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  1. To be fair, the two warehouses are expressly not abandoned, and mission two is rather in an office 😗 But thank you all for the kind words. Shame I missed the existence of the Holiday AE contest by a hair 😄
  2. A Very Nemesis-y Christmas Arc ID: 35416 Twas the night before Christmas, And all through Paragon, No sight or sound of Prussians, Not even a clone. And that is a worrying prospect, then, when you, personally, are found by a singular noisy little Jaeger automaton. What plot has Nemesis cooked up this time? Set right before Christmas, this four-mission arc will have you uncover something quite big. Are you a big enough Hero (or a Rogue with a heart of gold) to burn through the midnight oil and uncover the plot right before it reaches its point of no return? Be proactive! The entire setup for the AE missions is from your perspective, you sleuth, you investigator. Follow that Jaeger! Be challenged! The AE arc pits you through the level 30-40 bracket (barring the first mission, it makes use of Sharkhead Island enemies that just... won't scale up past 30 at all). That means no Incarnate power, and maybe not even your last few powers to really top your build off! From map 2 onward, maps make use of Elite Bosses for pacing reinforcements. Patrols wander a lot of the areas too, so stay on your toes! Be vigilant! Only one mission is set around a 'get all the glowies.' In any and all other cases, clicking on interactable objects gets you some background information and maybe allowing you to piece together just what is happening behind the scenes. Be entertained! Plenty of assorted dialogue for the foes you meet, some more eager to meet you than the others! Be swept away! Including custom enemies, custom bosses, and all meant to be integrated with their respective factions. And most of which with custom descriptions! Descriptions for each mission on start, acceptance, in-progress, and of course completion! Be careful! Seriously, even with a tricked out Tanker working much like a Brute, the solo x8/+4 difficulty will have you do floor inspection sooner rather than later. Be together! Find a crew, and tackle this arc together with your (newly minted) friends! Best to share the introduction, acceptance, in-progress and mission completion dialogues with them in between! Happy holidays!
  3. Pretty sure this would apply to Homecoming. That isn't Homecoming footage.
  4. I get how this is an issue, but for the people that would want to be sliding around in mid-air a la Ice Man, this almost seems like an unintended feature.
  5. This applies to all AE's from what I have seen. I have tested this already on Pocket D (natch), Atlas, Rikti War Zone and Cap Au Diable.
  6. Hadn't touched colours one iota, so that was the base, standard colours.
  7. So I've begun with a quick bit of AE exploration and mission making. Maybe right on time for the holidays. And I wanted to use the Nemesis Jaeger bots as a contact. And then I see that, safe for the pointy feet and some mirrored piston segments of the legs, the entire model is untextured when used as a contact in AE. And then I check the other variant of the Jaeger. Same issue, because, of course, it's just the same model, different attacks, description. Okay, maybe some other mobs have this issue too. Let's think simple. Non-human mobs. Oh yeah, definitely. And it's also very selective about what is, or is not, textured. So yeah, that's a bug. Minor, in the grand scheme of things, but alas, this is a very particular one.
  8. I do have a habit of clearing ignore lists in games because I ignore liberally. But when I have a notes system to fall back on (like on GW2), I am less likely to unignore them. Because I make it explicit why I ignored people on those. Hard to go "oh right, I am not removing you from ignore" when the stated reason is "unapologetic racist."
  9. So recently I had a small bit of chat in the game's Help channel after a quick stint of "rude people denying humanity of people get a note added to them and then promptly ignored." Though then I asked myself, can you see those notes yourself of those you have put on your Ignore list? And the answer is, no, you can't. Not directly. Sure, you can check your playernotes.txt file to cross-reference @'s with your notes, but on the other hand, sometimes you just want to see why you added a person to your ignore list as readily as you want to see who you added to your friends or global friends list with the notes you can review and edit readily from there. As such, I'd like to suggest an option to add to the Friends / Global Ignore pane of the Friends tab, that one can right-click a name to Edit Notes of that person. Unsure how large or involved a change this would be. Especially considering the spaghetti code hell nature of CoX.
  10. Pretty much. We're not exactly asking for random stuff. Very specific, developed stuff.
  11. Oh my gosh this is such a massive character flavour defining thing. This is good!
  12. To be fair I was operating mostly off of Dark Armour's Oppressive Gloom, which exists and works with a similar mechanic. It's something you can slot for or adjust to, especially with a self-heal of your own. And considering I was thinking of having Bio Weapons be a good tie-in to Bio Armour, they have their own absorb shield ability in Ablative Carapace and in that delightful tentacle schlurp that is DNA Siphon. And can't forget Inexhaustible. That said, your idea has merit for exactly your reasons outlined. Hmm. Ponder ponder ponder. I should get in touch with the person that made the Synergist. I kinda want to see if I could at the least make a singular powerset with mostly just recycling, really.
  13. Heck, I wouldn't mind seeing some myself. Goodness knows it wouldn't be amiss to have access to a Tarantula Mistress transformation power for my Fortunata.
  14. Well I'm a dolt and I missed the last Weekly Discussion Thread shindig about powersets, with or without recycling powers. Like a dolt. At the least, the work I did put in for a hypothetical powerset has not gone lost, so it's not all a loss. Any which way, the one thing I really had hoped to see shortly after (back on Live) the release or the whispers of Bio Armour was a Bio Weapons suite. Just as much as you grow whatever growths and projections you use to protect yourself from harm as Bio Armour does, I would imagine a similar offensive set would work along the same lines of growing your own weaponry from yourself, mostly using similar rounded assets or wholesale recycling elements from other sets. Most of the damage scaling has been based on the Stone Melee powerset, and I would imagine this to be similar in its scaling. And of course the biggest appeal is growing more stuff out of you, mostly to match the stuff growing out of you from Bio Armour. Bio Weapons Your body can grow assorted natural weapons from itself, depending on your needs in any given combat. You are also able to switch between two differing combat styles that both take from your own body's hunger for materials: yours or the enemies' own. - Bludgeon: Melee, Moderate DMG (Smash), Disorient. Your fists grow heavy and you lash out with their added mass growing out from your body, potentially disorienting your foe. Grow BIG fists, punch. Probably base these on the Stone Melee Stone Fist power, including the same larger fists and the animations. Texture would likely be based on the Bio Armour one to bring it in line with how it could combine with Bio Armour's own outgrowths. - Blade Hew: Melee, High DMG (Lethal). Your internal structure grows outward into a wicked blade that can cleave deep. It is slower than Bludgeon, but deals more damage, and of a different type. Based on Katana's Divine Avalanche, using a colourable Rikti Axe or Rikti Sword, and probably also the same grown fists from Stone Melee. I'd imagine the weapon to appear, similar to any other growing weapons, foregoing the redraw animation entirely. - Wide Swing: Melee (cone), Moderate DMG (Lethal). You grow weaponry out mid-swing, using the added momentum to cut a wide swathe. Based on Katana's Soaring Dragon for its two-handed posture, similarly using a colourable Rikti Axe or Rikti Sword, and probably also the same grown fists from Stone Melee. Again, I'd imagine the weapon to appear, similar to any other growing weapons, foregoing the redraw animation entirely. - Taunt/Confront/Placate The standard suite of Taunts, Confront, Placate for Tanker, Scrapper, Stalker. - Bulk Up: Self +DMG, +To-Hit. By redirecting mass to your core, you greatly increase the amount of damage you deal for a few seconds, as well as slightly increasing your chance to hit. Build Up by another name. It would be nice if this could have Bio Armour's Parasitic Aura's effect of added mass going for it for the duration of its Aim and Damage buff before breaking apart. - Assassin's Lunge: Melee, Special DMG (Lethal). A signature Stalker attack. This attack does moderate damage on its own as a frontal attack and cannot be interrupted. However, if it is executed while you are Hidden, this attack will do tremendous lethal damage, as you impale your unsuspecting foe. This attack may be interrupted if you move or are attacked while executing this power and are hidden. Using this power while not hidden has a chance to critically hit equal to 33.3% times the number of stacks of Assassin's Focus. Using Assassin's Lunge when not hidden will remove all stacks of Assassin's Focus regardless if you critically hit or not. The Stalker Assassin's Strike. Stalker's Staff Fighting Assassin's Staff, or better yet, a slowed down Serpent's Reach would fit this perfectly, doubly so if the blade could somehow be sticking out comically past the intended target. I'd imagine the weapon to appear, similar to any other growing weapons, foregoing the redraw animation entirely. - Hungering Lunge: Melee, Moderate DMG (Lethal), Self Teleport. You streak forwards, ignoring everything in your path before your weapon sinks into your adversaries. You move instantly to a targeted location and strike at targets within melee range. Attacking at such high speed is dangerous to the user, as well - for each enemy you strike, you take minor damage. Blaster's Martial Arts' Burst of Speed, with a blade sticking out of the outstretched arm. Hopefully properly aligned with the arm, besides. Unsure if this should be having charges or not. Could just be a wholesale copy. - Evolution: Special, Gain Devouring Evolution and Hungering Evolution. By purchasing this power you gain access to two mutually exclusive toggle powers: Devouring Evolution and Hungering Evolution. If Devouring Evolution is active your attacks build up stacks of Shrapnel. Build up five stacks and your attack explodes outwards in a small burst of flechettes. If Hungering Evolution is active you gain a damage buff the lower your Hit Points get, but you also continuously drain your own Hit Points. Unsure what aura effect would best be suited for this, honestly. Maybe a series of rings from Super Reflexes Focused Fighting and Focused Senses that continuously pulse around the head, respectively. Something obviously different from Bio Armour's veins pulsing. - Devouring Evolution: Click Toggle, Bio Weapon Explosive Mode. By activating this power you cause your Bio Weapons to spontaneously mutate, causing them to cling to and absorb materials to sustain yourself in the heat of battle. While active, your Bio Weapon attacks grant you stacks of Shrapnel. You may have up to 4 stacks of Shrapnel active at a time. When you would build a 5th stack of Shrapnel, the attack will also release a short-ranged AOE attack (Minor DMG, high amount of valid targets) centred around the first target hit by the attack, but will also Exhaust your weapons from building additional stacks again for a short time. While your Bio Weapons are Exhausted, you cannot build stacks of Shrapnel. - Hungering Evolution: Click Toggle, Bio Weapon Draining Mode. By activating this power you cause your Bio Weapons to spontaneously mutate, causing them to draw excessively from your bodily integrity. You are continuously losing your own Hit Points, but your weaponry will strike with more strength the lower your Hit Points are. This power can be dangerous to use, especially as it only really adds more damage when you have lost at least a third of your Hit Points. - Overhead Chop: Very Short Ranged (Targeted AOE), High DMG (Lethal), Foe Knockdown. You heave your weapon high above your head and strike ahead onto a single foe, knocking them down and letting the sheer force of the blow knock the wind out of anyone around them. I'm surprised Titan Weapons does not use Rikti weapons at all, even scaled up. Crushing Blow would seem pretty fitting. Otherwise, Katana Sting of the Wasp would be fitting, though perhaps too fast. The biggest appeal to this power is striking just past a line of enemies to attack in a round AOE, or to time a detonation of Devouring Evolution flechettes with the AOE of this attack. - Heavy Mass: PbAOE, Superior DMG (Smash), Foe Knockback. You leap into the air and coalesque your mass in mid-air before you come crashing down with all your mass you have mustered, sending anyone caught in your wake sprawling. It's pretty much Stone Melee Tremor with less particles, growing stone fists, and probably Stone Armor's Rooted to apply a similarly bulky look to the legs for the duration of the attack. This would also likely be the one attack missing from the Stalker powerset in lieu for the Assassin's Lunge.
  15. Boo. Corsair wheel joint peg leg in particular screams like it should have been included, but I'm a patient woman. One thing I did notice is that using the Rocket Boots (the ones with the neat fire effect when flying) will not fire off when using asymetrical mode. Even when using both boots together. Works normally again when asymmetry is disabled. There also seem to be less particles active running a Path and Body aura. The preview for, say, Banished Pantheon Body aura and Cloud & Lightning Path aura does not quite seem to match what happens out of the character editor.
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