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  1. I am a bit shocked it is not more pronounced on somebody with a dark complexion, but it still shows through. Crazy thing is it used to be an option many moons ago.
  2. Is there ANY way we can go back to the way back when version of Masks with Hair? It has been gone for a very long time (I think even before Homecoming actually) but without it, it looks like your peeps are wearing crappy Joker after a long fight makeup, not a fabric mask. See these attachments. It's like night and day!! Like this... Not this...
  3. Awesome! Figured it would be that way, just wanted to be sure. Thanks all.
  4. Which one should I use more of? I guess the End Mod doesn't always fire? Does it? Is it smarter to slot for End Reduction since it brings down the total cost, or End Modification since it will get me more Endurance back when it DOES fire. I am leaning towards End Mod, but not sure. Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. Thanks everybody. I'll drop a couple more end red into the attacks and DEFINATELY grab that Recovery Serum and the one at the base Empowerment. Appreciate it.
  6. SO I am loving this build, but I just eat through END like crazy. I only have 4 Ice toggles running, all SO slotted (one each) for End as well as Defense. I have 2 End Reduc in each of my high costing Claw attacks, and one in the rest, and my Stamina 3 slotted with SO's. I hate having to rely on so many Blue Insps. But I eat those like candy! I have Energy Absorption, but I am not able to rely on that in every fight. He is 28 and if this keeps up, it will only get worse. Any suggestions??? Thanks in advance.
  7. Admins, feel free to remove. I was able to find the whole ogg tutorial and removed the horrible looping sounds! Now all I gotta do is find the Frozen Armor, Glacial Armor, and Wet Ice loops and I will be golden!!
  8. Does anybody have anything that will remove or SEVERELY lower the sounds of Ice Melee and Ice Armor for Brutes? That Ice Sword wind sound is just too much! I don't hate the swinging and hitting sounds, just that constant wind like sound when the sword is drawn. Thanks in advance if anybody has something.
  9. "All players can now move through Mastermind henchmen and push them out of the way, not just their owners" (gasp) You all are Ladies and Gentlemen! I thank you! And that asymmetrical toggle is amazing. My Archery Blaster can now have an arm guard on ONE side like she needed. Again. Thank you.
  10. https://photos.app.goo.gl/4PusQyDJnCBsyczu7 My wife and I had just moved to CA (Oakhurst to be exact) and decided we would have to go since getting there before meant a plane ticket from Kansas City MO. We had such an amazing time. Meeting The Defuser from the first season of Stan Lees "Who Wants to be a Superhero" and hearing all his stories about Stan and Lou Ferrigno. Meeting the Dev's and being able to put a face to so many of them, and realizing how amazingly wrong the pic in my head was!! LOL!! Seeing a friend we knew from MO who had moved away years ago and we did not even know pla
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