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  1. The idea is to have random event of NPC Gangs or Heroes and/or Paragon to Raid on a location in each Zone and the Blueside/Redside would then defend. This could be a Door mission (ie: AE building since it is in most zones) There are times when players are chilling, waiting on teams to form, etc. where this would be a filler event for those times. Thanks
  2. Password Generator ----> /sgpassword (your Supergroup name as one word no spaces)
  3. How do I change my SG passcode numbers to one's I want?
  4. A Global Chat channel but seperate from the Broadcast channel. There is waaaay to much idle talk that goes on in the LFG channel. You must read through player talk to look for a group post. Thanks
  5. First, the "Find Member" is missing the "Echo" zones. Second, in the "Find Member" the idea of having it include the other faction (ie: If I am on Hero side I would also see Villians, visa versa). There are some I have to look up to see what level they are advertising for team members. They do not always say when posting. This also may need some distinguishing look like Blue names and Red names. . Thanks
  6. Random spawns of NPC's engaged in various crimes or arrests depending on Hero or Villian side. This could be added taking some of the groups hanging out on the streets in each Zone. (Superdine Supa Trolls and Fire Alarm events made me think of this.) 1 Villian group robbing a store 2 Busting villians out of jail That is the basic idea. maybe something can be done with it.
  7. Or the " [Looking For Group] " could be Blue or Red corresponding to their side. [Looking For Group] Character name: Message [Looking For Group] Character name: Message
  8. When people post in Looking for Group Channel it would be nice if the system recognized if they were Blue or Red side Possibly colored names or words in the appropriate color. Or even a symbol by their names. (ie: Star or Arachnos) [Looking For Group]*Character Name: Message [Looking For Group]*Character Name: Message This would facilitate getting on teams and such.
  9. Add a few new COV zones or transfer lesser used ones from COH over and tweak them to be villainy. I feel this will bring new excitement for the Redside and pull players to COV material.
  10. I would like to see the Mastermind class have a makeover. For starters, some of the sets have a Defensive aid some some sort (ie: Healing, Bubbles, Maneuvers) Yet others were originally overlooked. My personal example are the Ninjas. An added feature for defense could be the Jounin stealth could be AoE for the other Ninjas for same duration. This would help tremendously in keeping them alive. Thanks for your efforts and hope to see the game improve greatly.
  11. 1. A rebuilding of Galaxy City. Slowly bring back the city from ruin. As it rebuilds have the enemy factions battling for power. Heroes must struggle to keep control as the city is rebuilt. Story Arcs could tell the story of it's comeback. 2. Mastermind Secondary power revamp. Seems the secondary is more of a Defender set for most of the powers. Would like to see more of a "Blaster/Scrapper" mentality for the player. More "Hero" type options for Mastermind pets. Early in my thought of this so not sure what to implement here. 3. More higher level content for the Skulls, Hellions and Outcasts. 4. Newer Graphics Engine yet keeping System Requirements as low as possible. Thank you for your serious interest and hard work in reviving City of Heroes!
  12. The Lusca GM takes more players and time. Please increase the Merit reward from 6 perhaps 15
  13. I would like to see Super Trolls used in Story Arcs.
  14. Thanks so much for bringing back this game. I realize it took lots of planning and work. Please keep going with this and the negotiations. My best memories involve team play. The community was so great.
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