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  1. Please note: Map list is as follows (will be in random order) Steel Canyon Skyway Atlas Outbreak Luna Liberty
  2. Team Miami Heat! @Treyy, @Jd, @AceHunter, @9lives, @Bless
  3. @wombo1 Beam/Plant Blaster @madden2 emp/beam defender
  4. True... Maybe -x% HP would be more of an even penalty... and increase fall damage?
  5. What about a 10 second -50% regen debuff per jaunt, stackable to -150% regen?
  6. Thank you to everyone that came out tonight and Congrats to Xhiggy's team for going undefeated the entire night!
  7. @BANGBANGDOOF Beam/Poison Corr @TheMalice Ill/Rad troller @haunt - emp/sonic defender
  8. Who's Got The Best Pair? - 2v2 PvP EVENT Hosted and Funded by @Wombo5, @Fire Wire & @Xhiggy Saturday September 5th, 3 PM EASTERN INDOM SERVER, POCKET D 11+ BIL INF PRIZE POOL Free for All - 1 Billion Influence for 1st (Starts promptly at 3pm Eastern) Costume Contest - 1st 400mil - 2nd 300mil - 3rd 200mil - 4th 100mil 2v2 Event Overview Double elimination bracket, best of one, 10 minute matches 1 archetype limit per team, 1 powerset limit per team (e.g can't do ice/* blaster with an */ice def or ice/* sent, but */icy assault dom would work)
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