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  1. Any progress in allowing customization of MM pets? This would be a fun feature.
  2. This Event could have a Zone warning and Red flashing star like that of the Troll Superdine in Skyway. Or even that of the Rikti attack warning telling non-combatants to take cover or avoid.
  3. Lower the cost of the Signature Summons through P2W. Currently 10,000,000 for 5. More may enjoy using them if cost dropped. It is a fun bonus to have a special pet with some builds.
  4. Each faction (Hero/Villain) could have Elite Bosses and their minions spawn as an event in random zones. They could be attacking a facility of an opposing faction and Heroes/Villains aid them.
  5. Would like to see more Giant Monsters added to Villain side. Maybe even with a Hero twist. Thanks
  6. There are a number of Zone Events I never see posted in Chat. Thanks
  7. When the Superdine Raid announces a Red flashing marker appears on map in Skyway. It would be nice if all Zone Events did that. Thanks
  8. While solo street fighting my Thug Arsonist still ran up in Melee? i did not tell him to attack. Seemed to do better on team in mission. Patch has been installed and double verified. Not sure if it is just me. Excelsior Server Thanks for any help
  9. January 24, 2020 9:00 EST. My Arsonist on redside still ran up in Melee attack?
  10. Big picture. If more start using LFG as "general random chat," then seeking a LFG post will be almost impossible to find among the other messages. The game has other alternatives to random chat. "Without order there is chaos."
  11. The Hollows would be good place for a Supa Troll Giant Monster
  12. Have the Giant Monsters spawn more often, be tougher and even summon their own minions. Thanks
  13. Seems Kraken in Perez Park needs to be stronger. Does not take long to beat him compared to others. Thanks
  14. A Global Chat channel but seperate from the Broadcast channel. There is waaaay to much idle talk that goes on in the LFG channel. You must read through player talk to look for a group post. Thanks
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