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  1. Very glad to hear the update is not going live until the development team is comfortable with the Sorcery Pool changes. My formalized feedback: 1. Mystic Flight is great. 2. Arcane Bolt buff and the proc mechanism make it a better and more interesting power. Would love to see the proc rate based on the number of Sorcery powers owned. But that may be too complex to put in place. But it would be awesome if the Bolt was stronger the more invested you were in the Sorcery Pool. 3. Spirit Ward is certainly better and I like that it is a toggle.
  2. Arcane - you have offered some theories about why no one chooses "mostly, perfectly functional" powers like Flurry or Aid Self. Something along the lines of people choose Hasten and Weave out of habit without properly evaluating the powers or because people mindlessly over-value recharge and defense or something like that. But just because you have "already addressed" the issue doesn't mean what you say is especially true. I am inclined to think the CoH players are smarter than you believe and correctly choose powers they know are good and correctly avoid powers they know are weak. So tha
  3. Me too. It is fun. I only have RoP on 2 of my 20 characters. So the change to RoP has little direct impact on me. My hope is simply to see all the Pool Powers become as useful and as fun as the Teleport Pool is now. Wouldn't it be a good thing if you were just as excited about the Medicine Pool or the Concealment Pool? Making the unpopular Sorcery Pool even less appealing just seems like a strange move.
  4. I personally feel hopeful our feedback and this whole discussion will result in a better game. I am especially grateful for Faultline's candor and perspective. Broadening the appeal of pool powers, reducing the frustration many players experience with mez effects, expanding opportunities to be creative with AT's and builds - these are good things to advocate for and I am sure the development team will be as responsive to these concerns as possible. I am not in favor of nerfing RoP without concurrent buffs to other Sorcery Pool powers - but I am otherwise thrilled with 99% of the changes put
  5. This whole post seems like an ocean of hyperbole. The game is constantly changing. Has always been evolving and changing. Reducing the effectiveness of RoP is a change to the game. We are giving feedback about current development team game changes. Possible future changes regarding mez or pool powers or whatever are not going to cause an apocalypse.
  6. I only use RoP on two characters - an Illusion/Time Controller and a Time/Fire Blast Defender. I am afforded the luxury of splurging on the 3 powers needed to get RoP on those two characters because Farsight and Power Boost provide such an enormous amount of defense to everything (nearly 27% and nearly 31% respectively). Toss in Clarion and I get over 41% defense to everything out of just Farsight on my Defender. So you can get pretty close to softcapping defense without a huge amount of investment.
  7. I hear what you are saying - but it sounds like the RoP change is pretty simple. Why not just postpone that simple change until the other Sorcery powers can be improved? The developers revamped the entire Teleportation Pool at one time - which in my opinion was a great success. Why not take the same approach with the Sorcery Pool?
  8. The update to the travel power doesn't seem to require any immediate action be taken with RoP. Wouldn't balancing the 4 non-travel Sorcery powers together be the best solution? Reducing the effectiveness of RoP in conjunction with buffs to the 3 other Sorcery powers would at least keep the Sorcery Pool from becoming even less popular and even less relevant.
  9. This is a wonderful post. It does seem odd to simultaneously admit the Sorcery Pool is not very popular but also argue that it needs to be even less popular for balance reasons. Also odd to simultaneously state RoP is being nerfed because it is too powerful as a single power while acknowledging that the power is indeed gated behind two other under-performing powers. The difficulty arises in how to deal with a power that is too good but that is also forcibly wrapped up in a group of powers that are not very good. I would be very much in favor of delaying the nerf on R
  10. Seems like a lot of effort given to moderating this thread to keep it "focused". Wouldn't it be easier to just state the reasoning behind the change to RoP so that the community can indeed discuss the issue in a focused manner instead of randomly speculating? Keeping us in the dark seems to be fueling a lot (most?) of the rambling back and forth. And while better communication "going forwards" is wonderful, that doesn't necessarily preclude better communication right now about the issue at hand. :) Thanks again for Fold Space!!!
  11. Seems like three different debates playing out here: 1. Should certain AT's (like Blasters) have access to as much mez protection as RoP currently offers? Does offering a 90 second RoP to squishies throw the game out of balance? Is RoP "over-tuned"? My personal opinion (and one others have stated better than me) is that the ship has long sailed on this debate. I have proc'ed out tanks that do insane damage, blasters with capped defense and resistance, controllers capable of clearing maps faster than brutes, and so on. Set bonuses, temp powers, amplifiers, epic pool powers, i
  12. How then do you "balance" against other pool powers if not by comparing usage of those powers? Would you really nerf a power that no one actually chooses to use? If EVERY player uses a particular pool power, would that not be some indication it was over-powered? What metrics are you using to balance pool powers? The actual reality of incorporating RoP into a build means dedicating 3 of 24 powers (which generally involves a travel power, an ally buff and RoP) to gain access to a capability roughly similar to an incarnate power. The fact that those 3 power choices could *easily*
  13. That is not really true. Melee Core Hybrid is layered on top of your normal 24 powers. It also provides a substantial regeneration buff. RoP requires you to commit 3 of your 24 base powers to be able to incorporate RoP into your build. There are *many* combinations of 3 primary, secondary, epic and pool powers that would be functionally equivalent to a single incarnate power. To be fair - you are not simply comparing RoP to Melee Core Hybrid. You are comparing giving up three powers to be able to obtain an equivalency to Melee Core Hybrid. Which is why it is important to se
  14. Again - where is the evidence to support this? How many level 50 builds even make use of RoP? How is RoP "overtuned" in comparison to Hasten, Tough, Weave, Fold Space, Tactics, etc? Are more players choosing to use RoP than choosing to use Tactics or Tough? Some (any) support for your assertion would be helpful. It is difficult to give thoughtful feedback when so little is presented for why this nerf is occurring.
  15. Sorcery > Rune of Protection Duration reduced from 90s to 60s to match the other Origin pool tier 5 powers First, the reason offered for this change has no meaning. You can "match" RoP, Adrenal Booster and Unleash Potential by making all three powers any duration of time. Making all of them 120 seconds in duration matches the three powers. Making all of them 10 seconds in duration matches the three powers. What would be helpful to know is why they are being matched at 60 seconds. What is special about 60 seconds? Is it simply because there are two of them at 60 secon
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