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  1. not doom, just annoying and seemingly targeted at a specific group of people.
  2. man, did you manage to dodge the whole drama that lead to homecoming's creation?
  3. I think this is why you see the slow, incremental changes. when the server first launched vanguard merits were worth more and AE gave full xp. They have slowly whittled away at farmable rewards rather than chop them down in one big swing to keep people from flocking elsewhere. No one wants to be the first to go start populating a ghost town server so they just put up with change after change because there is no reasonable alternative. If they had axed it all at once, perhaps people wouldn't have been so invested and may have jumped ship. Or i'm overthinking it. What do i know? i'm no
  4. If this was a concern of theirs, there was an easy way to avoid it.
  5. Yes, they exist and are basically ghost towns. I don't understand your point. is this just the "if you don't like it you can get out" thing? There are 0 comparable alternatives to homecoming. ZERO.
  6. Yeah! You can go play with the 14 other people on the different servers... Homecoming currently has essentially a monopoly on player base so other servers are only a realistic option if you love to solo.
  7. This is a huge stealth nerf if not a bug. Between this and inf nerf, it just chips away at the game for me. As for the thing people are saying about buying power not changing. That is not the case for Super-packs to get ATOs and Winter IOs. If you don't want to spend merits on them, they now take twice as long to earn.
  8. Honestly, just giving FF a little absorb in their shields would go a LONG way to helping it.
  9. How about this. No nerfs or buffs until we can have skippable cut scenes.
  10. There are some really sad and lacking sets out there that have been sad and lacking for years. What if we gave FF some love? Sadly, this is how it comes off looking. While i'm sure they are capable of doing more than one thing at a time, I feel like just about everyone (except a few contrarian stinkers) would prefer to see the underperforming and lackluster sets fixed. ones that have been lagging behind for a decade. Let a new baseline develop and balance from there. We are playing a VERY old game. We are here because we love the game. Don't chip away at that. Build up t
  11. Don't nerf Tac Arrow!!! It is glorious! It is unique! its a great way to get a different feel from a blaster. We don't need all our sets to be clones of one another! LET TAC ARROW RUN FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. is there any way to tell which badges were earned honestly, through normal play and which badges were farmed up just to get the badge? I'd like to see separate lists. Obviously some badges like explores you'd never come across in the normal run of play but things like healing badges, damage badges, kill x baddie type etc. earning those by playing the crap out of your toon is way more honorable than farming it up just so you can have a +1 in your badge column.
  13. This is the single greatest warshade build ever assembled. All others should just give up.
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