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  1. I just hit 20 with mine and War Mace eats end like candy lol. Would love to see your build btw
  2. Hey i didn't see a Beam Rifle/Temporal Manipulation Blaster. If you could make one all ranged with Scorpion Shield that would be awesome. Thx for all the builds
  3. So how did your psi/bio work out?
  4. Cool thx, ill check it out
  5. Hi all any one have a stj/bio build they can post? I just hit 50 and im looking for one with good single and aoe dps. Thx
  6. Hi all, How would i go about adding afterburner to this Toggle Hover/Fly /macro Flight "powexec_name Hover$$powexec_name Fly" I want afterburner on when fly is on and off when hover is on. Thx
  7. LOL awesome write up thx for the tips. Ill make sure to have fun with it. Tc and thx!
  8. Just started playing it yesterday lol so not really lol
  9. Hi all! Anyone have a leveling build for this combo? Its gonna be my first Controller. I have a Science hero in mind. Thx for any help.
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