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  1. Bio Armour/Mace - I have one that is used occasionally for Hami tanking. With Ablative Carapace up, she has 4800 HPs, 852% regen, 360% recovery Mace is a decent attack set with good damage, but to be honest as a tank in your AE Missions your role is to hold agro not do the damage.
  2. Kallisti Gold had a dream that she was able to get hold of Sister Solaris' dress and get it dyed a more appropriate colour: This was done using the Icon app in NPC mode. I was surprised how little clipping it caused, mostly to do with the Glam hairstyle, but that clips a lot of existing items. The biggest issue was the internal colours of the dress. Much like the trench coat, there is no control for the internal colours so they were initially black. What was most interesting was the front panel of the skirt is inside out, ie black was showing on the outside and go
  3. Maybe that might have been expanded upon given enough resources and would have made for interesting possibilities beyond the Battalion plotline that was to come.
  4. I use HC Launcher for my main account and Tequila for my second account on my second screen, (each one stores a different username 🙂 )but I seldom dual box as my PC is decent but not super high spec.
  5. Consider creating a second account and use a toon on the second account to 'photograph' the toon on the first account? You could build a photographer toon with different costume slots at different sizesto be able to control the height of the 'camera'
  6. Would it not be better to link to the Google Docs spreadsheets where these lists are maintained and updatable by the community as they are built?
  7. A few more Kallistis have turned up. The first three complete my rota of Staff/SR melee ATs and all have interrelated stores with Kallisti the Friar Now someone who might have the expertise to work out how this rift that keeps bringing Kallistis to this timeline operates Finally it seems that there are other Kallisti from timelines similar to Kalllisti the Friar!
  8. Introducing Doctor Kallisti , a new important player in the ongoing story "How much?" Dr Kallisti Hamilton-Stathis, Ph.D ("Quantum irregularities in the supersymetry of the Einstein-Riemann manifold") stared at the contract the TV company had put in front of her. The fee they were offering was the equivalent of two years grant money from the Science & Education Research Council (assuming they approved the latest application) simply for appearing in their dumbed-down science quiz show! It helped that she was blonde, pretty and as one colleague had said "h
  9. My roster for the Kallistverse has its own website: https://kallistiverse.mardona.com/kallisti-gallery/
  10. My thoughts on this(for what they are worth) are a) there is no 4th wall to break as there are no observers of the action that aren't participants or b) using OOC chat is your 4th wall breaking mechanism already The 4th wall is a specific concept that is tied to the nature of the medium and my feeling is that since you and the people you are interacting with are a players in the game, ie an actual participants, there are no non-interactive observers and thus no 4th wall.
  11. Well of course its now out of date already with the new Winter badge so...
  12. I bought a tip mission from the Base Mission Control - Blatantly False Malta Plans. At -1/x8 it had between 7 and 10 per run and took about 3 mins to complete each run just targetting the Sappers with a custom target macro /macro kill target_name sapper Nothing more complex is needed.
  13. Use the mouse to navigate, don't use keyboard
  14. New badges? Sorted! Did enjoy killing 200 Sappers 🙂 Really like the text descriptions for some of the new badges!
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