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  1. We see crashes after Hamidon kills... about 1/4 to 1/3 of the league is kicked out and has to log back in. I hope this will fix that!
  2. This is what roped me in... I was told "no pressure but we'd sorta like to try and beat another group from the SG..." SCHWING! Citadel on challenge mode... Game on! And then I took my cheap ass to the P2W vendor and picked up Assemble The Team, Mission Transporters, and Team Transport. So... yeah, we won. Although the next TF duel we lost miserably due to some massive knockback from a PUG. Loads of fun though! As with any MMO, a good regular guild is the *key* to keeping people playing and interested far longer than they would otherwise. And for me, PDF sure seems to be that group.
  3. Good. I don't PvP so I haven't seen any downsides to using it thus far. I thought that the base/transport thing was the single coolest improvement to the game since re-launch. I could even use it on un-guilded alts as long as I had a legit base code.
  4. This made me sad -- the Hive and the RWZ had pretty much become social areas more than anything else. This pretty much killed that based on the fractured/instanced turnout of last night. I actually thought the zone cap change of May was an improvement and find this "fix" to be very disappointing.
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