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  1. Its been a while since the last visit to the Kallistiverse there have been two new level 50s, which takes the total to 10 level 50s along with another 35-ish others at various levels from the 30s downward. The first of the new level 50s was Kallisti Sable, a Katana/Dark Scrapper As you can see she has a bit of an attitude problem, and she's generally a Vigilante. The newest level 50 dinged yesterday and was levelled up solely doing TF and Events, Kallisti Tungsten a fire/fire/fire Blaster She's more a typical superhero type but does like burning things! Then for the rest coming up there is Kallisti Platinum, a Psi/Energy Stalker who is a dedicated Villian She had to turn her stealth off to get the photo taken and she wasn't very happy about that! Next is Kallisti Black who contrary to appearances is NOT evil! Then there is the very unusual Kallisti Triffidbane, a plant/nature Controller Next is Kallisti Adamantium, an Invul/Electric Tank who is having moral issues and seems to be going through an evil phase... Since her skin is metallic, her hair is a wig which on occasions falls off and she has to go hunting for it - not fun when doing a sewer mission! So Kallisti Purple was my first VEAT and I enjoyed it, so I thought I'd have a go at a HEAT, but boy are they much more complicated and this is Kallisti Diamond, the Warshade I've got her to level 17 but I have no idea what I'm doing with her build - its a challenge! Finally for now the newest addition to the Kallistiverse, Kallisti the Slayer, a Street Justice/Invul Brute - okay so I've been watching re-runs from the beginning of Buffy on one of the UK TV channels and its just got to the end of series 3 and I'm loving it all over again! There are a whole load of other Kallistis but they either haven't got bios yet or I'm not entirely happy with them and they might get deleted...
  2. 9 and 16 Thinking about it more, it should probably go after Tina M and Maria J as they are the intro for Primal to Praetoria since primals are invited to help out in First Ward by Mistress Eva in Talos and the other one redside (can't remember his name)
  3. People had been banished to First Ward for a long time before the Primal attacks so I reckon they should come right after the 1-20 Goldside missions. They do set up situations that develop further later on with Diabolique in the DA arc and Pendragon in the Balladona Vetrano arcs.
  4. What about willpower? I've just created a psi/will to try it out, only lvl 11 so far so hard to make a judgement
  5. Got my Night Widow to 50 yesterday on Everlasting, what a fun character to play! Its my 9th level 50 but my first pure villain in the Kallistiverse. Had a lot of fun doing the redside missions, particularly Television, absolute blast. So after hitting 50 with a scratch build of whatever felt like a good idea at the time, I've looked at the few examples of Night Widow builds plus my own feeling about builds and come up with this build. For once, I've included Hasten - I don't usually put this into builds as I think people obsess about it too much, but here it fits. apart from an approx 8 second gap, its perma. Mind link is also perma and both of these are on auto using a couple of macros that replace my main two attacks, slash and eviscerate. the slash macro sets Hasten to auto and then performs the slash, while eviscerate sets Mind Link to auto and then performs the eviscerate. This means the auto power is constantly switching between the two so as soon as one recharges it fires - well that is the theory at least! I've spent this evening doing the Dark Astoria missions on +3 and this build seems to be pretty good. My main concern was End but this has got it covered! My live build has one small change from this build in that Pyschic Scream has only 2 Ragnaroks and 4 Positron's Blasts as replacement as I ran out of cash on the toon and didn't get round to transferring some from my others. Its a reasonable substitution for now. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1463&c=667&a=1334&f=HEX&dc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pinions are very welcome
  6. Here you go - now for my excuses... I'm not a min-maxer, I don't have an addiction to Hasten and I'm not obsessed with maxing resistances/defences 🙂 This is IMO a decent all round build and it works very well for me, but nowadays I am 50+3 vet level 120-ish with T4 incarnates as you can see in the build. Brute - Staff Fighting - Super Reflexes.mxd
  7. Warburg Nuke deployed... 600th Hami about to go down
  8. Wow, that is quite an impressive record! You have been inspirational to the people of Everlasting over the last 9 months , collecting all the 1531 badges on Kallisti the Friar has been no small part down to you and the various trials and Masters of you've run. I don't know how many Hami raids I've been a part of but your leadership and non-judgementalism of the silliness that sometimes happens has made them immensely enjoyable over the months. Then there is that incredible SG base you built! Wow, just wow! Thanks for all the fun!
  9. My Staff/SR brute is now a year old, is Vet level 120 ish and has all 1531 badges. She is unstoppable - well except by Hami when I forget to take an EoE!! She taunts Yellow mitos in Hami raids, she is a BEAST!!! That said, up until level 30ish she did feel a bit underpowered but suddenly that changed in the low 30s and it was like a revelation! She felt invulnerable and I have loved playing that toon ever since. I think it takes some enhancements and power synergies for SR to really kick in properly, so stick with it, you will be very pleasantly surprised! Oh, and get your +Recovery up at a decent level as there are LOTS of toggles!
  10. Kallisti

    Valet badge

    The trucks behind Wentworths are usually the things people forget. I usually jump along the left hand map edge to the far side of the map to save the 2 cars and a truck that are in the car park over there as those can be tricky to get to without agroing half the map!
  11. Ditto, completed the set for now 🙂 very happy
  12. Those first few days were chaotic but glorious! To be able to run around Atlas Park again blasting Hellions... it brought tears to my eyes! I was able to log on and re-create my first ever character again on that first day and get a few levels... nobody was doing DFB, everyone was doing the early missions or just chasing mobs, it was incredible! Then on the second day the dreaded queues struck! I remember getting into the queue at a position in the 1200s and by the end of the evening I'd got down to about 400... then within a couple of days they opened Everlasting, Excelcior and all the others and now somehow a year has passed and I've now got 8 level 50 Kallistis, one of which is capped out on badges and I'm STILL loving the game!!! Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen! Especially at a time like this, a distraction from the real world as marvellous as City of Heroes is a miracle!
  13. I modified an action figure to represent my main character - it was originally a figure of Emma Frost but I added the cape, bunny ears, belt and repainted This is Kallisti Gold in game
  14. Rather than a costume piece I'd like to ask hat we could get a choice of hair styles with the Hats head version so that I can have the Glam hairstyle with a top hat for my Circus Ringmistress character please...
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