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  1. If it is any consolation, the infamous "RWZ pylon solo" build used Mace. But generally, I think it brings less to the table than the other options. Crabs benefit from PPPs for 4 things: better DPA single target damage, AoE immobilization, solid DPA AoE damage and a 6th pet. Mace tier 1 has a low DPA single target blast, with redraw, so that's not good. Tier 1 also has an AoE immobilization power that has a long cast, redraw and no damage, 0 for 2 there. Tier 2 has an AoE with low DPA and redraw, 0 for 3. The last two powers are the only good ones in the set. Shatter Armor is awesome, even if it is melee only. It does hefty damage and has a -res that stacks with all of your other potential -res sources. It's the reason the pylon build went Mace. The bot is also very good. In my testing, I liked it about the same as the Mu Striker, but it has a longer summon time, which is a bit annoying. So 3/5 of the Mace pool is duds. The other two are solid to very good, but you need to take at least one of the Tier 1 duds to get to the good stuff. I'd just take Webs, slot an Acc or the Chance to Hold proc and use it sparingly, if you wanted to take the set.
  2. I was respomding to your comment. But as it relates to Sentinels: they aren't useful in the current meta because they don't contribute anything useful at endgame. They can be built to be tough enough to be unkillable in 99% of content, they are end and mez self sufficient. So the fact that they bring such bad damage and nothing else of use is what makes them so lacking. So, back to my proposal, give them stances that each contribute an attribute to the team that is useful at endgame. Damage, recharge, power boost etc. and if its def/res/end/to hit/acc/regen, it needs to be really substantial because all of those are not very useful by incarnate levels.
  3. I understand that maybe the forums are not representative of the larger population as a whole, but a few points: - Each of the standard squad runs at 40%+ defense (literally all ATs), are end self sufficient and usually mezz self sufficient. Stacking each other's buffs is NOT needed to get to unkillable status. And there's really not a lot of sacrifice to get to that in a build. Pick the right incarnates and slot the right sets and its pretty easy. - I haven't died in an Incarnate trial in forever and it has nothing to do with outside support. Please don't try and tell me that stacking buffs or anything matters in stuff like the Keyes trial where most publicly organized leagues have 75% of its members running around like chickens with their heads cut off. In my last 5 trials, I distinctly remember not being targetted for a single buff and having to hug a Fire/Kins imps to get a splash speed boost. - This isn't just something that I have experienced with my friends list. I just last week pugged a Market Crash at +4 in 16 minutes with randoms. Sure not pinnacle content, but way more Market Crashes are being run than Magisterium trials. If a group of 8 randoms can do that on tier 1.5 content, that speaks to an issue with the endgame balance.
  4. No, I seriously mean everything at endgame. Unless you're playing with non-IOd and non-incarnate outed teams, damage is all that matters. Maybe its just the people I play with, but for us, the only way to get a faster ITF, MLTF, LRTF or Apex/TM clear is more damage when none of us are getting hurt, mezzed or end drained. This isn't a "learn to play" comment, but please go look at most of the complaint threads about how support isn't feeling very needed these days. It is a bit of an issue.
  5. I think that speaks to poor balance between the stances and a systemic issue with endgame balance in the game than anything to do directly with the idea of stances. COX endgame comes down to one thing and one thing only: damage. Survival is binary, either you are tough enough to live at +4/8 (or +3/8 due to level shift) or not. More durability than that is wasted. Same for endurance recovery, either you can go forever or you drain, there's barely a middle ground, and extra recovery beyond "can attack forever" is a waste. Same with accuracy. But more damage is always better. That's the issue with Bio Armor. Everything but damage is binary while damage is not. But if you put things in the "non damage" stances that aren't binary, then we could have something, especially if they're group buffs. Hefty Recharge bonuses in an aura? Power boost effect? Or, the marginal benefit for the more binary attributes just need to be buffed. Hypothetical situation: A) 15% damage boost + 10% to hit boost versus B) 10% defense boost + 40% recharge boost + 50% movement speed boost; versus C) 15% resist all damage + 50% Debuff resistance + 50% Mez resistance + 75% Power boost and you now have a decent debate about which is better. There's going to be certain teams that wouldn't turn down C if you're heavy on squishies or B if you want faster nukes instead of a small damage bump. I don't disagree that Bio Armor does a bad job of selling stances, but that's a Bio Armor and balance issue, not a mechanics issue.
  6. My understanding is that it is "per activation" and not "per target". So each attack generates at most 1 stack. I have landed Thunderstrikes that hit 5+ targets and only gotten a single stack. Also, it looks like Lightning rod grants 1 stack before/during the teleport, before hitting a target. Unless I am missing something, I think the old Red Tomax info is still correct.
  7. A similar percent of MM's run petless. What's your point? You can't cater to 1% of the population. And the proposed stances wouldn't be anything like Kheldians. A set of mutually exclusive buff toggles is nothing like a full transformation that locks out 3/4 of your powers. You trying to equivocate them indicates to me that you're trying to poison the idea and are arguing in bad faith, or you're too dim to understand the proposal. I cannot understand how tacking on a set of inherent toggles is any more of a discouragement than Domination management or Opportunity v1.0. Hell, you want to talk about a mechanic that makes people not want to play an AT, look at the terrible set up Sentinels currently have. I have chatted with people in game with lvl 35+ Sentinels who still had no idea what their inherent does. One guy thought that triggering it was random. Stop projecting your feelings against something and trying to portray them as facts. Too many people in this thread are doing it.
  8. Says the walking edgemaster cliche...
  9. The biggest reasons for me are the extra pet and the extra blast. Gloom and Mu Lightning have better DPA than Channelgun or Longfang, especially Gloom, and especially with procs. The extra pet can be very nice too, especially since you're already specced for perma pets and are a walking buff beacon. Adding the Mu Striker's Ball Lightning to the Disruptor-bot Ball Lightning and your personal AoEs adds up to an even more devastating alpha strike. The extra AoE attack / Immobolize can be nice, but to me, its not needed. VG, FG and Suppression are really all you need. Then again, if its working for you as is, there isn't a huge reason to change. Crabs are one of the most powerful, low maintenance sets in the game, so its hard to go wrong.
  10. Except it would increase damage because -resist means more damage for everyone, including the Sentinel. It just makes the whole class even more boring than it already is, while stepping on the toes of Sonic blast users and Defenders and Corruptors in general.
  11. It's the most boring solution in this whole thread. Notice how nobody seemed to like it?
  12. I get it. It might not be the flashiest or coolest idea, but support stance auras just seems too straight forward and effective to not seriously consider. I can't think of any missing roles that a Sentinel could otherwise fill, and customizable Jack of All Trades (which we are missing) is something they are close to doing already. My overall pitch is: - Raise damage scale from 0.95 to 1.0 - Raise defense scale from 0.70 to 0.75 - Range and target caps can stay as is to give then a "medium range" feel - Maybe keep some aspect of the passive -resist on attacks, especially with Tankers losing Bruising - Give them 4 aura stances with solid range (60 ft) with various bonuses. For example they could be a) Damage and movement speed (named Countercharge) b) To hit, perception and regen (named Alert) c) Defense and recovery (named Fall Back) d) Resist and recharge (named Last Stand) ...or some other mix and match, with appropriate "Sentinel" names that sound like something that fits "someone who guards something".
  13. Then the question becomes: what is the Sentinel "gameplay loop" because by all accounts they don't have one. The Oppostunity mechanic is janky and doesn't properly feed into a good gameplay loop because it forces you to make non-optimal choices in order to make use of it. In my view, they have no role on a team, even less so than Scrappers. And we all know how historically Scappers have been ragged on for lacking a niche for long stretches of the games life. Sentinels don't take damage that well, and are the squishiest non-squishy. They deal better damage than support classes, but less than the other offense classes. They offer very little to no team support. And even all of those things are not even hard and fast because there are plenty of tanky squishy builds that beat Sentinels and plenty of support classes that pump out better damage. So back to your point, and why I see nothing wrong with stance auras: currently Sentinels have no gameplay loop and no team role so we need to give them one. One option is to make them the "customizable" Jack of All Trades class by letting them fill in a team's lacking factor with a team support stance aura. Yes, this makes them similar to EATs but EATs already do everything current Sentinels do, but better, and they are hampered by lack of customization. So overlap between the EATs and Sentinels isn't really an issue because you can't have a Fire Widow or an Ice Warshade. To your "theme lock" issue with Sentinels: all ATs are a bit theme locked by their inherent. You don't have calm Brutes or non-sneaky Stalkers. I see no reason stance-auras is not perfectly in theme for a Sentinel ("a soldier or guard who is assigned to protect a person place or thing"). Seems like a team support (especially defensive ones) stance-aura would be perfectly in theme.
  14. I 100% disagree. "Stances" are already part of the game's design (as mentioned, see Bio armor, Pistols, Staff melee) and in practice, they are nothing more than mutually exclusive toggles, jist like the original design of the defensive power sets when the game was first released. Heck, how is "bodyguard" on a MM not basically a "stance" inherent by a different name? I feel like you're projecting your personal preference on this one and disguising it by pretending that Paragon Studios would agree with you. I am all for a "stance" like system for Sentinels, but I really think that they would help the AT the most if they were team auras, in addition to personal buffs. In my experience, Sentinels are currently fine to decent solo and they really struggle in teams where they just don't contribute enough. And it's not like having the stances be auras wouldn't also help the Sentinel while solo, as they'd still get the benefit. Edit: Also the idea of "finding a more interactive way" being a requirement for an inherent is silly. Need I remind you what the inherent is for Scrappers? Soldiers and Widows? Kheldians? Defenders? Basically half of the inherents in the game are literally just a small passive bonus that you have no control over.
  15. I would recommend VEATs or one of the solid Corruptor combos (Fire+Time, Kin or Dark). Any of those will be able to solo anything the game can throw at you and also be a huge benefit to any and all teams. I am partial to Crabspiders personally. Walking buff beacon, near MM level pets, nearly unkillable, near Blaster level AoE damage and a constant -20% resist debuff on enemies from Venom Grenade. Basically the second best at everything the game has to offer in one package.
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