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  1. How about one that throws a moon at a single target.
  2. I recall that there was one, but can't recall the specifics. Level 20? what you had to do. Was that issue 4?
  3. Balancing rewards. Does giving out more rewards factor into it?
  4. so every body plays like you do? You have them so others must have them. Also, you want a play style therefore other people must play your playstyle? Do you want content to be harder than it is currently? Don't slot those things if you feel they are overpowered. Or is is about forcing something on other people? Or the power difference from you to them?
  5. Can a macro call another macro? Can we do any kind of switching based on mob target type?
  6. why is it worth talking about? If someone wants that, they can play on those other servers. I don't see why those other servers should dictate what we do here.
  7. I remember getting stuck in one of those train missions and couldn't get out. GM was online and got me out and added me to his group for some good xp and influence doing missions.
  8. Remember when: You had a mission to run around to all the phone boxes in a zone missions?
  9. How about this: If you don't make a Corruptor you have to do the following: Go to the grocery store and buy the cheapest canned dog food, cat food and tuna. Then mix them together in a bowl then eat it all.
  10. Can we play a platypus in this city of badgers expansion?
  11. Soul Binder: PI Possessed Scientists.
  12. Not discussing things. Hello, are you really making a discussion out of this? You said there wasn't a fix. Fixing something that isn't broken breaks games. People complain endlessly about a feature. They are arrogant in they suggest "making the game better" when it is simply "making it different" but could simply mean "better for that person". How about making it cogent? Make a list of bullet points of very specific "issues" YOU HAVE with it. Then we can have an actual discussion point by point. That would be better than what we have going in this "discussion". Or is this "discussion" is your are just bored and need to babble about it. People need to be honest here. If you are tired of farming this because you got all you want but now want maybe less payouts say so. Say you to game the mechanics to get more stuff using "risk reward" gambit. Say it, own it. what do I want: 1) be honest 2) talk your agenda. no hidden agendas. 3) You said it didn't need to fixing. So tell us something that isn't fixing. 4) measurable things.
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