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  1. Me too, good to see you around again! I was wondering if Domo or Frozen Trojan would show back up.
  2. Seems to be a lot more support from what I've seen, and some valid criticism of the your teaming expectations. Very very little vitriol, and a ton of support. I deal a lot with depression and anxiety too, don't let it tailor what you see into what you expect to see. I think a lot of people care, and were kind enough to post that for you.
  3. I definitely would like to see it worked on. I used to love it back on live before the massive changes to it, and I'm kind of at the point that I refuse to play it now as it is. Sure, with a lot of IO work you can get it decent, but it feels like adding rocket boosters to a dying horse. It's still dying. I'm sure others that do play it now have better and more nuanced approaches to it, so apologies if you're a regen stan and I stepped on toes.
  4. Yes, I came here just to say Dark/Poison. It's a fantastic choice with tons of areas for proc slotting as well.
  5. All solid advice for Mezmera. This also really depends on how you play your dom, and at what range you tend to play it. From this I can see you do have few cones, but you've also got a few PBAOE powers and at least one Target AOE. That's not bad really, but it does put you at least some of the time jumping in to combat at close range to unleash the AOEs, then jumping back out to fire off cones. That was my experience with the dark dominators I've run too, and it's definitely workable but puts you at somewhat of a disadvantage when deciding on defenses to focus on compared to an almost pure ran
  6. Just personal preference, but I take it on all my tanks. Do I need it for the taunt component usually, not really. But the -range it applies and being able to pull in another group or runners really works for me. YMMV.
  7. Same, I moved away from Razer after having so many products of theirs fail less than a year in. Which sucks, because I was a pretty big fan of their peripherals, especially mice made for larger hands. I've since switched to corsair and have very little issues with it, beyond ICUE not always firing properly or binding DPI settings to hardware (why oh why?). I still like their products a lot and am currently using this mouse, https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Gaming-Mice/Wireless-Gaming-Mice/DARK-CORE-RGB-PRO-SE-Wireless-Gaming-Mouse/p/CH-9315511-NA
  8. I've looked at this and opened it in mids a few times, and I'm not sure where to tell you to go with this. I think for doms you often find them running some defense, if nothing else because it does allow slotting of LOTG for the extra recharge which makes domination a lot easier. I think without the place for those IOS, you end up chasing a lot of bonuses here that kind of put you in a weird spot and leave some powers really lackluster. Just my two cents but I feel like both your holds are overslotted, should likely have 4 piece basilisk set or potentially 4 piece cloud senses for shadow field
  9. Tremor is a solid attack, even better with some procs slotted in it. It's also the only real PBAOE attack in stone. I think you will regret taking it out of the build.
  10. I have two or three poison characters, and it's a fantastic set if you know what you're doing. I have a Poison/Beam defender, who can hang in melee with the combination of def from ios and debuffs from poison. Also a Dark/Poison controller which is a fantastic proc monster, as both Dark and Poison have some good proc abilities and poison needs little in the way of extra slots. I have another in the teens, corruptor, but I think defender is much better so she sits on the sidelines. If I had to do my defender over, I would probably do Poison/Water, and lose some of the single-target AV killin
  11. Got to disagree overall with DA. He doesn't resist hits, he simply isn't there for them to connect. It has to be SR for lack of other solutions.
  12. Katana/SR scrapper, just because Rapier doesn't exist as a set. But canon wise he's used rapiers frequently.
  13. Vigor is legit, I've used it on a couple characters. Even if the +heal is not super-useful, that can be said with any alpha you choose really.
  14. I believe you CrudeVileTerror. I remember reading a few years back about the curious group of people who still preferred and used Blackberries.
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