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  1. Agreed, however it does seem to me looking at a lot of builds that it has become habitual to include Hasten, a bit like the fighting pool (which is something totally understandable). Personally I don't use super speed on any of my characters as I find it hard to control and I end up face planting into objects too often. I prefer super jump as my main travel power unless its a blaster and then I'll use fly 🙂 Horses for courses really, its always nice to see other ideas about builds.
  2. You are right I forgot the travel powers inherent in the build, I'm a relative newbie to the ninja set 🙂 My current archer/ninja build has combat jumping and super jump, never thought about ninja run, will need to think about that now, thanks
  3. Why have you dropped the single most damaging attack we have and instead taken something like Recall Friend? To me that doesn't make sense. You've also got no travel powers... Does anyone make builds without hasten? I see it all the time and to be honest with a decent built with a few LOTGs, some good set slotting and an alpha like agility, you don't need it - the recharge on the archery powers are so short anyway. It seems most builders are obsessed with Hasten 🙂
  4. It was the Haloween even that kicked me into badge hunting mode, now at the spring event I got up to 1515!
  5. On the contrary by default the female legs for athletic build are ridiculously long. Most of the Kallistis have that slider toned down a bit
  6. Kallisti Hostuff my spines/fire farming Brute
  7. Yup that looks excellent, that will be REALLY useful when setting up the spreadsheet for a new character the first time! I hate doing that as you always end up missing some so the tallies don't match!!!
  8. Awesome stuff Robokitty! Just going to test this out on Kallisti the Friar as she has 1515 badges now so will be interesting to see what it looks like 🙂
  9. Finally got Cataclysmic, the 100 million dmg done badge to take me to 1515! I ran the first mission in the Incarnate Intro arc in Oro over 60 times to farm the dmg, on average getting 665k per run herding the mobs and using my staff attack PBAOE. Let me just say that I loathe and detest Requiem as he was the one mob most resistant to herding and frequently tried to run back to his starting spot! For variety, I did some double Hami raids that we do regularly on Everlasting - they netted an average of 240k dmg per pair of runs, plus I tried out a solo +4/x8 Market Crash first mission in the tunnel which earned 442k dmg but took three times as long as the Oro mission! Now I can relax until May... unless of course Nemesis decides to invade...
  10. Kallisti Triffidbane: Another participant in the 'Kallistiverse'. Brought to this timeline via the now legendary rogue Crey Experimental Portal accident caused by Kallisti Gold, Kallisti Triffidbane is from a timeline where the Day of the Triffids actually happened. In response to the attack on humanity by the venomous, mobile plants, scientists created a hybrid human/triffid to combat the invasion and Kallisti is one of those specially bred to defend humanity.
  11. How custom is her face? Is it one of the oldiie faces in the creator? She might change her outfit if she goes out in the field...
  12. Nope, nor Magic nor even All. Thankfully she's bog standard character creator components so was able to build her as a custom character.
  13. I my be a bit later but I've just found her under Magic - I'm trying to find Mercedes Sheldon and can't find her anywhere...
  14. For a more explicit reference check out Montague's backstory here: https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Montague_Castanella_(Praetorian) "Under his leadership the Midnighters survived Cole's witch hunts and stole themselves away into the shadowy psuedo-dimension between the worlds of the living and the dead"
  15. Thats an interesting idea, my zone* could have become home to the refugee Praetorians. There is a big building complex in the NE of KW so perhaps that would have been their starting point. I really would like to know more about the background to that zone and what their plans were for it. *Kallisti Gold (my original character) insists Kallisti Wharf was named after her!
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