Valerie St. Claire
  9. I don't have a character to use this on, but I've had it sitting around and just my luck - last night, someone joined my group with a bee-themed character who had no hero costume yet! It'll probably be adjusted by the actual player to match face and desired colors, but I wanted to show it off here as just mine, too:
  10. Look it's a young Edmund when he was in the Navy - god he's weird clean-shaven (This is the Not City Of Heroes version of him; in the gameverse he was in the Hero Brigade, not the Navy, and wouldn't be conforming to these uniform regulations - but I already painted that one!)
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