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  1. Nvidia GT 740 Linux (Ubuntu) + Wine 5.7 with DXVK/D9VK Nvidia driver version 435, 1080p not multi Is more than a bit slow and tends to heat up at full 1080p resolution, even on low settings, but turning render resolution down to 1024*567 actually lets me play on Ultra settings with 55-60 FPS in non-crowded situations and OK noise/temperature throughout.
  2. GT 740. Just checked Nvidia's page, and it's definitely listed as supported by 450. EDIT: And just in case, it's not 450 not working for CoX or Wine or anything like that it's straight up not working with everything going back to 640x480, including plain X11.
  3. With mine it's not as much of a doomsday, more of my laziness than obsolete vidcard. (and 435 can run Vulkan just fine with the right card, as long as the card supports it, I just checked, Vulkan and DXVK definitely work.) I didn't dig deep into why 450 doesn't work, my guess is that it's just a couple years of doing weird things to Ubuntu LTS... And as you noted, kernel updates for that one will stop coming soon, so I'm going to need to re-install sometime in the next few weeks anyway.
  4. FWIW, no issues like OP had here with Wine 5.7-9 (Lutris build, it has at least some staging stuff) 64 bit NVidia 435 drivers (because 440 and 450 don't really work on this system for some reason...)
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