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  1. We talked about it on TankHQ a few months back. What belongs on a tanking playlist? Rebel Yell by Billy Idol is a good one.
  2. Nice turnout tonight on Excelsior. Good fun on mission team, happy for the new turnout, solid tanking to be sure. Maybe I should have thought through that Mugsy comment....
  3. We smoked those trials, for sure. Sorry I missed out on the MC. As always, thanks for leading it.
  4. And last but not least, detoggled, dead Kilo. Lord Recluse always kicks my ass.
  5. Let's play, Tank or Pinata?
  6. Thanks all for the great MLTF run. +3/8 in 1:11, not too shabby!
  7. I wasn't the one bringing killer herds tonight on the all tank MSR on Indom.
  8. I see one occasionally on Excelsior, I think it starts around 7:30pm MDT, but I'm not sure if it's every week, or one Monday a month. I always forget about it until I see the announcement in LFG. Anyone have any info about it?
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