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  1. I've been building the Kallisti girls apartment as an SG base. You can visit it on Everlasting using passcode Kallisti-6106. Currently I've got the lobby (with security monitoring), Lounge & Kitchen, plus rooms for Gold & Friar, Red & Scarlett, Bronze and Green and one room that is Kallisti Wolf's nest! The rooms are a bit big - its too easy to misjudge the scale when building these smaller more intimate locations rather than large SG base rooms, but I think its been an interesting challenge.
  2. Its not dead, its just resting...
  3. A quantum of inspiration arrived this evening... Still need to try to progress the tea party however...
  4. Justin couldn't believe his luck! Pizza Cat! Flambeaux! Weird mask girl! He got off the ground where the weird mask girl had dumped him to avoid the water splash and looked to who the man on the other side of the fountain was talking. The two cops stood in the doorway but Justin's eyes widened as he saw a blonde-haired figure behind them - oh my god, it was one of the Kallistis - the green one! Instinctively he sent the drone heading over toward the apartment block to get a better picture, completely oblivious to the weird mask girl who seemed to be struggling to pull some wet pants off her face while operating his DSLR. The drone hovered above the entrance as the cops came further out into the forecourt, their hands automatically moving to their guns. Justin could now clearly see the green girl and sent the drone to get a good picture. In a blur of movement, suddenly the drone was flying through the air in the wrong direction, skewered by an arrow through its body, shorting the battery. It landed just next to the fountain, sparking wildly and starting to smoke. He watched as Kallisti Green leapt through the air and landed on the top of the concrete bench beside it, a bow in her hands with a arrow knocked and aimed at the smoking drone. "That cost me a month's wages!!!" he wailed.
  5. Okay I think I've got round my writer's block for the next part - got 3 more pages written tonight but I'm not going to post it just yet - want to get a bit further as I'm not quite sure on some of the details and it might need revisions as the storyline plays out 🙂 I can't say its been easy - I keep fighting the story to not slip into some pathetic BDSM porno junk, but keep it focussed on moving the story along while setting up the emotional milestones.
  6. I just came here to ask the same thing as the above poster - an NPC you can 'dress' with an outfit from ICON so that I can place my SG leader toon in the base to 'welcome' any visitors, possibly with a configurable chat script?
  7. Unable to enter base edit mode after interacting with an NPC (icon employee) but having ended the interaction and deselected the NPC. This is in the entrance hall:
  8. Graphics glitch in the water in the fountains thumbnails: PS. LOVE the chalet fireplace!!!
  9. I hope you make sure that you clean up after your events... Kallisti the Janitor is keeping her eyes open for these sort of things as the litter left behind makes her very snappy!
  10. PARAGON SUPERGOSSIP Kallisti Gold flashes her credentials as she attends the opening of a new Casino in St Martial! Last night saw the opening of the new Joker's Wild casino and nighclub in St Martial. Our photographer was on hand to catch the celebrities in attendance and was able to catch this snap of the glamorous Kallisti Gold leaving the club in the early hours. Looking rather sweaty and dishevelled, it seems she had a good time in the club! Rumours of an attempted robbery during the evening have surfaced but we received no response when trying to contact the club management. The outfit Kallisti Gold is wearing is the subject of an ongoing court case between Carson of Icon and a struggling model Candy Labeaux who is claiming that Carson copied her own design after she was kidnapped by Circle of Thorns at a fashion show and eventually rescued by Kallisti Gold.
  11. Superb!, Very impressed with the amount of detail you've included!
  12. Her stealth power is the Shinobi-iri power in ninjitsu which says: "Shinobi Iri are the ninjitsu techniques of silent movement and infiltration" so I'd say its about using the environment and personal skills to not be noticed rather than invisibility, so if she bumped into someone she'd be fully visible. As for public eye, no she probably isn't well known to the public as she's a relative newcomer to the Kallistiverse and isn't very communicative with the others or anyone at all really. Just realised I hadn't posted a pic so here she is: That is a quiver of arrows on her back by the way - the bow goes where ever weapons go when they are not being wielded! So you can see she is green-skinned but with blonde hair - don't ask me how that happens, call it genetics 🙂 She has the same facial features as the others so is recognisably Kallisti but is slightly shorter than the rest and yes, she doesn't wear any other clothes... although she has been tempted with the Bolero... in green of course. Now you could consider this to be one of the others dressing up with green skin dye - except Bronze of course. She's not needlessly aggressive but is protective over the herd-people, ie anyone with non-green skin! Her role back on her world would be to protect her tribe's herd from predators and hunt for food. The society she comes from is heavily stratified due to skin colour - Green: Guardian tribe; pink/brown: herd-people; other: ??? 🙂 It is stuck in a semi-hunter/gatherer stage of development but with some anachronistic higher-technology like the bow and quiver which has obviously been supplied by 'others'.
  13. Kallisti Green, stealthy hidden in the shadows of the building foyer watched the two men dressed in blue. She knew they were talking the language of her tribe, but the words were strange and the meanings were beyond her experience. She had heard them mention the name of the Gold one who looked just like her, which is what caught her interest. They were herd-people, their pale skins marked them out as the lower caste, so it was her duty to protect them from harm as instructed by The Masters. As yet she had not felt the call of The Masters, but she was sure they would locate her here, wherever here was. This place had obviously been left without its Guardians for a long time as the herd-people had become much more independent. This made sense to her, she remembered the more intelligent herd-people, some of whom were trouble-makers sometimes agitated the herd, claiming that they should not be food animals at all. These had to be weeded out and culled for the good of the herd. So, she supposed, if there were no Guardians to do the culling, these would become herd-leaders. She wondered who had built all these structures – it couldn’t have been the herd-people, they were not intelligent enough for that. Maybe The Masters had been here before and left the structures behind. It was all very strange. This whole place was strange, a jungle of stone and metal with small forests – they were called ‘Parks’ here – and they didn’t hunt the animals that lived in them. She had been chased out of one of the parks after she had shot a large rodent-like thing they called a ‘dog’ and made a fire to cook it. The one they called Friar had tried to explain it to her later when they received a complaint that there is no need to hunt, they can get food from ‘shops’ or ‘restaurants’. She liked the Friar, she too was a hunter, even though she was a herd-person. If her skin had been green, she would have been a good Guardian. She also liked the colour green! She scowled, chiding herself for daydreaming as the two dressed in blue walked past within a few feet. Her stealth hid her, but a noise from outside caught her attention. The two men also heard it and reacted, rushing toward the lobby doors. Moving out from her concealment, she quickly crossed the open space following them. She was so focussed on what was going on outside that she failed to realise they had stopped in the doorway and so walked straight into them...
  14. I liked it and its given me an idea... thank you 🙂
  15. Raquel/Kallisti was led into the semi-derelict warehouse by the scar-faced Bone Daddy. In the car on the way over he had said nothing but stared at her all the way. Kallisti had adopted the subservient and timid role that was expected of her but all the while had been judging the situation. She knew at some point she would have to break cover to stop whatever was going on, but knowing when would not be easy. She had been to this warehouse before, it was one of the party locations the Skulls used routinely. Graffiti was sprayed over most of the walls and detritus from the warehouse’s past scattered everywhere. The large gallery had been wired for sound and lights with a stage set up at one end where last week she had danced with the other girls in the mini-skirt and halter top that she, Sally and Trish had shoplifted from a department store earlier that day. They crossed the cavernous hall to a door at the far side which had several Skull toughs lounging about outside. “One for the boss” The Bone Daddy announced gesturing at her. The toughs shrugged and opened the door, barely bothering to look at her beyond a quick appraisal of her cleavage. Inside they entered a more well furnished office with a large desk behind which sat a typical Skull leader, all heavily steroid-muscled and shaven headed. A girls head was bobbing up and down in his lap as he leaned back in the plush leather chair. “This is the one you wanted Boss” the Bone Daddy said pushing Kallisti forward. Bonespur looked at her through the eye holes of the Skull mask he wore. “Lose the clothes bitch I wanna see the goods” he drawled, idly picking at his teeth with a toothpick. Obediently she stripped, making just enough of a deal of it to make it interesting but not teasing too much, his attitude made her reluctant to push it too far. Bonespur’s gaze travelled across her body as it was revealed, then with a grunt he clutched the girl’s head in his lap and pushed down on it as he leaned forward and tensed up. Relaxing again, he roughly pushed the girl to one side who tumbled over and Kallisti saw that she too was naked. She glared at Kallisti and wiped her mouth. She was bruised and her back showed a criss-cross pattern of red welts. Bonespur stood up and kicked the girl aside to move around to the front of the desk, appraising Kallisti’s nudity as he did. “I liked that dance you did last week, you can do it for me now and then we have some fun” he said reaching to the desk and throwing the halter top and mini-skirt she’d been wearing. So that's where they went – she’d puzzled over why she couldn’t find them the next day after they’d got back to the flat and ‘partied’ together on the mattresses. She slipped the skimpy outfit on and music started up from a speaker on the shelves at the side of the room. Moving languidly at first to the music, she positioned herself in the middle of the room, directly in front of Bonespur who perched himself on the edge of his desk, arms folded to watch her. The Bone Daddy who had brought her say down on a couch at the side and watched. She started to gyrate to the music, spinning around and kicking a leg out and then as the music hit a beat, she flipped both legs up, balancing on her hands and pirouetted upside down, performing the splits in the air before finishing the move with a backflip to her feet to continue the spin. It was an adaptation from one of the staff fighting moves she’d been taught as a teenager that would normally allow her to swing the staff in a 360 degree arc, knocking her enemies from their feet and harming any with range of the quarterstaff. Her Angel had persuaded her that it was a very sexy movement and she should turn it into a dance move, except normally she would be wearing underwear when performing it in Pocket D! It had obviously worked its magic on Bonespur as he grabbed her roughly by the hair and pushed her over the edge of the desk and yanked her skirt up. Forcing her down on the desk he took her from behind. She tried to hide the smirk as she realised he was not very well endowed. She glanced at the other girl, now sitting on the Bone Daddy lap who returned her look with a disinterested sneer. Quickly it was over and Bonespur grabbed her by the hair again. “You’ll do, put her with the others.” He pushed her toward the Bone Daddy who stood up, dropping the girl to the floor again and grabbed Kallisti’s arm. “How many more do we need Boss?” he said. “Just one more as a spare and this shipment will be done.” Bonespur went back to the office chair and picked up a tablet computer from the desk. “Take Molly along then, I’m done with her” The girl on the floor looked up in sudden fear. The Bone daddy grabbed her arm and yanked her to her feet. “No! You said I was yours!” she struggled and lashed out at the Bone Daddy with her feet. He released Kallisti and slammed a fist into the side of Molly’s head stunning her, then grabbed Kallisti’s arm again and marched them both through a door to the side of the office. She heard Bonespur talking to someone back in the office: “Sergy? Yeah got a new shipment for you, all ready so send over...” the door slammed shut cutting off the rest of the conversation. They were taken through another door and this Kallisti realised was the infamous dungeon Vi had spoken about. There were chains and ropes hanging on hooks on the wall, along with an array of canes and whips. To one side was a wooden cross with various hooks and attachments, in the middle of the room was a leather topped bench with a set of stocks and shackles at either end, a small metal cage in the corner was occupied by a naked man who had obviously been beaten very badly and was curled up in a foetal position. There were other things in the room but they were hustled through it to a door in the other side that she wasn’t able to see it all. Through the doorway, the first thing that hit her was the smell – unwashed bodies and despair. They were in what seemed to be a large bathroom with tiles along one wall and toilet cubicles without doors. The toilets within had all been broken. Dividing the room to the right, however, were a row of floor to ceiling bars which made up what seemed to be a set of makeshift prison cells. There were mattresses on the floor of the cells and each cell contained several naked girls. Two Skull thugs were in one of the cells which had its door open, entertaining themselves with two of the girls on the mattress while two more stood outside, watching. The Bone Daddy pushed the stunned Molly at one of the thugs “Take her inside” he said and turned to Kallisti. “Won’t be needing these any more” he grinned grabbing a handful of the halter and ripping it off her. The mini skirt went the same way and she was roughly bundled into one of the other prison cells with three other girls. They looked up at her with empty, hopeless eyes. “Fresh meat!” one of the thugs smirked. “Hands off that one until I’ve had my turn.” the Bone Daddy threatened them. “You’ve got all the others to play with, just remember the rules, don’t ruin any of them by being too rough, they will be worth more to our buyers in good condition!” Kallisti’s blood ran cold as this revelation sunk in. This was why girls were going missing! ----------------------- A day had gone by and Kallisti was lying on a mattress, exhausted and bruised after being visited by most of the Skulls after the Bone Daddy had had his ‘turn’ with her. One of the other girls in the cage with her moved to sit beside her. “It like this whenever they bring a new girl in.” she said, stroking Kallisti’s hair. “They all like to have a go with the newest.” her voice held anger but also a sad resignation. Kallisti sat up and looked at the girl – she was dark skinned but there were obvious bruises on her face, arms and legs. “I’m Riaina, welcome to hell darling, this ain’t no picnic.” “Raquel. How long you been here?” she replied, stretching her arms to relieve the cramps. She knew she could easily heal herself, but restrained the impulse to avoid suspicion. There would be time later and she’d heal naturally anyway. The other girl shrugged. “’Bout a week – hard to tell without windows. They come and go and sometimes they take some of us out of the cages to play – I get the feeling that is usually in the evening and sometimes you hear the music from the party. There was only 3 others when I got shoved in here but now there is about a dozen. Glad to see that Molly whore shoved in here too, bitch!” she sneered tossing her head to indicate Molly in the farthest cage curled up and shivering. The other girls in her cage were as far from her as they could get. Kallisti took the opportunity to look around at the other girls for the first time since she was imprisoned – it had been a very busy and not very pleasant few hours so far. All the girls were naked, all seemed to be bruised and dirty, some just staring off into the distance as if in a trance, some curled up hugging themselves protectively. There were three cages in a row and there seemed to be four girls in each. She noticed one girl in the next cage – she was lying face down on the mattress… “Oh my god she’s not moving!” Kallisti gasped. Raina looked over and tutted. “Lucky bitch!” she sighed, dismissing the girl. One of the other girls in that cage herad them and went over to her. She reached out gingerly and touched the girl, snatching her hand back quickly and crying out! “She’s DEAD!” she screamed, drawing the attention of the three Skull boys who were keeping guard. Several of the other girls started crying. “What the fuck?” one of the Skulls came to the middle cage and looking in at the girl on the mattress. “Shit! You a-hole you choked her too much!” he spat at one of the others. He ran out and came back a few minutes later with the Bone Daddy. “You fucking idiot!” he punched the Skull who had been blamed, knocking him down and then stamping on his arm. “We just getting ready to ship em out and you go and spoil one? Fuck!” He grabbed the boy off the floor, picked him up by the scruff of his neck, slammed him onto the wall and carried him out. Kallisti could hear him crying and begging, saying he was sorry and it was an accident as the voices grew fainter. A few minutes later there was an ear splitting scream and the sound of banging. A minute or so later, Bonespur charged through the door, wiping his hands of a dirty strip of denim which showed streaks of blood when he discarded it. “This is a fucking mess, what are you fucking waiting for? Get the bitch out of the cage and dump it in the trash!” he bellowed at the two cowering guards. As they moved to the cage Bonespur looked along the cages. “Still one short, they are due in an hour, who can get one from?” The Bone Daddy laughed. “I know the perfect place!” ----------------------- The girl’s body had been removed by the terrified Skulls and some others had taken their place to guard the cages. After a while, Bonespur and the Bone Daddy returned, between them, struggling helplessly in their grip was Sally from Vince’s gang. Kallisti’s heart fell as the girl’s clothes were brutally ripped off her and she was pushed into the middle cage. She looked around in absolute horror. Kallisti jumped up and went to the cage bars separating the cages. “Sally!” she reached through and Sally, recognising her ran and hugged her through the bars. The girl was shivering in fear. “What’s happening?” she sobbed. “Sal?” One of the other girls who had been curled up in a ball of their own misery lifted her head. Kallisti’s cried with relief as she recognised Vi. She looked in a bad way, glassy eyed and covered in bruises but she had heard Sally’s voice and it had roused her out of her despair. Kallisti suddenly realised that all the Skulls had left the room and then smelled something in the air and saw the girls sitting on the floor slump over. She knew she could resist the gas but allowed it to claim her like it did the others and slumped to the floor unconscious. ----------------------- She awoke again some time later with a splitting headache, a dry mouth and a nauseous feeling. It was dark and she was being jostled by two other girls lying either side of her. She reached up and felt the coarse wood of the lid of the packing crate they were lying in. She then realised there was something around her neck – she reached up and felt it. It was a stiff leather collar with metal strips on the inside and outside and a large lump around the back in the nape of her neck. On the outside of this lump was a ring that stuck out. It was snug but not too tight. She could just push her finger inside the band. The rumbling noise she could hear and feel must be the engine of a truck. They swayed back and forth as the truck turned corners and then they stopped. After a few minutes she heard the rear door of the truck slide open and she could hear men’s voices. They were not speaking English and she did not know any other languages from this world. There was some banging then her crate moved and she felt the unconscious girl on her right flop against her. The crate tipped up on one side, causing them all to roll that way. Another voice yelled “Carefully! Don’t shake up the cargo you assholes!” There were voices either end of the crate and it was lifted. She could hear them talking to each other in their foreign language. They carried the crate up and down, turning left and right and then down again before finally putting it down. The sound of an electric screwdriver above her head made her close her eyes and feign unconsciousness again. Through her eyelids she saw that it was light, then hand roughly grabbed her arms and legs and she was lifted out of the crate and lain on the cold floor. A clatter of chain and something was attached to the ring on the back of the collar. She heard the same being done to the other girls and then the sound of the crates being packed up and carried out with the final sound being a metal door clanging shut. All was quiet for a while, just distant clangs and bangs, then a rumbling from below that grew louder that made everything vibrate and then there was a feeling of movement… they were on a ship!
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