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  1. Yin, ITF, Apex and Tin Mage can be run back to back and net you 128 merits in less than two hours. That's 1 and a quarter purples of merits, and it can be which ever one you want. You can easily have 5 purples in 4 play sessions and you can probably call it 6 because all of that will get you at least 30 mil inf from kills and random drops. So that's an entire power slotted up with purples in less than a week of play. That seems plenty reasonable to me.
  2. It sounds like you may have an addictive personality/addictive tendencies. I do not like to judge people I don't know, but I think that some self relection outside of the context of this game may be wise. That kind of feeling of needing a dopamine rush just from seeing a progress bar scroll across a screen isn't what most people would consider normal.
  3. It has to do with how Mez resist and all other "reductions" are calculated. What is actually happening is that you get 20% reduction, which is then calculated as: 1 ÷ (1 + 0.2) = 0.83333... or in other words a 16.7% overall reduction All other reduction enhancements work the same. 200% recharge reduction is equivalent to 1 ÷ (1+2) = 1/3.
  4. That's not how the preventative medicine proc works, or you're not being clear for those who haven't used it. No matter what, the proc only affects you. It's more of a one-piece set bonus, akin to Gambler than a proc. You can put it in anything that takes a heal and it gives you a chance of triggering a bit of absorb when you get low on health, but it never transfers to allies. Have you actually had a chance to play this build? It seems great on paper but to me you also seem way overloaded on trying to do too many things at once. What does an attack chain look like? I feel like with Infrigidate you can drop one of you single target blasts because at that level of recharge, you won't want to use one of the lower DPA attacks.
  5. I don't believe thats's true. Please provide the thread showing this. Are you confusing it with these threads? Bopper et al. showed that the proc rate FOR YOU increases per person in the aura. There doesn't appear to be anything in there suggesting that other people are getting the boost and I've never witnessed any such thing. In fact, Unknown Magi specifically noted that it wasn't granting the proc to his MM pets, so I don't think it works that way.
  6. Thanks. I think I'll see how my durability feels without it or Rune. I feel like once I hit 50 and can fully slot out and grab the extra def/resist from Barrier, I'll probably be fine.
  7. Does anyone have experience with Unstoppable on Stalkers? I'm in the middle of leveling an Electric/Invulnerability Stalker and am coming up on Unstoppable and am uncertain as to whether its worth taking. The capped resists seem tempting, but the crash is putting me off. Without it, I'm sitting at ~50%/30%/30% resists (sl/fc/en) and about 38% damage type defense (not psy). Once I'm fully slotted out and level 50, my recharge should be enough that Unstoppable has a 220ish recharge with 180 duration. But does the crash make it so I wouldn't want to use it on cooldown? The other option is to re-do my travel pool and work towards Rune of Protection, which has half the resist value but no crash.
  8. It wouldn't be the worst setup in the game. You'd basically be a nuke-less "Mace Blast" Sentinel with support auras, trading out Opportunity inherent for Surveillance to achieve a similar effect, which isnt the worst. However sticking only to the mace attacks means no Venom Grenade, which is in my opinion the single best spammable AoE attack in the game. The mace attacks are not the best DPA, but they're not the worst and with Scorpion PPP, you can have 3 single target attacks, 3 AoE attacks, an AoE immobilize and a single target hold, all launching from the mace. It would totally be usable, just that there are better options that do the same things more efficiently.
  9. I agree that a modern Energy/Fire wouldn't be nearly as bad with Sudden Acceleration, crashless Nova and Bonfire in //Fire. But you'd have to pay me to relive that horrible set up after dragging it to 50 during i1.
  10. Energy/Fire. The whole setup is counter-productive. The primary relies on knockback and the secondary relies on doing heavy damage with point-blank AoEs in order to survive. The two sets have no synergy whatsoever and actively work against each other. Teams hate you because you're a scatter machine with the KB and Hotfeet prevents enemies from bunching up for AoE effectiveness. And with Hotfeet+Cauterizing Aura and constant AoEs, you're a giant aggro magnet. Energy/Fire/Electric was my first 50 on live. Every AT and setup since then has been an objective upgrade.
  11. Fast snipes have really good DPA with a not too long animation (comparable to non crit AS) and can be used at range or in melee. Generally, Moonbeam/Zapp increase DPS of an attack chain even if they're not building stacks. Also having ranged damage options, especially one so strong, can really help in certain fights (AVs and monsters with big splash hits, the Battle Maiden fight in Apex TF, etc.)
  12. Check the below thread regarding Crab build Incarnate discussion. As a quick summary, I run Musculature, Rebirth, Ion, Warworks, Reactive and Support. Rebirth and Support help keep the pets alive, Musculature and Reactive boost damage and Warworks and Ion are just metagamey, top tier picks.
  13. A) Some people like the gun and hate the spider backpack for aesthetic reasons. B) The gun's single target attacks have shorter animations than the Crab single target attacks. If you don't mind the weapon redraw, Single Shot and Burst > Channelgun and Longfang.
  14. Lack of Spiderlings, Serum and Fortification were what I missed the most when I tested Bane Huntsman. The offense isnt that much different. You trade Web and Surveillance in Bane for substantially more bulk, Omega Maneuver and extra pets in Crab. But if you dont like the backpack, Bane Huntsman is still a very strong build. I'd argue that its still stronger than 80% of the other builds in the game when properly built and played.
  15. Bane Huntsman is a perfectly fine build. No team will ever be upset with 20% extra defense, 30% extra damage, Venom Grenade, Surveillance and Achilles Procs in your gun attacks. The damage and support isn't where I feel Bane Huntsman loses out the most; when I tested it, I did however notice that I was more squishy than Crab.
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