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  1. I check if I've done the WST by running the WST and seeing if I got double merits or not.
  2. The only character I kept track of is my Fire/Earth Dominator, who was fully T4'ed at vet level 7. That includes stealthing Heather Townshend's arc 40 times, and the rest were Mother Ship raids. After crafting my 6th T4, I had 3 emp merits and a small handful of threads left over. Remember to use all of your resources, folks. It'll go faster that way.
  3. I'd be happy if my incarnated characters could use threads for something other than inspirations, but it shouldn't be emp merits for the reason Arcane said.
  4. It's worth noting that you can kill most of, for example, Maylor's Carnies in a mission, it's really only the last one who needs to found out on the streets. Especially when you're hunting something that spawns in short supply.
  5. Mr. Bocor in Port Oakes gives you a "defeat 10 hellions" mission which segues immediately into a door mission. If you defeat the hellions while on a mission , you don't get a new door on the mission map, and you don't get one when you zone out either. Luckily, you can auto complete that one (or abandon and re-do). If you have to talk to the contact between the defeat mission and the next one, it'll be safe to do your "hunt anywhere" hunting on a mission map.
  6. Corruptors tend to like the pulse effect on Proton Volley, more chances to scourge.
  7. Now be fair, Snarky. Plenty of the people who do agree with you are idiots too.
  8. That name may be blocked for other reasons.
  9. Would one of you please upload an avatar? Both of you using the default Z is making me use brain power I just don't have before my morning coffee.
  10. You can jump from base to base using /enterbasefrompasscode just fine, and those are both instances.
  11. All voices provided by Gilbert Gottfried and Bjork.
  12. Turn your initial awkwardness into an asset by RPing an awkward character!
  13. Did the live devs never watch any 50s sci-fi? Martian women are a staple of the genre!
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