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  1. I don't think they are required, but they can harass your backline easily. And the bosses also can summon additional cogs before they go down, so you got half a handful of smaller things you have to deal with. With each boss.
  2. I believe it's also the sheer amount of clockwork we have to bash. I don't mind them, per se, though they are just annoying to deal with when it comes to the defeat-alls when one has to also deal with those small gears which the boss ones spawn upon their death after a few seconds. You always have to wait for them to spawn and kills your momentum. And that eats a lot of time after a while.
  3. Same. Tried kicking off a Operative Renault SF due to it being the Red Side Weekly Strike Target. In two of three cases throughout the week, I received no reply at all when forming them. I figure it was due to the ITF being the far more attractive option, but I cannot help myself to wonder at times why I even bother.
  4. Figure Odysseus would have not taken the Rise of the Incarnates and his defeat during the Mortimer Kal Strike Force so well, as it probably diminishes his power of influence with his group since we have gained a much higher level of power than he and his Warriors ever will. I can think he would dabble in more artifacts that have been somehow connected to the Well of Furies in a more drastic attempt to re-establish themselves and have his more bold men volunteer to see how they react towards it, with varying amounts of success.
  5. I figure many rather just like to stream it for the sake of showing that the game is still around, albeit in a in a less official matter. Frequently see people go "Wait, what?! It's still around?" when they realize that CoH is active with servers and they have been part of the community pre-shutdown, so they can get back to it. Personally, I would just enjoy streaming it on Discord for some friends and give them a look of how older mmo's were ticking, and perhaps get them to at least give the it a try. And regarding the 'negotiations' ... yeah - Unlikely something
  6. Unless its actually incarnate progress that old characters can pursue only in that zone, they'd just remain in PI and beat up the Council. No one goes to DA anymore for endless missions, it's too troublesome to fight against the groups there.
  7. Given it's Port Oakes, I figured you get involved with the Family vs Mooks. "For a long time, the leaders of the Family and the Mooks have feuded against each other over the Goverment control of Port Oakes, but suddenly there is a chance for a compromise. A few parties, however, are not keen on this development and send you in to sabotage their relations and reignite the flames of grudges - Be it for money, fame or just enjoying the carnage!"
  8. As you noticed, Red Side is lacking of anything of a Strike Force before level 15. And even then, you tend to run Tarikoss as a level 20 anyway. To compare, Blue Side has two Task Forces and a Trial before level 15, which adds a lot of replayability and more targets for the WST. So it would be nice that Red Side gets a level 8 -15 Strike Force in Port Oakes, so they get something to be busy with and team up for quick XP/merits, some replayability due to badges and being a WST for players to come back to. In terms of mission size we could copy Positron TF's - 7 or so missi
  9. Unslotting them requires merits or money. And the enhancements/their recipes need to be bought and/or crafted, of which most players don't commit to for the reason I posted above. Too much of a investment for some alt that might not survive the trip to 50. Slap a Zephyr at the travel power of your choice and be done with it. IO's are fine starting at 22, and before that you can just use Offense/Defense/Survival Amps that cost you 1k/hour when hitting the vendor at level 1.
  10. Any uniques than perhaps steadfast/zephyr -KB are optional for most AT's until 50. Sure, they are good to have when you have the wallet to support this, but many won't commit to that until they know if the character with the power combo 'sticks' for them.
  11. Does the SO boosting price scale up higher the level is, similar to amps in the P2W vendor?
  12. The Loyalist Responsibility in Neutropolis on Gold Side has a few gems.
  13. I mean, I am all for more Red Side folks coming around. Maybe I should start a Red Side Weekend and have them come over for some sweet missions and Strike Forces.
  14. Hate it especially on snipe powers, which you think have a 100% accuracy due to their wind-up. Also, Gears coming from clockwork bosses, which always have to be killed on kill-alls. Synapse is such a pain with them. Then there are enemies getting stuck in cave walls due to someone knocking them against those. I am looking at you, Storm Summoners with Gale on level 1, pushing the Lost around in DFB.
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