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  1. Rain of Fire works well with Tar Patch. The AI on most enemy types will have the mob prioritize running out of the Rain instead of attacking. They will have a hard time doing so due to Tar Patch slowing them, so they'll be slowly shuffling around instead of returning fire. Enemies can't attack and move at the same time, so it becomes a psuedo-control combo in its own way. The only downside is if you hit the enemies with an immobilize, because then they can't run, so they go back to trying to use their ranged attacks. The combo works even better for Ice/ due to the stacking slow
  2. Self rezzes are rarely worth it. Insps are available, as are the P2W self rez powers. I rarely find I've died so much that the P2W power isn't off cooldown.
  3. However, there's something to be said about stacking a stun proc in stun powers, or more commonly, a hold proc in a hold power. Being able to one tap lockdown a boss on a non Troller/Dom can come in handy, even if it is only for ~3 seconds or so.
  4. Invuln is probably the bulkiest Stalker secondary. You can hit 50% resists to F/C/E/N, capped S/L resists and soft capped typed defense to all but Psi, plus Dull Pain for + HP and healing. Easily enough to handle +3/4 8 at endgame, solo.
  5. Understood, but a lot of Stalker secondaries also don't need the 2.5% positionals. I guess it depends on the build. I only have 1 character with the full set, most others just single slot the Gaussian proc in an appropriate power and call it a day.
  6. Slotting for ANY recharge in Build Up on a Stalker is arguably wasted slots. The ATO proc makes it so that the natural recharge of the power almost never factors in because you're nearly guaranteed to have the proc fire before the power recharges.
  7. Charged Brawl(60% stack), Chain Induction (100%) and Thunderstrike (100%) for stack builders (usually getting at least 2 CBs and a CI between each AS, and/or a TS also, if I need the AoE). Zapp as my post-AS re-Hide proc crit attack, with Ball Lightning and Rod for additional AoE, and proc-bomb Electric Shackles for instant Boss lockdown and funsies.
  8. Yeah, I never ran the numbers in detail, but for me, it just seems intuitive to try to get as many stacks as possible between AS cooldowns, but hit AS on cooldown. Especially since my main Stalker is Elec, so there aren't any other big single target DPA attacks for AS to compete against for rotation time. Also, assuming you have the Hide proc in AS, the more you cycle AS, the more you should be proccing Hide, the more Hide crits in your chain. To me, its easier to just have many shots at AS proccing re-Hide than it is to try and time the internal cooldown window on the ATO.
  9. No, but the Build Up proc is a global proc. Slot it in a primary power and it adds the proc chance to every one of your attacks. I can confirm what Bopper said. Hitting a group with BL and a primary AoE in quick succession is basically a guaranteed BU recharge. You can get some absurd BU up time that way, basically approaching perma BU (which also means high uptime on your Gaussian's proc slotted in BU) sometimes having double BU plus a Gaussians active at once.
  10. General rule of thumb I always consider is that 6 AS's fired off at 2 stacks does as much damage on average as 5 fired at 3 stacks. So, if you're waiting so much that you could have squeezed in an extra AS or two in a minute of attacking, then you're losing DPS.
  11. AoEs (BL and FB) work well as openers in group play to get the 50% crit from Hide or as a follow-up to AS in target rich environments, again to take advantage of the crit boost from the Hide proc in AS. But they're also pretty quick, so slotting them in mid chain usually doesn't ruin your stack building. If I'm teaming and surrounded, I often just hit my AoE on cooldown. Snipes are quick enough that they can be used mid chain and usually not ruin stack building, or they can be used after AS to utilize the re-Hide proc, unless your primary has a better attack to utilize it.
  12. Fast Assassin's Strike powers don't have the standard crit built in to them. They only crit based on stacks of Focus.
  13. Is it a massive improvement? No. But its about what you'd get from slotting an extra free damage proc. How can you justify Stalkers deserving the equivalent of a free damage proc slot when they're currently performing very solidly? I just can't see how you can justify power creep like that when they're already easily in the top half of the ATs.
  14. Amazing analysis and post all around that sums up the issues with these proposals, but I have to quibble about this point above. To a lesser extent than what you noted for buffing slow AS to match the DPA of fast AS, the whole "stacks not dropping" proposal wouldn't be a "probably won't hurt anything" situation, it would actually be a pretty decent buff to single target DPS. Lets say you're cycling fast AS at a good clip, but mixing in patron snipes and BU, which don't generate stacks, so you're hitting at 3 stacks 50% of the time and 2 stacks the other 50% due to dropoffs. If t
  15. It's not split. The names that have been on the Stalker boards for years, who have provided detailed guides and builds and who know the AT are all in agreement that they're fine. You said it yourself two posts up: you are playing the AT wrong. Stalkers aren't ambush specialists, they're higher burst Scrappers. They haven't been ambush specialists in over a decade. You're caught up on what you think the AT should be instead of learning to play the AT as it is. If you took the time to know how to build and play a Stalker, you would find that they're fine to amazing depending on
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