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  1. I was away for a while, but am back in the game and was revisiting this topic. Seeing what you have here, I don't have to. I gotta say, WOW, I didn't think this little tool would garner such support. Thanks Robokitty, Wingman, AboveTheChemist for keeping it alive and not only running with it, but blowing it out of the water! You guys rock!
  2. Sounds like you're tallking about the Egg Hunter badge location.
  3. This was how I learned this too :)
  4. Thanks man, I'll definitely check this out!
  5. Thanks for the info, I'll check them out.
  6. The game doesn't have any way of embedding quotes inside another set of quotes inside these sorts of commands.
  7. Heya, had an epiphany... Since chat commands work normally, I can have a menu option such as "beginchat /bindloadfile groups/5thcolumns.tt". This drops the bind command into the chat prompt, and all you have to do is hit enter to load the bind. So I'm now updating my test popmenu file to contain working bind menus for all the binds in this thread's spreadsheet. When I get it tested out, I'll package up my bind files and the menu file and attach it to this thread. -=Janrith.
  8. Hate to do this to you again, but from the same post ... I don't yet know why the game client treats a bind load command from a popmenu any different than a normal command, but I've not been able to deep dive into the source code as of yet. I have it, just haven't had the time to wrap my mind around it. -=Janrith
  9. TL;DR: Unfortunately no, because of the above... Longer version: A Menu option is defined as: Option "Name" "Command" While multiple commands separated by $$ are allowed in a popmenu, embedded quotes are not. so, for a popmenu option defined as: Option "5th Column" "bind v "targetcustomnext val enemy alive$$targetcustomnext mek enemy alive$$targetcustomnext vam enemy alive$$targetcustomnext wo enemy alive$$targetcustomnext sha enemy alive"" The option in the menu is interpreted as: "5th Column" "bind v "
  10. Copy the file to %GameFolder%\data\texts\English\menus, then start up the game. Any changes to the file require you to restart the game, as the client only reads the file when the game initially start. Zolgar wrote a more complete guide to popmenu funcationality under the Guides topic: Popmenus: the what, why and how..
  11. Thanks! I've added Accolades to the list today. Will be adding Gladiators and Veterans next... -=Janrith
  12. Changelist: version 1.3: Populated the rest of the badge categories. version 1.2: Populated Accolades section version 1.1: Populated Achievements section version 1.0: First versoin
  13. Hi all! I'm working on a popmenu that lists the game's badges in alphabetic order and whether or not you have them on your character using the LockedOption Badge identifiers. However, the only identifier info I have is from a googledoc link on the popmenu article on ParagonWiki, circa 2010. I've been able to figure out some of the missing identifiers based on the format of others in the same ilk, but, as with anything, the format isn't 100% consistent. I'm also looking through the code base to find the info, but not having much luck. As you can see, I ha
  14. Just a quick update: I've been adding new binds to the workbook for the majority of the Villain and Praetorian enemy groups, moved the "original" Praetorians to their own worksheet (the ones you have to fight in the PI missions for the Multidimensional badge), and moved the TF ones to another separate sheet. I'd been trying to move to using a popmenu for targeting, but they still have the annoying behavior of not actually loading the bindfile until after a restart of the game client -- currently not a usable solution, despite the more useful menuing structure. Also can
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