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  1. All voices provided by Gilbert Gottfried and Bjork.
  2. Turn your initial awkwardness into an asset by RPing an awkward character!
  3. Did the live devs never watch any 50s sci-fi? Martian women are a staple of the genre!
  4. Lol, I was thinking of Everquest. Too many tabs open I guess.
  5. Barbarian's a race, I think you mean Berserker. Other than that, the analogy is spot on.
  6. Putting a Gull in most co-op zones would be welcome.
  7. Mr. Yin is a badass, there's no shame in being outrun by him.
  8. I probably create about five times as many bios as I actually get around to typing in.
  9. They've all switched to blue side by then.
  10. I love doing tip missions, but I hate doing tip missions in Grandville so most of my level 40+ characters are vigilantes.
  11. I assumed they made guitars.
  12. Some of these history badges can send you to 4 or more zones. Since I don't want to run back to Atlas Park between each mission, let's have the contacts give you their phone numbers early. Or just have the missions chain, like a good portion of Keith Nance's arc does.
  13. It's a Marshall Brass mission, in Cap au Diable. EDIT: It awards a Gold Bricker Rocket Pack as a temp power too!
  14. Adding a gull to RWZ would help as well.
  15. Villain-side the mobs shouldn't disappear, they should just stop attacking you and start calling you "Boss".
  16. Do you have video of this Bean Rifle powerset in action?
  17. I never donate to the prize pool of someone's CC, I skip the middleman and give the inf directly to whoever I think had the best costume.
  18. I just freed up "Thorny on Main" and "Funky Cold Medusa".
  19. There's a full set of ranged attacks in sonic blast, and 4 melee attacks + 1 melee aura in sonic manipulation. That's more than enough to make a sonic assault set.
  20. IIRC they moved her closer to the bathroom which is just logical.
  21. I think the two of you are on to something here. The obvious solution is to have the Renault SF spawn an identical ambush at Ms. Liberty in Atlas Park. After all, if it's not unfair to villains then it's not unfair to heroes either.
  22. In Marvel's Spider-Verse comics, the Spider Idol has some familiar headgear.
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