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  1. So we were talking on General in Everlasting when we came up with some ideas on the TW/Scrapper issue. Since we know it's getting changed as it is currently OP as hell I thought I would post some of the thoughts here to get some more feedback. One of the major issues with TW on Scappers is the combination of Mechanics that allow them to do insane amounts of damage in a brief amount of time. This is a combination of the Momentum mechanic, the Scrapper ATO that grats a +50% crit rate and the damage spike and instant momentum provided by build up. My TW/BIo has Gaussians +chance f
  2. A couple of requests from an RP geek. Text limit increases: On Bios, character names, tells, and team/league/supergroup chat. Local and main chat channels like broadcast, help, LFG, etc can remain limited. I know some RP'ers would post entire novels in local when given a chance and not everyone wants to read through that, but for more private communications go for it. Also useful for discussing raids, tactics, giving advice, etc. When creating channels the admin of the channel could decide whether it uses the new or old text limit. More Costume slots: Merit or Pw2 Vendor.
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