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  1. Thanks, Sovera. I should try that.
  2. Not on my controllers, but on my corruptors I actually started using Vigor for the +heal/acc/endred. Admittedly the +heal is useless on some powers, but almost everything slots endred or accuracy and I find myself not having to slot much on the powers I proc (except some damage). So I've used that in a similar manner as what you're describing here, and I'm liking it. I'm considering redoing my Plant/Dark with it, but it's tough. I need the extra +recharge in some of the dark powers, and not so much in the plant powers I want to put procs in. Decisions decisions..
  3. Could always make a claws/something scrapper, and call it Stray Cat Strut 🙂
  4. I've made probably several corruptors since this game relaunched, but two are my clear favorites. Water/Cold/Ice for aoe goodness and buff/debuffs. Beam/Time/Soul for single target massive damage, and good heals/buffs/debuffs.
  5. Me too man, me too. These are my all time favorite control primaries, and plant offers some pretty brutal damage when proc'd out well. I think secondaries for me would be Dark, Cold, Kin and not necessarily in that order.
  6. In most things I think teams steamroll fast enough to make the xp/inf per hour better than soloing. In most things, that is. When farming I find the exact opposite to be true, I can clear an AE mission and get much more xp & rewards. It does take a bit longer, but I don't find bringing others along makes it quick enough to offset the lost XP. It could be compounded by the fact that my farmers tend to be controllers or doms, but I don't know as to why that would be.
  7. Love your writeup of Elec/Dark. I have one sitting at 50, that just sits there because before all this proc discussion the damage is just abysmal. Although it's a very durable character, I struggled to solo until 30s and even then it was rough until Epic PPs. I'm really happy to see someone do something with it that I couldn't at the time.
  8. Does anyone use this at all on their stalker? I've got a 39 Psi/Shield, and I picked it up last level to add one more AOE since they are scarce. I think I tentatively like it, given that it can do decent damage and is useful for FF+Rech IOs as it procs it every time like Shield Bash. Just curious if anyone else has used to to 50 or beyond. I'm not 100% sure of the longevity of it post-game.
  9. On my Plant/Dark controller I use both of the hold proc chances in my single target hold. I've also got Seismic Smash as an epic, and I slot a single one in there (5 slot Winter for the rest). Anecdotally, the one on Seismic Smash fires off fairly often, but at least one of the two fire off nearly every single time in the single target hold. I have not regretted it a single bit, it's uncommon for bosses to not get one shot held.
  10. Looks good and glad my build could help. One thing I'd note is that Temporal Mending I find to be better slotted with combination of heal/recharge and heal/recharge/end, then boosting them to +5s. With 4 heal/recharge/ends at +5, you will cap each of those aspects in your powers. I only use three because the vigor alpha gives enough heal/end to cap it, and global recharge makes the final 25% or so not necessary. Best of luck!
  11. Not usually, but I like to slot a Kismet +Acc just in case because you will run across debuffs.
  12. Thanks for the advice, I will look into the changes suggested. I think most of those are very good suggestions. Most things here that are non-attuned are already +4s (including Temporal mending and all commons/HOs), pines just doesn't tend to reflect that. I'll get them up to +5 as well. On the defense obfuscation, unfortunately I'm painfully aware of it. I usually turn off power boost and stealth to get a base defense, then add half of stealth and a good estimate for powerboost. It's nowhere near perfect, but as you say those two things make the values there not really accuate. I'm hoping the defense is close enough, with the ~17 -tohit that it will keep me in the softcap zone against all but AVs and up. * This is misleading, the HOs are not "boosted" by enhancement boosters, but boosted to 50++ by combining HOs.
  13. Seconded most of this. I've got a recent Beam/Time Corruptor I've been using that covers most of those bases Darkir covered. I'll link to it here if you want to check it out @natewest1987.
  14. I don't know if I've ever had that happen. Good to know.
  15. With all the talk of proc heavy builds and Bopper's Time Manipulation guide, I decided to make a heavy single target Corruptor to make use of them. The single target damage is awesome and pretty quick with more than enough global recharge to cover the lack in enhancements. In addition to the procs in single targets, I've got Distortion Field and Cutting Beam also slotted with them to add more AOE on top of Soul Drain and Overcharge. Overall there's a lot of recharge, decent heals, some resistances, over softcap aoe/ranged and near melee, and a lot of buffs and debuffs including -regen. I'm always open to suggestions if there's anything I've missed. Villain Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/ImaginaryDevelopment/imaginary-hero-designer Click this DataLink to open the build! Level 50 Magic Corruptor Primary Power Set: Beam Rifle Secondary Power Set: Time Manipulation Power Pool: Speed Power Pool: Leaping Power Pool: Leadership Power Pool: Concealment Ancillary Pool: Soul Mastery Villain Profile: Level 1: Single Shot -- Apc-Dmg(A), Apc-Dmg/EndRdx(3), Thn-Dmg/EndRdx(3), FrcFdb-Rechg%(5), GldJvl-Dam%(9), ExpStr-Dam%(13) Level 1: Time Crawl -- PcnoftheT-Acc/EndRdx(A) Level 2: Temporal Mending -- Prv-Heal/Rchg/EndRdx(A), Prv-Heal/Rchg(7), Pnc-Heal/EndRedux/Rchg(7) Level 4: Hasten -- RechRdx-I(A), RechRdx-I(5) Level 6: Time's Juncture -- HO:Enzym(A), HO:Enzym(9) Level 8: Combat Jumping -- LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(A), LucoftheG-Def(19) Level 10: Disintegrate -- SprScrBls-Dmg/Rchg(A), SprScrBls-Acc/Dmg(11), SprScrBls-Acc/Dmg/Rchg(11), SprScrBls-Dmg/EndRdx/Rchg(13), SprScrBls-Acc/Dmg/EndRdx/Rchg(15), SprScrBls-Rchg/+End(15) Level 12: Aim -- RechRdx-I(A) Level 14: Temporal Selection -- RechRdx-I(A) Level 16: Lancer Shot -- GldJvl-Dam%(A), SprWntBit-Acc/Dmg(17), SprWntBit-Acc/Dmg/EndRdx(17), Dcm-Build%(19), AbsAmz-ToHitDeb%(21), Apc-Dam%(36) Level 18: Penetrating Ray -- StnoftheM-Dmg/EndRdx(A), StnoftheM-Dam%(23), StnoftheM-Acc/Dmg(23), OvrFrc-Dam/KB(25), GldJvl-Dam%(33), FrcFdb-Rechg%(43) Level 20: Maneuvers -- LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(A), Ksm-ToHit+(21), LucoftheG-Def/EndRdx(50) Level 22: Distortion Field -- ImpSwf-Dam%(A), GhsWdwEmb-Dam%(25), UnbCns-Dam%(36), GldNet-Dam%(45), NrnSht-Dam%(45) Level 24: Cutting Beam -- Rgn-Dmg(A), TchofLadG-%Dam(31), PstBls-Dam%(33), Rgn-Dmg/EndRdx(34), ShlBrk-%Dam(34), Rgn-Knock%(43) Level 26: Piercing Beam -- PstBls-Dmg/EndRdx(A), PstBls-Dmg/Rng(27), PstBls-Acc/Dmg(27), PstBls-Dam%(33), PstBls-Acc/Dmg/EndRdx(34), JvlVll-Dam%(36) Level 28: Farsight -- HO:Membr(A), HO:Membr(29), HO:Membr(29), LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(45) Level 30: Stealth -- LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(A), ShlWal-ResDam/Re TP(31), Rct-ResDam%(31), LucoftheG-Def/EndRdx(48) Level 32: Overcharge -- SprMlcoft-Rchg/Dmg%(A), SprMlcoft-Dmg/Rchg(37), SprMlcoft-Acc/Dmg(37), SprMlcoft-Acc/Dmg/Rchg(37), SprMlcoft-Dmg/EndRdx/Rchg(39), SprMlcoft-Acc/Dmg/EndRdx/Rchg(39) Level 35: Slowed Response -- ShlBrk-%Dam(A), TchofLadG-%Dam(39) Level 38: Chrono Shift -- EffAdp-EndMod/Rchg(A), PrfShf-EndMod(40), PrfShf-EndMod/Rchg(40), DctWnd-Heal/EndRdx/Rchg(40), DctWnd-Heal/Rchg(43) Level 41: Dark Embrace -- UnbGrd-ResDam(A), UnbGrd-ResDam/EndRdx(42), UnbGrd-Max HP%(42), UnbGrd-ResDam/EndRdx/Rchg(42), GldArm-3defTpProc(46), StdPrt-ResDam/Def+(48) Level 44: Power Boost -- RechRdx-I(A) Level 47: Super Jump -- BlsoftheZ-Travel(A), BlsoftheZ-ResKB(48) Level 49: Soul Drain -- SprAvl-Rchg/KDProc(A), SprAvl-Acc/Dmg/Rchg(50), SprAvl-Acc/Dmg(50) Level 1: Brawl -- Empty(A) Level 1: Prestige Power Dash -- Empty(A) Level 1: Prestige Power Slide -- Empty(A) Level 1: Prestige Power Quick -- Empty(A) Level 1: Prestige Power Rush -- Empty(A) Level 1: Prestige Power Surge -- Empty(A) Level 1: Scourge Level 1: Sprint -- Empty(A) Level 2: Rest -- Empty(A) Level 4: Ninja Run Level 2: Swift -- Empty(A) Level 2: Health -- Pnc-Heal/+End(A) Level 2: Hurdle -- Empty(A) Level 2: Stamina -- PrfShf-EndMod(A), PrfShf-End%(46), EndMod-I(46) Level 50: Ageless Partial Core Invocation Level 50: Vigor Partial Core Revamp Level 50: Ion Partial Core Judgement Level 50: Reactive Partial Core Conversion Level 50: Robotic Drones Partial Core Improved Ally Level 50: Assault Partial Core Graft ------------ ------------ Set Bonus Totals: 4% DamageBuff(Smashing) 4% DamageBuff(Lethal) 4% DamageBuff(Fire) 4% DamageBuff(Cold) 4% DamageBuff(Energy) 4% DamageBuff(Negative) 4% DamageBuff(Toxic) 4% DamageBuff(Psionic) 7.56% Defense(Smashing) 7.56% Defense(Lethal) 8.5% Defense(Fire) 8.5% Defense(Cold) 10.38% Defense(Energy) 10.38% Defense(Negative) 6% Defense(Psionic) 9.13% Defense(Melee) 14.75% Defense(Ranged) 11% Defense(AoE) 3.6% Max End 10% Enhancement(Range) 24% Enhancement(Accuracy) 2.5% Enhancement(Max EnduranceDiscount) 56.25% Enhancement(RechargeTime) 15% SpeedFlying 112.4 HP (10.5%) HitPoints 15% JumpHeight 15% SpeedJumping Knockback (Mag -4) Knockup (Mag -4) MezResist(Confused) 43.75% MezResist(Held) 43.75% MezResist(Immobilized) 43.75% MezResist(Sleep) 43.75% MezResist(Stunned) 43.75% MezResist(Terrorized) 43.75% 10.5% (0.18 End/sec) Recovery 58% (2.59 HP/sec) Regeneration 15% ResEffect(SpeedFlying) 15% ResEffect(RechargeTime) 15% ResEffect(SpeedRunning) 8.75% Resistance(Smashing) 8.75% Resistance(Lethal) 25.25% Resistance(Fire) 25.25% Resistance(Cold) 7.25% Resistance(Energy) 7.25% Resistance(Negative) 5% Resistance(Toxic) 5% Resistance(Psionic) 0% Resistance(Smashing) 0% Resistance(Lethal) 0% Resistance(Fire) 0% Resistance(Cold) 0% Resistance(Energy) 0% Resistance(Negative) 0% Resistance(Toxic) 0% Resistance(Psionic) 15% SpeedRunning http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1539&c=735&a=1470&f=HEX&dc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