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  1. To be fair, the two warehouses are expressly not abandoned, and mission two is rather in an office 😗 But thank you all for the kind words. Shame I missed the existence of the Holiday AE contest by a hair 😄
  2. A Very Nemesis-y Christmas Arc ID: 35416 Twas the night before Christmas, And all through Paragon, No sight or sound of Prussians, Not even a clone. And that is a worrying prospect, then, when you, personally, are found by a singular noisy little Jaeger automaton. What plot has Nemesis cooked up this time? Set right before Christmas, this four-mission arc will have you uncover something quite big. Are you a big enough Hero (or a Rogue with a heart of gold) to burn through the midnight oil and uncover the plot right before it reaches its p
  3. Pretty sure this would apply to Homecoming. That isn't Homecoming footage.
  4. I get how this is an issue, but for the people that would want to be sliding around in mid-air a la Ice Man, this almost seems like an unintended feature.
  5. This applies to all AE's from what I have seen. I have tested this already on Pocket D (natch), Atlas, Rikti War Zone and Cap Au Diable.
  6. Hadn't touched colours one iota, so that was the base, standard colours.
  7. So I've begun with a quick bit of AE exploration and mission making. Maybe right on time for the holidays. And I wanted to use the Nemesis Jaeger bots as a contact. And then I see that, safe for the pointy feet and some mirrored piston segments of the legs, the entire model is untextured when used as a contact in AE. And then I check the other variant of the Jaeger. Same issue, because, of course, it's just the same model, different attacks, description. Okay, maybe some other mobs have this issue too. Let's think simple. Non-human mobs. Oh yeah, definitely. And it
  8. I do have a habit of clearing ignore lists in games because I ignore liberally. But when I have a notes system to fall back on (like on GW2), I am less likely to unignore them. Because I make it explicit why I ignored people on those. Hard to go "oh right, I am not removing you from ignore" when the stated reason is "unapologetic racist."
  9. So recently I had a small bit of chat in the game's Help channel after a quick stint of "rude people denying humanity of people get a note added to them and then promptly ignored." Though then I asked myself, can you see those notes yourself of those you have put on your Ignore list? And the answer is, no, you can't. Not directly. Sure, you can check your playernotes.txt file to cross-reference @'s with your notes, but on the other hand, sometimes you just want to see why you added a person to your ignore list as readily as you want to see who you added to your friends or global fr
  10. Pretty much. We're not exactly asking for random stuff. Very specific, developed stuff.
  11. Oh my gosh this is such a massive character flavour defining thing. This is good!
  12. To be fair I was operating mostly off of Dark Armour's Oppressive Gloom, which exists and works with a similar mechanic. It's something you can slot for or adjust to, especially with a self-heal of your own. And considering I was thinking of having Bio Weapons be a good tie-in to Bio Armour, they have their own absorb shield ability in Ablative Carapace and in that delightful tentacle schlurp that is DNA Siphon. And can't forget Inexhaustible. That said, your idea has merit for exactly your reasons outlined. Hmm. Ponder ponder ponder. I should get in touch w
  13. Heck, I wouldn't mind seeing some myself. Goodness knows it wouldn't be amiss to have access to a Tarantula Mistress transformation power for my Fortunata.
  14. Well I'm a dolt and I missed the last Weekly Discussion Thread shindig about powersets, with or without recycling powers. Like a dolt. At the least, the work I did put in for a hypothetical powerset has not gone lost, so it's not all a loss. Any which way, the one thing I really had hoped to see shortly after (back on Live) the release or the whispers of Bio Armour was a Bio Weapons suite. Just as much as you grow whatever growths and projections you use to protect yourself from harm as Bio Armour does, I would imagine a similar offensive set would work along the same lines of grow
  15. Boo. Corsair wheel joint peg leg in particular screams like it should have been included, but I'm a patient woman. One thing I did notice is that using the Rocket Boots (the ones with the neat fire effect when flying) will not fire off when using asymetrical mode. Even when using both boots together. Works normally again when asymmetry is disabled. There also seem to be less particles active running a Path and Body aura. The preview for, say, Banished Pantheon Body aura and Cloud & Lightning Path aura does not quite seem to match what happens out of the character ed
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