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  1. I'm having fun with my water/storm corrupter. She has so many AOEs. PBAOEs, Targeted AOEs, Cones.
  2. It was this one for me as well the day COV went live. Now, I was a terrible player and will admit it. I thought, "Scrapper!" Needless to say that didn't work. I understand what a Stalker is now and it just doesn't fit my play style, so I've never tried one again.
  3. Off the top of my head: Martial Artemis - Widow 50 (My main and badger) Time travelling teenaged girl from a post-apocalyptic future who was trained by Ghost Widow and the Knives of Artemis in the future because in the end humans had to stand together or die apart. Steele Magnolia - Energy Beam/Energy Aura Sentinel 50 (First character from live remade from AR/Dev blaster on Pinnacle.) Inventor by day, hero by night. Sgt Pandora - Rad/Rad Def 50 (My main from live on Liberty, remade her in all her glory) Afghanistan war veteran who discovered she had the power to heal when she needed it the most. Nimue - Emp/Energy Def 50 (Remade from live, the name Cornucopia was already taken) Baltimore police officer who inherited a magic artifact and now shares her body with the Lady of the Lake. American Dreaming - Invuln/Energy Tank 50 (From live as well) She wants to be a hero just like her mom and dad. It's hard to live up to legends. Simon Says - Mind/Dark Controller 50 (From live as well) When the voices in your head are real how sane can you really be? Take a walk with me. If you dare. Gunpowder and Lead - Dual Pistols/Force Field Corrupter 50 Texas Ranger on loan to the PPD as part of an interagency task force. Belle Bluebonnet - Nature/Assault Rifle Corrupter 50 Another Texas gal. Bluebonnets and big guns, what's not to love about that? Hell To Pay - Fire/Ice Blaster 42 Enough said. Callie Penrose - Psychic Melee/Regen Scrapper 41 An homage character inspired from the Feathers and Fire series written by Shayne Silvers Alice in Wonderland - Illusion/Time Controller 41 What if her novel history were a delusion and she's really a mutant in City of Heroes? Hurricane Claire - Storm/Water Corrupter 32 She has the temperament of a storm and it shows. Vigilant Callista - Dual Blades/Willpower Brute 30 My Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 character. She's a Ranger/Rogue Vigilant of Vesh from the Scarred Lands campaign. Tanzanite Titan - Fire/Spines Brute 23 I might as well try farming too. I Am The Storm - Storm/Cold Defender 23 Her anger runs cold. Kill It With Fire - Fire/WP Brute 23 Her anger runs hot. Born To Be Wild - Nature/Beasts Mastermind 23 This song is stuck in my head now. Freedom Pirate - Assault Rifle/Devices Blaster 23 Mr All American with an eyepatch. Fortunata Simone - Fortunata 10 An alternate version of Simon Says And a bunch below level 10 I tried and set aside.
  4. Manufacturer: NVIDIA Model: GeForce GTX 960 Operating System and version: Win 10 Does the game load (and error you get if not): Yes Driver Version: Monitor Resolution: 3840x2160 Multi-monitor?: No Graphics Preset Used: 2 Overall experience (any stuttering, glitching, etc or smooth sailing): Good Any steps taken to resolve issues you encountered (both those that worked and those that didn't): Lower graphics to 1 during Hami Raids and some game events
  5. Herculean in Warburg should read 588 yards WEST of the Warburg Marker atop the vent/roof of the Malta base.
  6. Barrier as it functions is a great Incarnate Destiny. Barrier as it looks is almost unplayable. A lower or no FX version would be great.
  7. Thanks to both you and Sailboat for explaining. I knew the number 17, knew I could hold a lot of targets for my teams, but didn't realize how that number was achieved.
  8. I understand the reason for nerfing 'enterbasefrompasscode'. If the recharge time on SG teleport power was reduced to something reasonable (like 5 minutes instead of 30) it would serve for convenience and in a way that doesn't break anything as it has a very long and interruptable animation.
  9. I'm fine with all the changes except for the nerf to Tank taunt cap. I don't understand how reducing the taunt cap from 17 to 10 improves the tank. A higher taunt cap makes sense if you want the tank to be the team's meat shield.
  10. 1. Not to lose the characters I have made here. In a choice between my old and new characters, I would choose new. 2. Regular updates on the "State of the Game" and where we are going from here if any changes are coming. 3. New content if funding and personnel allow for it.
  11. Wow! Lots of good changes. My Beam Rifle Sentinel is going to be even better, now. Thank you.
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