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  1. Then wrap it inside of politics.
  2. then use enhancements, or merits, or something new.
  3. I feel you as I bought 4 winter packs this year. So we have similar experiences.
  4. Are you sure? It feels like it is filled before it opens!
  5. I am still offended at charging for alpha/beta. Oh well.
  6. I am not playing anything else but have been looking around. Current choices: 1) Space Marine 2) work on my own projects 3) Buy a stationary bike and improve my health!
  7. So, because of this thread, I decide to get this tshirt.
  8. Imagine a van with free candy spray painted on the outside. Now inside, there is an npc who will gives away the candy. The candy being whatever badge you want. another option is to allow people to sell their badges on the AH.
  9. King Shark was great. So was Polka Dot Man. And Rat Catcher too!
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