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  1. What is kind of funny is the "entrenched" pvp crowd recognized controller holds were so powerful that they were literally banworthy across 8 v 8 matches even down to around 5 v 5's. Not being able to move for 3-6 seconds when a player can die in less than 1 second (or even a single server tic) meant that holds were a death sentence with their base 4 second duration. However, this increased viability came at the cost of their 1 v 1 prowess. Builds like Ill/Storm, Ice/Rad, Fire/Rad, etc no longer really worked in 1 v 1's because 1 v 1 matches vs. hard CC AT's no longer became "
  2. On the PvP side of things, this leaves TA insanely overtuned. It was already a top tier disruption set. Doubling the duration of the -jump - fly with still no counterplay to those mechanics is bad for business. Giving it a weaken style power on the same cycle time with double the duration of weaken is pretty oppressive (and it now affects absorb) limiting the counter play of being able to play elec potentially against psn to mitigate the weaken effects somewhat. More +healing resistance in PVP is always going to be bad until we get a way to get -healing resistance outside of
  3. Slows aren't quite as overbearing as they used to be where you were sitting around for 30 seconds not able to use a power or moving at slower than sprint speeds with super speed on. They are however still impactful. Even something as small as fighting double ice blast characters in 2 v 2's you can really start to feel the -recharge stack up. It just doesn't floor your recharge anymore. Heatloss still will for 30 seconds but that is about it. Stacking Grav control abilities still messes with jump height pretty well. Also characters can build over 100% slow resist
  4. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1515&c=735&a=1470&f=HEX&dc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
  5. Thanks very much for all the time, effort and hard work put into this. ❤️ you all!
  6. This, a million times! Conversely, every person I've run into who thinks like this is absolute trash tier when it comes to maintaining buff cycles (kins who can't keep up SB even with the AoE buffs, FF and Colds who will buff once at the start of a mission, never to be see a shield again, etc etc. You don't *need* a healer, but pretending the buffs and heals brought by empathy make for a "worthless" character just shows blatant ignorance on how the game works. :)
  7. I thought there was a timer at some point to remind you, but it seems to have been removed. Also a choice for HO's would be amazing. Like others have said there are like 2 really good and maybe 2 more that are okay in the current IO world. If you +5 a dual stat IO, you currently get the same stats as a level 50 HO.
  8. Hey I see dUmb / The Conglomerate / SJS all up in this thread. Glad to see people back!
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