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  1. There's some good suggestions here from a damage perspective, but in my attempts to run farms on my Stalkers (Elec/Inv/Mu and Dark/Shield/Soul), they weren't all that effective because of runners. Without a taunt aura or punch-voke, some enemies were wandering off which cut into the kill times. Has anyone figure out a way around this?
  2. I know people in this thread seem to be half jokingly saying "its all a Nemesis plot", but in all seriousness, isn't it? To answer OP's question, CoH already has a canon answer: all of the major plot threads legitimately lead back to Nemesis. Rikti invasion, Praetorian invasion, Oroboros, Shadow Shard... And whatever isn't Nemesis related seems to be tied back to the Circle of Thorns in some way. All storylines fall in a Venn diagram of like 5 circles with the Nemesis circle covering most of them. If anything Nemesis is more involved in the CoH lore than Stark tech
  3. Wow, if you're going to be a giant jerk, at least be correct. Electric blast's nuke has a higher base recharge than the PbAoE nukes (170s vs 145s). They specifically balanced the ranged nuke's higher safety with a longer recharge, completely intentionally. Grow up and apologize.
  4. Glad to see others see the value of taking Mu Bolts as a "when you just can't melee" filler and as an exotic (for a Stalker) IO slotting location. Hitting a CJ hop>Mu Bolt as you close in on a target is better than just doing nothing and its better than chasing down a runner with a sliver of health or wasting your Zapp.
  5. Everything tries to run from all squishies, from my experience. The problem is that Stalkers are the only non-squishy with no aggro control that is also melee focused. Personally, I ignore the runners on my Stalkers and just keep hitting what's in reach. They come back eventually. And for stragglers, I pop them with Zapp/Moonbeam and whatever other ranged attacks I am carrying. The Ragnarok proc in Ball Lightning and the Avalanche proc in an pbaoe also helps. If they're on their backs, they're not running. For Romulus and other AVs...yeah, I got no
  6. As others have said, your primary and tertiary pools are the main issue. The only Stalker setups that are going to reliably chew through large spawns have to have some combination of Elec//, /SD/, and //Mu. Preferably, Elec/SD/Mu, but I like Elec/Invuln/Mu better. Everything else is going to be mainly single targetting whole spawns to death. If you want an AoE god, the problem isn't the AT, it's your powerset picks.
  7. Panels outside of the elevator are not uncommon in large modern office buildings. The idea is that you press which floor you are going to on the outside and then it directs you (and anyone else going to that floor) to a particular elevator in the elevator bank. It helps efficiency by making sure you don't have 5 different people going to floor 25 get on 5 different elevators and you dont end up with someone headed to floor 50 stuck on the same elevator as a crowd headed to floors 10-18. It then makes it so you don't have to all scramble and shove to hit your button once you're in the elevat
  8. You're completely missing the point. Melees need to use LOS on that fight whereas ranged characters don't. I'm not lamenting anything. I was just arguing against the point that "melees are not disadvantaged in the BM fight" that Shred Monkey was trying to argue. They objectively are disadvantaged becauae they need to use an extra mechanic that ranged attackers don't and even when used perfectly, a melee attacker still has lower DPS because there are periods where they can't attack whole BM moves to them. So Shred Monkey's comment was objectively incorrect. Pleas
  9. I have no idea what you're trying to say. Herding can be useful if it helps maximize AoE DPS. But needing to LOS pull a single AV in order to not get insta-dropped by the fire patches is totally a different situation. Yes, they're similar mechanics, but in one scenario it increases efficacy of a whole team and the other scenario it is basically required in order to not be dead weight.
  10. The fact that you need to LOS pull her out of patches in order to land attacks as a melee means it is definitely more unfriendly to melee ATs than ranged ATs. One can basically ignore a whole mechanic and keep attacking and the other needs to stop attacking and hide until shes in the open. A melee's DPS is hampered much more on that fight than a ranged attacker, to the point that I specifically make sure I take my PPP/APP attacks on my melee toons so I can keep attacking when she can't be pulled from the fire.
  11. The stacked Manuevers, Tactical Training: Manuevers, Mind Link, Shadowfall, Steamy Mist, Far Sight and Fade, along with all of the personal +Def they all carry would make the fight a complete whiff-fest. It would be a very boring and annoying fight that either would be unbeatable or would require a team with 8 sets of Tactics and a full tray of yellow insps. Napkin math says that with 8 of the worst offenders, I could get around 150% defense on some, and over 200% on others, full time.
  12. It's more of a problem for some sets than others. Trick Arrow is mostly in the 1.6 s animation range, whereas Dark and Rad are mostly in the 2.17 to 3 s range. It really adds up. The whole problem is an artifact of the early days game balancing. Those debuffs used to be some of the most powerful abilities in the game, so the 2-3 second animations made sense. But in the games current state, there's no reason for them to take so long. If I had my druthers, I'd change all anchor toggle animations to a 0.8 s brawl animation and some of the other debuffs to the quick
  13. @DreadShinobi gave some great advice. Generally, your follow-up from the AS Hide proc should be one of: a snipe, Thunderstrike or Ball Lightning if in an AoE situation, or Chain Induction as a backup. Chain Induction, Charged Brawl and Havoc Punch (or just one of HP and CB if you only have one) are usually your stack builders. AS>Snipe>CB>CI>CB has a 36% chance of having you back at 3 stacks (guaranteed AS crit) and an 84% chance of at least 2 stacks for a 66% chance of your next AS critting. AS>TS>CB>CI>CB has an 84% chance of
  14. That's not what the AS effect does. It applies a Fear (https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Fear) status which makes the target cower. It DOES NOT make the target run away. Fear has not done that since Issue 3. Runners are a whole separate AI mechanism unrelated to the Fear effect. Stalkers experience a high frequency of runners due to the low threat modifier (threat modifer x2), as compared to Tanks and Brutes (threat mod ×4) and Scrappers (threat modifier x3), and because they lack a taunt aura of any kind. However, all of this has NOTHING to do with Fear or AS. Overall,
  15. The fact that they can be perma'd is more than good enough. On the characters I take them on, they are or are nearly perma. To the OP: They are fine as is. You can perma them and they are plenty strong if you play right. My Crab and Ill/Storm/Soul keep their patron pets up 99% of the time and they contribute a lot in non-I-trial content.
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