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  1. Just my $0.02, but hover makes a lot of the animations look cooler. Of course, that is subject to concept, but I really like how it looks.
  2. I know, I know, Elec Control is a better pairing. I already have a Dark/Savage, so I don't want to do that again. I even have a Grav/Martial who's fine. But I like confuses. Like, REALLY like them. The Elec confuse is great, I just like to have the ability to stack them when and where I choose. Ideally I would go for Illusion/Martial, but we all know that's not gonna happen anytime soon. OK, so now that we have all that out of the way... Anyone have any experience with this combo? I can see some dis-synergy what with the AoE sleep being one of your go-to lockdowns, but then having
  3. I'm trying to find some options that don't look silly with the animations for Savage Melee. I like the Dark Shield but it's a bit much, not customizable color-wise and you leave this smoke trail everywhere--sort of makes all your hard flailing look like you are Pigpen fighting the school bully (and winning). I don't care for the tribal shields either unfortunately. Other things you have found that look good?
  4. Would you by any chance be willing to share that build?
  5. I might say Mind/Dark controller. Mind's confuses seem like they could mimic probability manipulation. /Dark is more of a 'bad luck' set of powers, making people miss a lot and when they do hit, they do less damage.
  6. Well, Traps is arguably the premier AV killer, so I'm not sure that's a fair comparison.
  7. Yup! A Championeer from the first day to the last!
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