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  1. Yeah, I expect it will go down. I've been scarcely around for the past few weeks, there's just a lot of new stuff to play that I've really been itching for (currently Bloodstained: RotN, Fire Emblem Three Houses, and Archeage: UC). But CoH is comfort food honestly. I might try out new restaurants from time to time, but I'll always head back to CoH when I'm done.
  2. Always Titan/Bio scrapper with envenomed dagger, and my personal preference of Water Spout epic (double -res procs).
  3. I'd sure like to, just not sure if this week will really be possible for me. My kids have a tournament this weekend and I have a lot of family coming in right before that. If I miss this, and it's likely, I'll catch up the next time around.
  4. I really like this idea. After I get the kids and pets fed I may have to take you up on this. Damned fine way to take a setback and make into something awesome!
  5. This, very very much. Took me a long time to get there, and stop feeding the need to be right. But it's worth it to me, every struggle along the way, to be able to help and show just basic kindness.
  6. One of the best TFs in my opinion. Love the optionals, love the AV fights as well.
  7. Hey thanks Heraclea. I got busy and completely forgot to look at it to see. I've not really used the self version yet on any of my toons.
  8. Awesome. I love the idea of theme teams, and didn't do much with them on live.
  9. Plus you really need to separate resistance and defense caps, they are two different things. Defense cap is 45 normal and 50 something incarnate, which just means above that you get pretty much no return in practice unless you are debuffed, because the enemies to-hit is at the lowest level it can be. Resistance caps depend on your AT, and are more hard caps, because even if you have 95% it's going to be capped at whatever your class cap is to begin with. So defense caps are soft and at 45/50something, resistance caps I would call hard caps and depend on ATs.
  10. I have a Plant/Dark on Excelsior and would definitely be up for this. If we are talking existing characters, I'm not 100% sure I want to make another plant since this is my 3rd or so since HC.
  11. So having played elec blasters, controllers, and others I think some of these points are very valid. However, you can get enemies to zero endurance and you can keep them there, although it's not always easy with a single elec. So I would not say people should not play it, I would instead say people should not play elec sets expecting to keep all enemies end drained very quickly and permanently by themselves. Voltaic is definitely trash though 🙂
  12. Agreed. There's some PBAOE in the sentinel sets, and people that do play them at closer range depending on builds. I'd like to see something more useful to sentinels overall, and range doesn't quite cut it.
  13. I don't rightly recall, but it wouldn't surprise me much. I think I could handle that over a whole clown set, especially if they get a power akin to Gang War but they spawn from a clown car.
  14. This was going to be my suggestion as well, get some defenses, especially melee defenses. Rad has good resistances, but you're still taking every single one of those hits just at a reduced rate. Kinetic Combat is a good starter for single targets, Obliteration 6 slots is a solid choice for PBAOEs to get some melee defense. And of course the single Steadfast Protection +3 def, and the other similar one (Gladiator's something?) can provide you a solid 6% to anything. A few of those sets and you're suddenly at 25% or so without any other defensive powers, probably in the 35-40 range when using defensive sweep.
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