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  1. For Blasters, something that truly screamed "Defiance!" would fit. To keep it somewhat in tune with what's already there, I'd say that the proc should have a chance to trigger when a mez is applied, and if it triggers, it applies a short (2-3 second) break free effect and apply a strong +damage for the same duration. Another Blaster option would be to put a passive effect on the slotted power, allowing it to be used while mezzed, just like the low level powers. For Brutes, I'd say a useful effect would be achance for a short buff that prevents Fury from degrading.
  2. Not necessarily. If you want stealth, and it isn't provided by your Primary or Secondary, Super Speed + Celerity: +Stealth is a great way to get it. And if you're already in the SS pool for that, why not get Hasten?
  3. Someone else has probably mentioned this in the slew of replies I haven't read yet, but making Hasten permanent requires a LOT more than 70% bonus recharge, ON TOP OF Hasten's bonus. Based on your justifications given, it would be more reasonable to ask for the removal of Set Bonuses; after all, most players can easily find room for five Luck of the Gambler +7.5% Global Recharge IOs (+37.5% recharge) and three purple sets (+10% recharge at 5 pieces in many sets). Literally any other +recharge set bonus pushes you over 70% global recharge, and you don't even need to worry about activating a power, or the endurance cost of Hasten; it's just always there. Prior to set bonuses, it was impossible to make Hasten permanent without relying on outside buffs from teammates, so obviously, the problem isn't Hasten, right? It's set bonuses. Or teammates. We should probably remove both from the game, just to be safe.
  4. He is, but only if you're set to have Bosses spawn as Lieutenants while solo. And actually are solo, of course.
  5. Newer cutscenes were designed with skipping in mind. Old ones were not, and would need to be rewritten from scratch to support skipping. My understanding is that, if you were to skip an old cutscene, anything that was supposed to spawn in as part of the cutscene (such as boss fights and mission objectives) would not exist if you skipped too soon, and bosses with long animations (Like Frostfire's speech) would be locked in those animations and and unable to respond to players attacking them until they finished.
  6. That's why I recommended a slider: so that users can decide where they want the warning to be.
  7. There's a relatively simple solution: We already have a prompt that asks if you're sure before letting you list an item for a high listing fee. Just (Standard Code Rant applies, of course) add an extra prompt that warns you if bidding over a certain amount. If possible, add a slider, so that people can decide at what threshold to be warned.
  8. The effects don't stack, but as far as I know, it still does apply the new debuffs on top of the old ones. This means that, as the (relatively short duration) debuffs fall off, the other copies are still there, meaning that the target stays debuffed. Even if it doesn't allow multiple applications of the debuff to be applied, the rapid reapplication means that the debuff will have relatively low downtime. So, maybe not quite as good as the OP may have thought, but still a useful effect.
  9. There already is. Nine of them, in fact (Assuming that 1-9 Times the Victor still work the way they did on Live). That means that this would be a relatively low difficulty addition; most of the framework is already in place.
  10. Roderick

    Unobtainable Badges

    I'm going to guess that you're a Vigilante. Certain badges are flagged Hero- or Villain-only, and while anyone can earn credit towards them, you don't actually get the badge unless you're the correct faction (Vigilantes count as Heroes, and Rogues count as Villains). As to why you have Force of Nature without the prerequisites: Any power-granting Accolade is automatically granted when you have its opposite faction equivalent and switch sides. So you probably earned the Hero version, switched to Villain and got FoN, then switched back to Vigilante.
  11. It's weird. It's a short (0.5s?) repel, followed by a delayed KB. It should be converted to KD by the appropriate IOs, but the initial repel will be unchanged.
  12. 2 x (4.63 + 2.08), however, is 13.42. It's a long-standing bug that conditional bonus damage, like the Fiery Embrace damage in your screenshot, gets included, sometimes even when the character can't make use of the effects that trigger the bonus damage.
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