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  1. I swear I remember that mission not only spawning faster waves(and more of them) but I swear the map was also slightly bigger than currently. I want to say the park fence entrance was included as was that road around it, and you could get spawns in the middle of that road close to the objective while fighting the previous waves down the ramp.
  2. If you mean swapping out normal IOs for Attuned ones.. I just learned about how Attuned IOs worked. (I last played on live pre-Freedom/F2P so they didn't exist then) So I figured I'd switch to those while I was changing that character's build. If you are asking why I bought them from myself on my other character on the same account... Well I spotted this thread Friday night and decided to try it out this morning to see if it worked. It does.
  3. I did that multiple times today while swapping out normal io sets for attuned. If the IO didn't insta sell when I put it up, I swapped to another character to attempt to buy it back. Which worked for all but 1 attempt. That 1 attempt somehow was still showing the /ah info/inventory of the character I posted the IO with. I swapped to another character and it worked then.
  4. Pretty sure only Dakota Berg's arc will give you the Hero Slayer/Bloody Hands badge. If ParagonWiki is still correct Tyrka's SSA doesn't contain any enemies required for the Villain Disruptor badge.
  5. Although I could be wrong, but I believe the reason that there is no recipe storage is that the Invention system came after the base system was "finished". (ie: no more dev time given to it) The salvage bins were originally created for base salvage then updated to accept invention salvage. The enhancement tables were for TO/DO/SO/Hami-Os to be traded between SG mates. 1) More than likely not possible without a new base system. The current system is tied to the SG and its members. 2) There is a performance reason for this. Anywhere the /ah is accessible leads to the entire AH database being loaded into that map. So that means every open/public zone that you can use /ah has the database loaded into memory for that map/zone. If it got allowed into bases it would mean ALL base maps would also load the ah database adding more strain on the mission/map servers. 3) Email system still has usage outside of sending inf/recipes to your alts though. It can allow you to leave a message with someone when they are offline. Super packs also use the account item system which is built into the email system.(Incarnate system might also use it as well, if ParagonWiki is still correct) So removing the email system is impractical without building a replacement to handle the account item system.
  6. You are aware that you can store enhancements in your base right? SG bases have an 18 storage item limit, so depending on how you have your salvage setup you might not have realized it. Put in some enhancement tables and store the created enhancement there. Before I took a break for FF14 I had my base setup with 14 salvage bins and 4 enhancement tables. Salvage was split into 7 bins for Magic and 7 for Tech. Those 7 bins were setup as 1 for Rare, 3 for Common and 3 for Uncommons. The commons and uncommons were split into the 3 tiers as well. It works out to being able to store 15 of each common/uncommon salvage and have a little wiggle room. As for the 4 enhancement tables I have 3 are setup for generic IOs in certain lvl ranges and the 4th is for my set IOs to sit until a character needs them. Of course I also store some IOs in my character's enhancement trays as well since we have so many of them. TL:DR Instead of shuttling the recipes around, create them and store them either in a base enhancement table or your characters enhancement trays.
  7. Yeah I find that outside of Atlas Medallion/Marshal, the rest are mostly easier on Redside. The only iffy one is Portal Jockey/Born in Battle. You have to choose between taking down all of those AVs or finding a group to kill Ghost of Scrapyard when he spawns.
  8. Do not forget that some of the contacts had their ranges adjusted to make things easier/more readable. The old 1-15 was split on these servers. I did not see anything regarding the Ouro Challenge badges being changed/updated so it might take some time to figure out which story arcs work for each badge.
  9. Might be a bug from when they changed how burned worked back in Issue 18? It used to just drop a burn patch (pet) and that was it. When they removed the fear effect they also added an upfront amount of damage before the burn started. Furthermore the pet does not actually get anything from Brute Fury. Never has actually, same applies to the "telestomp" pets hence why Scrapper is recommended for those type of builds. What I currently see in game is that Fury applies to the initial upfront hit and for a few ticks of burn (most likely being applied by that up front hit) then the burn patch pet takes over hence you see a drop in damage on the burn ticks. I could have sworn that City of Data was pretty out of date at the end.. but maybe I'm thinking of another similar site. (It has been 6+ years after all)
  10. If the source code is available anywhere, I would consider seeing if I could free up some time to get it going... The tool is downloadable https://cit.cohtitan.com/ How good are your reverse engineering skills? I'm only seeing Sentinel and Waterworks, not CIT/HeroStats itself. Herostats was a different program that may or may not have been able to interface with other websites. (I want to say Badgehunter could parse its logs) You can still download the program but people have confirmed it won't work currently. Program download is here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/herostats/ You can also check the wayback machine and find the documentation for the program. Unsure how much has been archived though. Wayback Website: https://web.archive.org/web/20130926121826/http://herostats.org/index.html
  11. They were moved to Echo:Faultline. https://score.savecoh.com/index.php/topic,1308.0.html
  12. What level are you, when not getting drops? After hitting 27/28 I started to get more drops than before. Nothing like I was getting on Blueside where 'd have multiple trays of enhancements after 4 or 5 missions, but I was getting drops.
  13. They yellow boxes mean that those items are connected to the item you have selected. In your case the arcane beacon is/was connected to that portal.
  14. It seems to be a permission error. (Error 401) You are most likely logged into Dropbox so the images show for you.
  15. You might want to play around with the Cel Shaded options in the graphics menu. Graphics and Audio Advanced Graphics Settings Experimental Graphics Settings -> Enabled Cel Shader -> Enabled Apply Now in bottom left corner and let it reload. Now you can play around with the cel shader options to see if it can make things easier on you. I think the Color Posterization option might be your best bet.
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