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  1. I would generally echo @tidge here. To me, the sets chosen look like they're a smattering of "what is the most expensive set I can slot" without a particular goal. From the general concept, it looks like you're attempting to make a psuedo tank, but every time I've tried to make a Crab do that, I lose aggro to Tanks and Brutes who aren't even trying to taunt off of me. It's hard to fight the lower threat modifier using only Provoke. You'll only succeed in the role on teams lacking a Tank or Brute. I also question the value in Single Shot. With redraw factored in, the DPA is about on par with Mu Lightning, and lower than Gloom. You might as well take one of those instead. Also, the general "slot full expensive sets" strategy means you're under proccing your attacks. Not having an Achilles in Longfang is a cardinal sin in my books. Generally, your build would probably survive most content no problem and would be an asset to the team, but I can't tell what the goal is. EDIT: Also, you absolutely need at least one -KB IO. That is non negotiable. If you can't find an extra slot, I'd just swap the IO in Fly.
  2. Lol, nope. I never suggested any such things. Back during live, I had way too much time on my hands and never minded how grindy it was. And do you think I was somehow involved in the secret server streamlining process? That's where most of the grind was removed, after the game got shut down. I wouldn't have kept my mouth shut if I was aware of that server and would have been booted in a day. Guy, you need to get some fresh air. Go for a stroll and cool off. You're just lashing out at this point.
  3. Labeling someone else's character concept as good or bad is inherently subjective and I am sure that you could share every one of yours and someone would find them objectionable for one reason or another. Last week, I played on a team with a blatant Darth Revan knockoff with a name and bio to match, a mostly naked TW Brute with a name that would have been generic'd on Live and someone roleplaying a pixie who wouldn't drop character in chat (on the nominal PvP server). None of that bothered me and I would never begrudge any of those individuals having fun their way. Live and let live. The fact that you take issue with a Vanguard member character from level 1 is weird, intrusive and makes it look like you're trying to impose your views on people who didn't ask for or care about them.
  4. Just to play devil's advocate, people who want goals and gating can self gate and leave everyone else to play how they want. It might take a bit more creativity and self discipline but wanting a game to give you direction and a sense of accomplishment, that seems pretty sad. Works both ways.
  5. No idea. The Mace sets, both Epic and Bane desperately need some review. Their animations are janky and way too long, the customization is weird or missing and numerically, the powers are generally undertuned compared to their nearest analogues. Personally, I avoid the Arachnos Mace if possible. Mu and Soul are just so much better from a pure efficacy perspective.
  6. Yes, and a pass was made on HC to fix some of the outliers, like Zapp accidentally using the ranged modifier for years on Live. Brute ranged modifier was buffed to be the same as their melee modifier, so it doesn't matter, but it should be the same, and should all be using the melee modifier. Tanks are the only ones that actually use their ranged modifer on HC. When they got their melee modifier bumped up from 0.80 to 0.95, their ranged modifier was bumped to 0.80 and their epic ranged attacks use the 0.80. See the patch notes below
  7. I am being selfish. Selfish is not necessarily an insult. I don't know where you got this idea of "courtesy" from, but not every conversation needs to be conducted like everyone's ego is as fragile as a sickly chicken egg. Basic courtesy is about respect. I don't think you're a bad person, I think your ideas are bad and selfish. Which they are. But on the flip side, I am also not advocating for a change to anything or demanding anything of anyone else. You and others in this thread are. And as has been stated, a more open, gateless system allows for people to self gate if they choose, whereas a gated system restricts the choices of people. I am not demanding you play my way, but you are demanding that I play your way. That is the difference.
  8. @Lockpick You're practically stomping your feet and saying everyone needs to play by your logic with that analogy. I'm not attacking you, I'm just saying what I'm seeing here. As you said, what I do doesn't affect you, so why do you care? This isn't the army, this is a videogame where we dress up digital action figures to punch bad guys. God forbid we would like to use our imaginations a little. If you see that as an attack on you personally, then whatever.
  9. We have the middle ground as it is. As you see, if I had my druthers, I'd push it further the other way. But, I am not one to stomp my feet and demand that everyone play by my rules, like some people.
  10. I have made Vanguard characters that start as part of the Vanguard from level 1, who leveled up using as many Lost and Rikti arcs as possible. Without the level 1 free costume pieces, that character wouldn't have existed. What benefit is there for YOU to have made MY character concept unworkable? Seems selfish.
  11. I think a P2W vendor alternative should be available for the accolades, if you've unlocked them on one character already. I think that it's too grindy as is, and its a disincentive for me when I want to make a new alt. Let me pay 20 mil/accolade to the P2W and get them right away, if I so choose. With the way the game is set up, you don't need a team for any of the TFs. I've solo'd or duo'd the whole TF Commader set anyway, so I don't see any reason we should be driving people to form teams to do it. RE: the Synapse, I would have just run it with whoever was willing to join, including just soloing it at min difficulty. It probably would have taken about the same amount of time, and the only benefit to me was that I was helping other less experienced players avoid the grind.
  12. I strongly disagree with this viewpoint. I have people I play with pretty regularly, and people that are well enough known, but I honestly couldn't care if any individual was or wasn't around. I don't know them personally and never will, and it has no impact on retaining my attention in game. I also have never respected anyone based on gaming accomplishments. I have more respect for a bad player who seems nice than an accomplished player of neutral to bad disposition. We had a 5+ page thread a few weeks back about how so many people currently playing suffer from so much social anxiety that they don't lead teams and often won't join them. I don't see the social aspect as a make or break for the current playerbase. Also re: TFs, nobody is doing TF Commander for the epalauts. If you want to see if someone did it, you look for the accolade on their power bar or info. Also, in terms of incentives, I slapped together a Synapse last week in less than 20 mins, on a random week night on Indomitable. If I can do that, then there's no shortage of reasons to run TFs. And regarding the SS TFs, do them on double merit weeks. I have never had an issue getting a team on a double merit weekend.
  13. Not everything is up for compromise. Here's an analogy: Right now, we have a nice park with a full baseball field on it. You come along and say "Remeber when there was a duck pond in the park? I want to put a duck pond back in the park", but the only place to put said duck pond is on home plate. Everyone says "no you'll ruin our baseball field" and you ask for a compromise where we put a little bit of a duck pond on first base instead... There is no compromising this. And yes it is nice to have things in a good place right now.
  14. And yet, you're asking to change things in a way that would make the game feel like a chore for other people. I'm not sure @DSorrow is failing to understand you, I think you are failing to understand the opposing perspective.
  15. That's completely irrelevant to Stalker changes. Stalkers didn't exist in Issue 4. That's not a citation, that's disinformation. Don't be like that.
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