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  1. People would still farm to get inf to make enhancements. So no, it wouldn't cut out farming.
  2. I like the thoughtful approach to this game that HC continues to take. Thanks team! 🙂
  3. When I pvp'd heavily on live it was in the zones. I avoided arena after trying it a few times, as there were too many rules. (Ban's, what can be run, show up for practice at a set time). I just didn't have the time for that and did not enjoy many powers I enjoyed in pve, being a "no no" in pvp. So I stuck to zone.
  4. I don't find redside fun. That's why I don't play it.
  5. Once again you and I are going to have to agree to disagree. Saying a game is simple or can be played mindlessly is not a chastisement or insult. There are many million dollar games on the market that are just that. I'd argue the Devs (based on comments at the time and after the game shut down) DID intend of CoH to be simple, compared to what else was out there at the time. It wasn't till the IO system that real complexity got added to the game. FFXIV has many more complex encounters than this game. That's not a bad thing or indictment of COH. So
  6. I didn't even realize there were this many procs in the game! (the fact that there are means the IO system is much more interesting than I even first thought) WOW 😮
  7. I play both this game and FFXIV. When I want to have fun just mindless running through mobs and living out the superhero power fantasy (especially after a long day of IT QA, where you most assuredly CANNOT do things mindlessly), I come here. When I want a more modern mmo approach (where I have to move in certain ways to avoid certain bad actions --pre-moving or moving just in time or pattern versus the "yellow" markings on the floor that indicate a big bosses major attack is about to land; or do a series of actions to end an encounter faster--for instance BLM rotation t
  8. I'd be careful in trying to boil things that deal with actual human emotion down to a metric. I don't think that was the point of the thread.
  9. To make tweaks and additions based on feedback from pvpers, sure. I think the objection is to an open world server, which I think we all agree would be waste of time.
  10. No thanks. I'm having fun on blueside. 🙂 But you guys have fun over there.
  11. Hmmm, Ion does a chain. Wouldn't that delay that chain even further? Also keep in mind, not every Judgement is throw, there are some that are point blank (unless my memory is off). I like that not all of them are ones that are thrown. How would your idea affect those types? (or that type, I forget if there is only one). Personally a power described like that with patches wouldn't really interest me as a power pick, especially with how much movement there is in gameplay currently. But others might like that /shrug If I were redesigning it, I would have made
  12. Up the recharge and make it hit harder when it's up. I think that (besides making judgement customizable at the expense of it's power, aka I can add effects to it in exchange for it's recharge) is the only nerf I could get behind.
  13. I didn't. In the past I would not have ever touched a Tanker. I found them stupendously boring to play. Now I do have a few. When I want to act as a traditional tank role I play a tank. When I want to beat things down I play a Brute. Do I think they were overbuffed? Maybe, maybe not. I just find I play Tanks more now than before. I think that's a good thing.
  14. They can do it with better IOs for KB--> KD. KB is a part of the game. EDIT: See this great suggestion.
  15. Meh, we have merits and AE tickets. If yellow and whites stopped dropping today, the devs could just put them as low cost rewards in those stores.
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