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  1. Given it's Port Oakes, I figured you get involved with the Family vs Mooks. "For a long time, the leaders of the Family and the Mooks have feuded against each other over the Goverment control of Port Oakes, but suddenly there is a chance for a compromise. A few parties, however, are not keen on this development and send you in to sabotage their relations and reignite the flames of grudges - Be it for money, fame or just enjoying the carnage!"
  2. As you noticed, Red Side is lacking of anything of a Strike Force before level 15. And even then, you tend to run Tarikoss as a level 20 anyway. To compare, Blue Side has two Task Forces and a Trial before level 15, which adds a lot of replayability and more targets for the WST. So it would be nice that Red Side gets a level 8 -15 Strike Force in Port Oakes, so they get something to be busy with and team up for quick XP/merits, some replayability due to badges and being a WST for players to come back to. In terms of mission size we could copy Positron TF's - 7 or so missions, 12 merits. EB's or AV fight at the last mission. Regarding DFB and DiB to be used instead: They lack reasons for higher leveled players to come back to after getting the badges, plus getting groups for those is hard enough for Red Side. I tried. Even on prime time at a Saturday, I only got 6 people for it on Mercy. And honestly, I kinda get exhausted of running DFB all the time. Thoughts?
  3. Unslotting them requires merits or money. And the enhancements/their recipes need to be bought and/or crafted, of which most players don't commit to for the reason I posted above. Too much of a investment for some alt that might not survive the trip to 50. Slap a Zephyr at the travel power of your choice and be done with it. IO's are fine starting at 22, and before that you can just use Offense/Defense/Survival Amps that cost you 1k/hour when hitting the vendor at level 1.
  4. Any uniques than perhaps steadfast/zephyr -KB are optional for most AT's until 50. Sure, they are good to have when you have the wallet to support this, but many won't commit to that until they know if the character with the power combo 'sticks' for them.
  5. Does the SO boosting price scale up higher the level is, similar to amps in the P2W vendor?
  6. The Loyalist Responsibility in Neutropolis on Gold Side has a few gems.
  7. I mean, I am all for more Red Side folks coming around. Maybe I should start a Red Side Weekend and have them come over for some sweet missions and Strike Forces.
  8. Hate it especially on snipe powers, which you think have a 100% accuracy due to their wind-up. Also, Gears coming from clockwork bosses, which always have to be killed on kill-alls. Synapse is such a pain with them. Then there are enemies getting stuck in cave walls due to someone knocking them against those. I am looking at you, Storm Summoners with Gale on level 1, pushing the Lost around in DFB.
  9. More surprised that the supply of enhancement converters doubled over the amount of demand on the market. I am pretty sure that was the other way around a week or so ago.
  10. I gave it a look through, and it seems pretty nice! I'll try to make that work for me. Thank you very much!
  11. I figure I go for a balanced build, but if you can squeeze in some DPS that wouldn't be bad, although TW hits like a truck from what I saw on the first 20 levels. 🙂
  12. Figured I give tankers a spin again after the retirement of my Invuln/SS back on Live. After the new changes and a quick inquire, I was going for Electric Armor/Titan Weapons. Anything specific I should leave out from those sets and someone that got a build for me to go with? Appreciate the help.
  13. I miss more Sinister Plots where I can gather puzzle pieces for 'The Plan' and then put this all in motion once the pieces are all in place. Aside that you can rise up to be a equal to Lord Recluse, you still remain on the Rogue Isles instead of just stomp out your own base somewhere else. I know that 'Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.' mentality, but I do rather have some freedom when it comes to drop off the radar to establish my own seat of power. Another issue is probably me trying to find decent groups to run missions with. Positron and Manticore TF's are being done by the dozen, but getting a group for Mortimer Kal SF up and running? That's some hella work. Also, the enemies on Red Side seem to be more 'varied' in their types and make it harder to fight them. Arachnos is one of those that keep a main presence and their Fortunatas really can ruin someone's day with a unlucky hit. At the endgame, it's Longbow with their stacking(?) 5 million sticky and sonic grenades.
  14. Thing is, does a blaster even need something like Short Circuit and a pet? Wouldn't it better to make that SC a Location AoE on surfaces, which then gets saturated by electric currents that perform the same endurance drain like SC, but also with the damage of like Fire Rain? And for Voltaic Sentinel, maybe a Short Range attack that jumps over to others, like Chain Induction does on Elec Melee?
  15. Some content could use a bit of fine tuning to make it more bearable to go through it. Case in point: Synapse Task Force with those Defeat All missions, where you have to even finish off those smaller gears that pop out of the Princes. Just annoying and needlessly time-consuming.
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