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  1. That's completely correct. With no recharge slotted, it should be at ~42% on the snipes. 25.33 / 60 = 42.2% At 42.2%, assuming you can still cycle it every 10 s, which you might not be able to without any recharge slotting any more, it averages 16.88% damage boost. You basically have to give up a lot of set bonus opportunity though in order to avoid recharge slotting. And it makes you other procs way over the 90% cap. If Decimation is at 42%, Sting is at 3.5 x that, meaning you could slot recharge and maintain 90% capped Sting proc chance. The reason not everyone slots is because it really only finds use on high base damage ATs, on ranged attacks that you don't slot recharge in. It's a bit of a niche scenario. Edit: By comparison, slotting 5 piece Apocalypse gives you 10% recharge, 16% regen, 3% health and 4% damage, with a faster recharge time, better accuracy, more slotted damage boost (that can crit), and still lets you have one additional proc. Personally, I prefer the consistency in 4% global damage, and a bunch more damage slotting with 10% recharge.
  2. I need to retest it later. In principle, you're completely correct, but I've also experienced random incidences of slow snipe mid combat. And like I said, my rotations avoid AS>Zapp based on muscle memory so I rarely bump into it anymore. After I check later, I'll come update my posts if it turns out it no longer hitches.
  3. ...meh. I haven't used it in Zapp, but I tried it out on ranged epic holds and on lower tier blasts for other ATs. It should activate more with less recharge slotting (which, for my tastes, I think you have too much +recharge in Zapp, hurting your proc chances). Let's say you get it to a 30% proc chance (~50% slotted rech redux), and say you can cycle it every 10 seconds in practice. That's about 1.8 procs per minute. That's 80% damage boost for an average of 9 seconds every 60, or an average damage enhancement of 12%. That's not bad, but that's also assuming perfect usage. To me, it's just unreliable and I've never felt it was that great. Granted, as a Stalker, you'd need Gaussian's slotted BU, Musculature and Assault Hybrid running at max, with some extra damage set bonuses to self cap at 500%, so the Decimation proc would rarely be a total waste, but all the same, it doesn't ever seem to have enough up time to make an impact.
  4. Sort of... Hide doubles enhanced (and modified), non proc, non Interface damage on most attacks. But some are weird. Snipes are a weird case and I never finished testing exactly how a fast snipe crit from Hide works. From Hide, slow snipe only does a half crit. From the August 2019 patch: Epic Snipes Will now have a base 1.75 scale damage in their quick form. Every point of ToHit buffing the player has will increase or decrease this damage, up to a cap of 2.3 scale damage with +22% ToHit buff. Slow form will do 3.56 scale damage Slow form crits will do 3.56 + 1.78 scale damage. Scrappers should now properly crit 10% of the time, instead of using Stalker requirements. My limited testing indicates that something is also weird with fast snipe crits from Hide. It's possible its only a half crit, or its possible it doesn't factor in the 22% tohit bonus damage or something. My guess is that the crit doesn't count the + tohit damage bonus, meaning it is a crit off of a 1.75 base damage. So, while a fast-snipe might be your best followup out of Hide due to the high base damage (scale 1.75 crit), you need to use the fast snipe proc to do so, and Chain induction isn't very far behind in damage (scale 1.32 crit). To me, might as well follow up with CI and then Zapp instead of wasting a slot in Zapp to make it useable from mid combat Hide.
  5. Yes, it can force the slow snipe, but its weirdly inconsistent. That is why I always use AS>CI or BL or in a pinch CB or Mu Bolt, and never AS>Zapp. Once you get used to the rotation, it really doesn't slow you down. Muscle memory will kick in and you won't chain AS>Zapp.
  6. That thread was a dumpster fire. People claiming that Crabs do Defender level damage should have their posting privileges revoked.
  7. Yeah, therein lies the problem. Widows do the VEAT stealth melee thing better than Banes. Crabs do the VEAT pet AoE steamroller better than Banes. Forts do the VEAT ranged DPS/CC role WAAAY better than Banes. Crabs do VEAT psuedo-tanking better than Banes. One of the other 3 VEAT branches beats Banes in basically everything. So in the end, Banes just bring...style?
  8. Don't store yellow or white salvage. It's so cheap that it's always easier to sell what you have and buy what you need on the market. Even at "buy now" prices, commons are rarely over 600 and uncommons are rarely over 1,800. Store oranges if you want, but I always find we never have what I need in the racks and have to buy from the market anyway. That will free up a bunch of racks for more enhancement space.
  9. One thing to consider is how lvl 44, 47 and 49 powers might be ones you don't need in day to day exemplaring, but are amazing set mules. My favorite example is damaging ranged holds with bad activation times or bad proc chances, that might not be great in practical use or available at a low level, but worst case, slap 3 extra slots in and you got yourself 12% fire/cold resist from the ranged and hold winter sets, always on, always available. I do that with Ice Blast characters who don't need Bitter Freeze Ray.
  10. I know I've earned the shards and guardian on a few characters and they have yet to run out on anyone that I've kept track of. But does anyone know if it's possible to rearn a Renault SF power? Like can you get another after the first expires?
  11. It has always been this way. I think this was one of those things that intuitively doesn't work in a way that makes sense, people thought they understood but didn't and then spread bad information for years until half the population just took the wrong info for granted. Edit: That's also why I'm always so loathe to comment on things I don't have some degree of in game experience with. There's so much "common knowledge" that is just wrong, but it's really easy to perpetuate it if you don't have first or at least second hand experience to show you if its right or wrong.
  12. I don't believe that's required, but I can't say for certain. For example, the TP to base prestige power and the TP to base day job power are identical in effect but have separate timers. Same for the P2W revive and the day job revive. They have separate timers. I think there's something else going on with what you're talking about.
  13. FYI, Musculature radial gets you the damage and -tohit as well. It also gives you endmod for Stamina and any APP/PPP end recovery power you might take, which is really useful because Illusion is so end hungry.
  14. Sure, but also, it would make it so you can have 2 versions of TT. That right there means its available twice as often, including being available in back to back missions.
  15. I like the idea of a SS accolade, with an update that also makes the SS neutral coop zones like the RWZ. I think it could just grant another copy of the TT power, instead of making it require having the prestige powers. That seems way too complex and makes it useless for anyone who doesn't have them.
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