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  1. Could |I ask if you guys could paste your build here old style please? That is, listing all the powers and enhancements in full. I don't know why but after several attempts over the past year I am still unable to download mids onto my PC so can never read builds that are referenced via that. Hope you can do this. Thanks in advance.
  2. Bumping this up. I am interested in exactly the same powersets and agree with OP - lots of Rad/Dark builds but very little on DM/Rad brutes. Grateful any contributions to this topic!
  3. Today's gem on Reunion ... [Tell] Ice Sculptor: why no tells? [Tell] -->Ice Sculptor: search the forums for "NO TELLS PLEASE" please. [Tell] Ice Sculptor: ok fuck you CoH has a great community mostly. Then there are guys like this.
  4. Got this one today. Guess I'm ignored by one more: [Tell] Thundercicle: no broadcast... speak directly like a polite human beaning. ignore! And apparently I'm not a "polite human beaning".
  5. Of all the Doves, Dark is my very favourite! TYVM @Dark Dove 🙂
  6. Neither crying nor whining. I put this topic up because it's an opportunity to explain in full why I say No Tells Please. You're right though arcane to the extent that if you don't want to follow a simple request from someone forming a GM Hunt or similar, you shouldn't try to join.
  7. Abused again this morning because I form teams for GM runs with saying, NO TELLS PLEASE. SHOUT IN BROADCAST. To give a specific example, this is the invitation I use for the Boomtown GMs: “lfm 2GMs BABBAGE + GOLIATH WARWALKER. Come to Boomtown (off north Steel) and shout in BROADCAST. No tells please. ALL WELCOME. 12 quick merits, 2 cool badges.” (In a number of cases – like the above example – the invite even includes directions to help people get to the zone.) There’s a variety of reasons for this, including: much easier to organise people across teams in league wh
  8. thanks for the advice. Going insane thinking it was something at my end but not knowing what!
  9. cannot log in. computer illiterate as well. was playing fine last night following latest patch update but today I try to login via Tequila and just get this message: Manifest download error for http://patch.savecoh.com/manifest.xml Unable to connect to the remote server Have tried turning PC on/off. Have tried "revalidating". Anyone know the solution???
  10. This thread and the FIRE/KIN and ICE/KIN builds are very interesting. But it reminded me that back on live RAD/KINs used to be a thing. They seem to have gone the way of fire/kin controllers only more so as at least you see one of those every so often on Homecoming. Are Rad/Kins no longer viable?
  11. Just saw this thread for the first time today - one hour after taking my own Electric/FF controller to 50! Gotta say I'm debating whether to cannabalise him for the IOs or try fixing him as he's been quite slow to play. And as much as I love FF there's not a lot there that's of use to other players at higher levels. Would be very interested in any reviews / critiques of the build initially posted.
  12. *BUMP Saw no-one had responded to this. Coincidentally I'm really enjoying my rad/time corruptor, Watchman. He's at level 35 but before I choose or not choose an epic set I wondered if anyone else could offer any advice on rad/time. Is it a popular set? Wha epics go well? Whatever happened to GreyMoth?
  13. Need help if possible. /petition and /support come up with error messages so can't work out how to get ingame support. So posting here. Basically my global is @Nightwatch. I've always sent enhancements and such to myself to transfer between toons. But for at least today while I've been on Excelsior and playing my toon Nightowl, I've been sending these to @Nightowl which is NOT me. This includes at least 4 Soulbound Allegience. Have tried contacting @Nightowl but says he is hidden, the account doesn't exist or he's not online. Will keep trying but is any developer able to as
  14. Having so much fun running my Water / Ice Blaster Turtle Man but am unimpressed by the epic powers sets available hero side now that I'm at the level to choose one. Can anyone recommend a good epic power set for Turtle Man? Would I be better off going to the redside and picking up a set there instead? Thanks.
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