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  1. Gave up on Razer years ago after constantly having to replace my mouse every 1.5 to 2 years. I like the size/shape of the Deathadder though since it doesn't cause discomfort with my hand. I eventually found the SteelSeries Rival 300 and bought a few of those. (extra as backups after dealing with Razer mice for years) But they always seem to develop a mousewheel issue after a year or so which eventually leads to one of the left or right mouse switches to stop working correctly. (Some were multi-clicks others took heavy pressing to click) Since I loved the shape/feel of the Rival
  2. I noticed that the font on Pools column isn't properly following the Bold check mark in settings. If I enable it, it doesn't change to bold until I mouse over each power in that column. Each time I resize the window it will lose the bold property again until I mouse over it. I only noticed because I'm trying to make the font more readable on my machine as the defaults are too thin and blurry compared the older version of the program I was using. (Windows 10 with Clear Type disabled) Any chance we can get the option to pick our own fonts? I need to redo all of my old character
  3. Infiltration also says it requires another power to be taken before selecting it as well.
  4. I -think- I might have fixed the issue. I noticed that after removing the v4 and installing v5 it was unzipping(?) v5 contents into the backup folder as well. Since these mods were leftover from the old Tequila install I decided to uninstall all my currently installed mods and found that an older version of the map pack was still installed. After seeing this I decided to just delete everything in the data folder and reinstall the mods. After doing this, the v5 does not add any files to the backup folder when installed. So I think the issue was that there were files from an old
  5. Still an issue(?). Using 1.67 I get an Application Error when I try to update a mod that is already installed. In this case it is VidiotMaps v5.
  6. I got that error when I tried to download the updated version of a mod without removing/uninstalling the old version. I had to first select Remove on the installed version. After it moved to uninstalled local mods, I had to delete it there. Then I could install the new version without that error popping up.
  7. So I had the issue where the new launcher would always say it needs a runtime to install each launch. I also noticed I was unable to launch the game in 64bit mode. (not even an option to change it in the launcher settings) I was getting ready to uninstall and blow away all my Homecoming folders when I noticed/realized a problem. The shortcut created by the installer is pointing to the bin\win32 folder. After trying the launcher in the bin\win64 folder I stopped getting the runtime install popup and was able to toggle between 32bit and 64bit. So if you keep getting th
  8. I am also unable to run the game as 64-bit through the new launcher, while being able to do it via Tequila. In fact the launcher itself is also 32-bit. Likewise the launcher requested me to download and install the 2015-2019 redistrib runtime. Despite the fact that the 2019 runtimes actually cover both 2015 and 2017. In fact when I do my normal c++ AIO update in the future, the 2015-2019 redistrib will be uninstalled since it isn't required.
  9. I swear I remember that mission not only spawning faster waves(and more of them) but I swear the map was also slightly bigger than currently. I want to say the park fence entrance was included as was that road around it, and you could get spawns in the middle of that road close to the objective while fighting the previous waves down the ramp.
  10. If you mean swapping out normal IOs for Attuned ones.. I just learned about how Attuned IOs worked. (I last played on live pre-Freedom/F2P so they didn't exist then) So I figured I'd switch to those while I was changing that character's build. If you are asking why I bought them from myself on my other character on the same account... Well I spotted this thread Friday night and decided to try it out this morning to see if it worked. It does.
  11. I did that multiple times today while swapping out normal io sets for attuned. If the IO didn't insta sell when I put it up, I swapped to another character to attempt to buy it back. Which worked for all but 1 attempt. That 1 attempt somehow was still showing the /ah info/inventory of the character I posted the IO with. I swapped to another character and it worked then.
  12. Pretty sure only Dakota Berg's arc will give you the Hero Slayer/Bloody Hands badge. If ParagonWiki is still correct Tyrka's SSA doesn't contain any enemies required for the Villain Disruptor badge.
  13. Although I could be wrong, but I believe the reason that there is no recipe storage is that the Invention system came after the base system was "finished". (ie: no more dev time given to it) The salvage bins were originally created for base salvage then updated to accept invention salvage. The enhancement tables were for TO/DO/SO/Hami-Os to be traded between SG mates. 1) More than likely not possible without a new base system. The current system is tied to the SG and its members. 2) There is a performance reason for this. Anywhere the /ah is accessible leads to th
  14. You are aware that you can store enhancements in your base right? SG bases have an 18 storage item limit, so depending on how you have your salvage setup you might not have realized it. Put in some enhancement tables and store the created enhancement there. Before I took a break for FF14 I had my base setup with 14 salvage bins and 4 enhancement tables. Salvage was split into 7 bins for Magic and 7 for Tech. Those 7 bins were setup as 1 for Rare, 3 for Common and 3 for Uncommons. The commons and uncommons were split into the 3 tiers as well. It works out to being able to stor
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