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  1. All good points, but the -Res can be achieved in other ways. Drop an Anhilation in Frag and an Achilles in Suppression if you want to supplement it, which I do. More importantly, a full alpha strike of Venom, Frag, Suppression + 3 ball lightnings from my Disruptors+Mu striker = pretty much all minions dead at 8/+4. By that point, Venoms up again to make use of toxic bonus damage and you will usually be switching into single target mode after that to mop up Lts and Bosses. From there you get better DPA from procced out Longfang (Achilles or Shieldbreaker +Lady Grey+Gladiators toxic, while still hitting 90% damage and 45% accuracy) + Mu Lightning (or Gloom) than from AoE chaining the bosses. EDIT: Achilles in Longfang has a 58% chance of procing for a -20% res, has a faster animation than Arctic and beats it by a long shot in straight damage, especially when Gladiator goes off and take advantage of Venom's debuff. You might say "you can use both" but you can also use another Venom Grenade + a Gloom or Mu in the time it takes to animate Artic. You'll get more from launching those 2 attacks than you do from 1 Artic. And thats not counting Omega Maneuver or Judgements making the low DPA of the Leviathan powers even less worth it. You do you, but I gave Leviathan a shot and it just didn't seem to be worth it.
  2. Leviathan is objectively bad and overkill in the AoE department and gives you way worse AoE DPS due to the terrible animation times on School, Bile and Breath (all 2.67 animations with ~1.0 damage scale each) With Perma-hasten levels of recharge, at level 50, you can chain Suppression, Frag and Venom without any gaps. If you feel like you need another AoE (which a high end build shouldnt) Ball Lightning in Mu has better DPA (similar damage with a 1.07 cast time, over 2x faster) than the Leviathan powers and gives you a better AoE pet. High end builds live and die on DPA where Leviathan genuinely sucks due to its animations. There's a reason farming Brutes take Mu and not Leviathan. But you are correct that you can be both a Crabbermind and an AoE set, while also maintaining defense cap to all positions, ~50% resist to all but Psi, and very solid single target damage.
  3. Yes, you can buy catalysts with merits, but if the AH does the conversion for free, its definitely a waste of merits/inf to use them on anything but Winter IOs or ATOs. I'd rather craft and sell an IO for X inf and buy back the same attuned IO for X-Y inf where Y is the loss on listing fees etc. because Y is always going to be less than the cost of a catalyst or 20 merits of value. Or better yet, craft a cheap yellow IO, convert it to a rare with converters, sell said rare, use profits to buy whatever attuned IOs you want. Made a quick 100 mil doing that on my first character.
  4. I did some testing yesterday and it definitely is working as theorized. With a full team of 8, including 6-8 pets myself, a MM and a smattering of random lore pets, the proc was going off a lot more than when just sitting by myself. And, while arguments can be made for putting it in Aim/BU for the near guaranteed proc, it really depends on what you prefer. I dropped Aim because I needed an extra power pick for the Fighting pool and noticed that I wasn't using it due to the speed I was moving between spawns and the activation time. Having it trigger passively is nice. My only letdown is that 80% damage boost is just not as impactful as I'd hoped. I'm passively running at ~265% (out of 400% crab damage cap) between enhancements, alpha slot, IO bonuses, hybrid support, etc. Add in smashing the red inspiration "combine and use" macros and I cruise at 330ish% pretty regularly. So just running solo, that 80% boost up damage bonus is only a 25-30% boost of my personal overall damage and it doesn't impact the pets or my proc damage. Definitely nice, but nothing game breaking.
  5. A lvl 22 can't slot the level 50 enhancement, so your plan doesn't work. The better option would be to either: a) craft the lvl 50 enhancement, sell the lvl 50 on the auction house for the going rate and then buying an attuned version from the auction house at a similar price. Once put on the market, all enhancements of the same name lose their level/attunement and just become whatever level (or attunement) the buyer asks for. b) sell the recipe, buy a lower level recipe you can slot, craft that and attune it. This will be more expensive, because even if you break even selling and buying the recipes for the same price, you're using a catalyst to attune which can cost 2-3mill currently. Check the market subforum for some guides and suggestions.
  6. Definitely going to gives this a try and see how it works out. Duoing or trioing with other crabs could get pretty ridiculous. A trio of crabberminds, without lore pets sits at 75%. With lores, its 83%. Even without these niche examples, in a standard 8 person team, you're going to be floating at or above 50% proc rate.
  7. Well this info totally changes my opinion of slotting tactics with it on my Crab spider. Teaming with a second Crabbermind and a full additional 6 in the team, you're looking at 75% chance to proc every 10 seconds, not counting any pets from others on the team or Lore pets. While its interesting on a MM, buildup off of a 0.55 damage scale is nothing compared to a Crabs 1.0 scale.
  8. I stand corrected. The tool tip synopsis is wrong : Toggle, Self: +Resistance(Disorient, Hold, Sleep, Fear), +Defense(Psionics)
  9. Do they? What power is that in? When I had my Fort on live, I remember taking Acrobatics. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Arachnos_Widow I'm not seeing any protection listed on any of their powers. You are right about Soldiers, I know for a fact that they don't have kb protection.
  10. You get them by leveling up at every 3 vet levels. That's the easiest way. By the time vet levels stop giving them out, you'll have enough for a level 4 incarnate power in each slot. If you want faster rewards, running incarnate level content gives incarnate materials. TFs and trials like Apex and Tin Mage and the BAF trial give Empyrean merits and incarnate crafting materials. If you are interested in soloing, you can run the first mission arc in Dark Astoria over and over through Oroboros which can be done in 10-20 mins. Each run of that gives an Emp merit and a random roll of a incarnate crafting item. If you get good, you can run it at -1/1 with bosses turned off and finish in 10 mins flat. Also, ITF refers to the Imperius Task Force in Cimerora. That does not give Empyrean merits. You can select a Nictus shard as a reward which can be used to craft certain alpha slot incarnate powers, but I would not recommend running it for that unless you have a specific alpha upgrade in mond that needs that specific material.
  11. I'm not an expert on Forts, but generally: A) You seem to be missing KB protection. I'd swap out Freebird in Mystic Flight for a Blessing of the Zephyr -KB. Then slot a Celerity Stealth in Sprint to get your half stealth. Hover shortens knockback, but a Zephyr will negate 90% of all kb in the game. B) Combat Training Offensive is pretty bad. Especially with full IOs, TT:Leadership (fully slotted) and a Kismet. In most situatuons you're going to have more than enough accuracy. You can grab Aim instead and drop a Gaussians BU in there to beef up you nuke. C) Look into Expedient Reinforcement set for the pet. It has a recharge bonus at 4 slots, a range defense bonus at 6 and an aura to give your pet 10% res to all. Also, gives you maxed recharge to help up time on the pet because its nowhere near permanent out of the box. D) I'd swap combat jumping for maneuvers from the leadership pool. You should have the endurance to run it, the defense bonus is the same, but the extra 5ish% can also help the team and your widow pet/lore pets.
  12. Feel free to download and tweak your own server to test nerfing IOs. Changes this extreme have no place on the largest active server. I would hope the team in charge have more sense than even entertaining such an idea.
  13. Good for them to find out player count to help calculate damages. Or get information regarding who is hosting the servers so they can pursue them for damages because they have deeper pockets than the HC team. Or to findout who their contractor was at Paragon who handed over the stolen IP. There's a ton of info that they could gain under the pretense of a negotiation that's not readily available. And for the stuff that can "be gotten legally of their own volition", why bother when you can accept an offer to "chat" by the guilty parties and let them hand you said information. Do you think investigations of this kind are cheap and quick? Like you said, the servers were underground and unknown for 7 years. Better to fi d out from the horse's mouth what other secrets there might be, especially if the horse asked to speak with you. In regards to "foaming at the mouth" to hand out a C&D: how fast do you think legal departments work? Especially if corporate is debating how to best handle the situation and they didn't have names, addresses or contacts to properly serve said C&D. Do you really think the legal department caught wind of this in late April and dropped everything to work on shutting down a pirate server for a 15 year old game? It's been 3 months. Their docket is probably 6-12 months deep with shit to do. This may all shake out. Maybe you're right. But I'd put money on this going south. I'm done debating this, see you all on the other side.
  14. A) Modern MMOs are on a 5 year development cycle. Do you really think the HC servers are going to be anything more than a blip in 5 years? I love this game, but you're kidding yorself if you think the servers will have 1/8th the population in 1 years time, let alone 5. I like your optimism, but you're being completely unrealistic. B) They can (and still may) pursue the HC team. They've knowingly used NCSoft's intellectual property without permission and Leandro received STOLEN proprietary code and distributed said code. That has all already happened. Then to make it worse, they set up an LLC with the express intent of funneling donations to fund a server hosting said stolen data. Again, too late to fix that. Coming to the table and asking to work something out with NCSoft is foolish. Keeping your head down puts the burden on NCSoft to track them down. Instead, they've come to the table and slapped their heads on the block and are trying to pretend this is a negotiation and that they have something to offer NCSoft. They don't. NCSoft can pretend to play nice until they get their ducks in line for the lawsuit while gathering information about the HC operation and the guilty parties. They've already knowingly infringed on NCSoft's rights, arguably caused damages and possibly committed fraud in setting up an LLC to accept donations for an illegitimate venture. Instead of shutting up and saying nothing, NCSoft now has names, server info, and maybe even Leandro's source from Paragon for the code. I don't really want to keep going on this because I generally like this community and respect you all as players but you are all being really unrealistic and naive.
  15. That's what the data is for. As I said earlier, they'll hand the data to the bean counters in accounting, take a look at how WoW classic is doing and decide from there. If its not profitable based on their projections, they'll ask for a nominal license fee from HC instead.
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