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  1. I can say with 100% certainty that noone in the history has ever completed - or even attempted - the Dr. Quarterfeld Task Force. On a related note, I don't think that anyone in the history of CoH has ever spelled the Dr. Quaterfield Task force correctly.
  2. If you click "Show me available missions" and one of the options is the start of a story arc, you're locked into that arc until you finish it, even if you accept the other mission, or don't select anything. Once a story arc is opened, nothing can remove it, other than completing it. Even switching sides will just hide it, and it will still take up one of your available story arc slots until you switch back and complete it.
  3. It's worth adding that Dark Melee gets Siphon Life at level 16, so if your Primary doesn't provide a heal, Dark is a great pairing. Of course, you'll have weaker AOE damage with Dark Melee, so you have to keep that in mind.
  4. If you're willing to pick up a couple uniques (Steadfast Protection, Gladiator's Armor, Reactive Defenses, Shield Wall), you can easily get Shield Defense to 35% defense to all and 24% resist to all at super low level. And you'll get extra defense from nearby allies (via Phalanx Fighting) and scaling resist (from Reactive).
  5. Obviously, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.
  6. I once had the idea that Grendel, former leader of the Trolls, was not killed when Atta defeated him, and instead, his loyal lieutenants spirited him away and put his comatose body in a bath of 'Dyne, hoping to revive him. It's well established that ODing on 'Dyne makes you bigger (see Supa Trolls for example); perhaps a years long soak in 'Dyne (possibly contaminated by something magic from the Circle of Thorns or Minions of Igneous) would result in him finally awakening as a several stories tall, rage-addled Troll, bent on revenge.
  7. It's a false positive from your virus checker. playerslot.txt is just a text file that tells the game the order that you sorted your characters in (the server doesn't store your sort order). I don't use AVG, so I don't know exactly how it works, but you should be fine just clicking "Allow App".
  8. It was asked about several times on Live. Basically, it can't be done without completely redoing the respec system from scratch, and it was considered too much work for too little return to ever consider. However, the people in charge here have done a lot of things already that used to fall into the same category, so maybe one day we'll see it happen.
  9. From Paragon Wiki: Almost certainly an alignment issue. I feel like these "Can only be earned by one faction" badges have been wonky ever since Null started offering alignment changes. I wonder if he doesn't properly update everything that an alignment change is supposed to do.
  10. Go to Badger, create a new character, make sure the filters are clear and the dropdown for badges per page says "All", and then click the checkbox at the top of the list that selects everything currently listed. The counter will change to say 1530, but if you go to your character list it will say 1532. I'm not sure what the discrepancy is. Not exactly. There are several badges that have different names depending on whether you're Hero or Villain, and even some with a different name if you started as a Praetorian. Also, there are some badges that you can complete the requirements for, but you won't earn them unless you're the right alignment. However, once you earn them, you'll keep them if you switch back. There used to be some that you'd lose if you switched side (the ones that give power-granting accolades, IIRC), but I'm pretty sure they were changed before side-switching even left the test server.
  11. If you have a character that you don't care about wasting the buff on, you can do the arc, delete the temp power, and then run the arc again to test.
  12. I wouldn't go that far. In Tequila, click Options, then Re-Validate.
  13. Actually, it has normal KB. It just applies a repel for a second or so, and then does the KB right when the repel ends.
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