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  1. The previous post was just a bit of fun and was originally the introduction of the Kallisti Girls intro the shared RP thread on the Roleplay forum which was focused around the Christie Apartments building in Kallisti Wharf. The next story about Kallisti the Friar is the one I had problems with and have not been able to complete. I have the plot outline however so I'll summarise it here: Kallisti the Friar is approached by a girl member of the Skulls gang she met and helped before. If you've done the Kings Row Skulls arc The Lords of Death, she's one of the girls on the upper level of the mission where you are disguised as a Skull and trying to infiltrate the gang. She's one of the people who escape with you when the building is raided. Violet explains that girls are going missing and she is worried what is happening to them. Friar decides to dig out her undercover gear to become a Skull girl again, enlisting the aid of Hero Corps to do so. By the time she is ready to go undercover though, Violet herself has gone missing. Friar goes undercover pretending to be Violet's cousin from out of town and makes a name for herself with her athletic dancing! She's picked by the local boss, Bonespur, for 'special attention', which ends up with her being drugged and waking up in a cage with several other girls including Violet, on board a ship destination unknown. During the trip the girls are treated to a variety of degrading and humiliating abuse designed to break their spirit (this was the part I found most difficult to write). They are told that of the 12 who start the trip, they only need 10 left at the end, a tactic designed to pit the girls against each other in a struggle for survival. . Friar has a constant internal battle as she knows she could stop this abuse at any point but it would then mean they would not get to the bottom of what is happening to the girl and who is responsible. During the journey, Violet is murdered in front of them all as an example of what happens when they rebel or don't comply with everything demanded of them. Friar herself having to endure abuse, both physical and sexual, some of which makes her question the treatment she experienced while growing up in the Monastery in her original timeline, recognising that the regime she grew up under was itself highly abusive and manipulative. As the journey continues, she discovers that another girl she has befriended is pregnant and if their captors find out, they would almost certainly dispose of her! In the end, one of the 'enemy' girls who they had clashed with early in the journey and had caused Friar to be punished in a sadistic manner, sacrifices herself to save the pregnant girl. At journey's end, the surviving girls are cleaned up and paraded in a 'slave market' where a collection of rich and powerful men bid on them. It is only at this point when the organisers of this despicable trade can be identified that she breaks cover, summons her team of heroes and takes revenge on her tormentors. She find it hard to control her fury at what was done to the girls she travelled with as well as the girls who had gone missing before but manages to restrain herself and avoid killing the perpetrators, although she does get satisfaction applying her staff to the more sensitive areas of her ex captors as they try to escape. After the fight there is an emotional reunion with Kallisti Gold and the other Kallistis who came to her aid, but she is heartbroken by her inability to save all the girls. In an epilogue, Friar visits the pregnant girl (who has a name but I don't have my notes in front of me right at this moment) some months later. She has settled down with her ex-boyfriend back in her home town outside Paragon City and has had her baby, a little girl. She tells Friar that she has named the baby Violet in memory of their friend who never came back. Friar reveals that she too had a baby girl in her youth back in her original timeline, but just says that she died, revealing her long-buried grief that she has suppressed for many years. Friar returns to Paragon City, but she is changed from the person who met Violet a few months before. Being a superhero isn't always about thwarting world-shattering events...
  2. A van pulled up at the side of Christie apartments, a recently refurbished block in the moderately fashionable side of Kallisti Wharf, next to the large Crey office complex, parking on the corner closest to the side door. Inside the cab were three remarkably similar looking girls, two with long blonde hair and one with slightly reddish wavy hair. "Is this it?" Kallisti Red, the girl with the reddish hair said, peering at the imposing building. "Yup, we have been granted one of the top floor penthouse apartment since there are so many of us!" said the driver, Kallisti Gold, dressed in a gold leather jacket, jeans and gold-tinted sunglasses. "The security looks righteous with those mechanical guards" said Kallisti the Friar, the third girl, dressed in a green trench coat. "Can we get out of this smelly van yet, Scarlet's farted again!" came another voice from inside the van. "We can get the keys from the manager, get your stuff!" said Gold, opening the driver side door and almost knocking out a passing pedestrian. The passenger side door and the rear doors opened and several girls climbed out to look around. "Welcome to our new home in Kallisti Wharf, named after me of course" said Kallisti Gold, the self-appointed leader of the Kallisti Girls. "Of course it was." replied Red, rolling her eyes. "Well it must have been as when I arrived in Paragon City back in the day, it was just a building site with no name! They obviously chose the name because I've been so successful in my modelling and superheroing careers!" said Gold, posing as if on the catwalk. "Well at least your famous in the hospital!" Kallisti Red, taller and more muscular than Gold and with a chill aura around her slapped Gold on the back, making her stumble forward. "The curse of the blaster eh?" Another tall muscular redhead walked around from the rear of the van carrying some boxes. She appeared to be almost identical to Kallisti Red but had a slightly more confident swagger. "Can you two stop gabbling and get the stuff from the van" Kallisti Scarlet gestured toward the back of the van with the boxes. Kallisti the Friar stood looking back to the suspension bridge they had just driven across. "How can something that flimsy be strong enough?" she said, frowning. Kallisti Gold put her arm arm around her 'twin' comfortingly. "Its modern technology, my dear" she says, waving her free hand dismissively. "I'm sure Bronze can explain" Friar smiles at her golden angel, a look of adoration that lit up her face. "My Angel" she whispered to herself, as Gold wandered around to the back of the van. Another figure appeared from behind the van, looking rather different to the others. Her skin was bronze in colour, not the bronze of a suntan but bronze like the metal, her hair was blonde with reddish streaks but most distinctive are the curved horns that sprout from her temples! She was dressed in red leggings and t-shirt with a flame pattern picked out in yellow. Kallisti the Friar, trained to hunt demons from an early age suppressed the urge to reach for her quarterstaff. Kallisti Bronze looked up from the tablet she was reading. "What, oh the bridge? Classic cable-tied suspension bridge, very popular with arty-farty architects nowadays." She looks at Kallisti The Friar "You are doing it again aren't you?" she narrowed her eyes. Friar looked away, blushing. "Its instinct, I'm not used to proper people with horns." she knew Bronze was an alternate version of herself, but her radically different look just set off her warning bells. Inside the reception hall, Kallisti Gold was arguing with the apartment manager "But the estate agent said we could have the south west corner apartment so we could see the sunset!" she wailed, stamping her delicate foot dramatically all the while batting her eyelashes coyly. "Well I am terribly sorry to disappoint but that has already been let - you could have the south east apartment, it gets the sun in the mornings and you can see the sunrise!" replied Mr Line the facilities manager of the apartment block. "Humpf, I don't like seeing the sunrise, much too early in the morning - unless its at the end of a good night out!" she casually adjusted her jacket, briefly allowing him a glimpse of her cleavage. "Just take the bloody keys and lets get moved in, I'm starving!" Kallisti Red called across the lobby. Gold took the keys grumpily but flashed the manager one of her famous golden smiles "I'm sure we'll all be very happy in our new home Mr Line" her natural charisma shone through the grumpiness. "We are honoured to have such a celebrity in our building Miss Gold, if there is anything you need please let us know" he said, dazzled by the beauty of the golden one. "You just can't turn it off can you?" Kallisti Red sniggered as the lift arrived and the girls piled in. "Well it got us the best apartment in the building - did you see the state of the plumbing in the south west apartment? Bloody awful!" replied Gold "The south east apartment is much better! Bagsy the biggest bedroom since I'm the leader!" Back in his office, Mr Line opened a drawer and took out a magazine. Checking to make sure nobody was looking, he opened the centrefold and gazed at the picture. "I wonder if they are real?" he whispered, stroking the bunny ears in the picture...
  3. Thanks 🙂 There is more to come, but I ran out of time this morning. I may be reposting from another thread but I'm also using the opportunity to tidy up a few things. The next entry will include an appearance from Kallistis Gold, Bronze and Red and features them moving into a new, much larger apartment in Kallisti Wharf (where else?). There is one story featuring Friar that I won't be posting as I was never able to complete it satisfactorily. I'll summarise its plot as it has an impact on subsequent events. One day I might be able to write it well enough - I've been out of practice writing fiction for a long time, its only since CoH came back that I 'picked up the pen' again.
  4. Kallisti the Friar sat on a bench in the park near to the cramped flat she was sharing with the other Kallistis in Kings Row, idly tapping the concrete with her quarterstaff, not really looking at what she was doing, her thoughts far away. "Whats up kiddo?" It was Kallisti Red, dressed in her usual red biker leathers. She sat next to her on the bench, drinking from a plastic cup with a straw. She patted Kallisti the Friar's shoulder in her usual brusque but kindly manner. The Friar shrugged, not looking at her. "Homesick? I was too for a while when I first arrived, even though where I came from was a total shite hole. I missed it for a while, its what you get used to." "This world is so different from that I am accustomed to. There is so many wonders and marvels that I cannot comprehend. It is the freedom I do not understand. There is nobody telling me what to do, no discipline, no punishments... " Her shoulders slumped a little as she said the last word. Kallisti Red narrowed her eyes. They'd all see the scars on the girl's back from the discipline that had been the norm in her old world. Red's own tough background had exposed her some of this nastiness - when you come from a post nuclear-holocaust world, rapidly being overtaken by a new Ice Age, you get to see a more visceral side to society. Institutional abuse, however, was something else entirely in her mind. "Well, there is law here and we as Heroes are part of keeping that Law and Order bollocks ticking over. If you want we could go find some thugs to knock about a bit?" Friar smiled slightly at this. "I like watching you move with that staff, its almost balletic" "Purity of Movement and Mastery of Staff is what I was always taught by the Master at Arms" the Friar said, rolling the six foot long staff across the back of her hand. "The movement should be enough to execute the manoeuvre and keep your balance, no more no less. Anything else is wasteful, allows the possibility of mistakes and opens your defences." The words were recited in a cadenced voice, as if learned by rote. "Make sense to me." nodded Red. "Personally I just beat them to a pulp until they stop moving, keeps me happy. Scarlet is pretty much the same, just she doesn't always stop when they stop moving. She's a bit more single-minded like that and I can get along with that. She punches a bit harder than me, but gets hit a bit more. Me, I don't like them hitting my friends, I'd rather they had a go at me!" "You are very noble in that cause, I had a friend in my old life who was much like that. He used the staff to block attacks on others and draw the demon's attention to him rather than us so we could dispatch the evil faster." Her head lowered again. "He died, the demons consumed him." "So these demons you talk about... real demons summoned by evil buggers? Not poor victims of DNA resequencing like Bronze?" "I do not understand those words, but the demons were real and yes summoned by evil sorcerers. Bronze has done some research and believes that there was a magical invasion on my world many hundreds of years ago which was the reason my Martial Order of the Friars of Norton Folgate was founded. We were all the orphans of families taken by the demons, so our lives were dedicated to avenging them and protecting those that remained." She looked around "This place does not exist over there - we know nothing of this 'America' - we were ruled by King Henry the Fifteenth of England and Anjou. My Angel has started teaching me to read so I can find out more of this world - I do not want to go back..." her voice cracked a little, "I do not want to live in fear all the time, I do not want to be..." She stopped talking and looked down again "used by others. You are all so kind and generous taking me in when I arrived..." "Well you were in a bit of a state when the airhead found you in that alley in Skyway City with all those Vahzilok around you. She seems to have a knack of finding the newbies when they come through. You scrubbed up pretty well in the end" "Oh showers! What a miraculous invention!!" the Friar finally smiled for the first time in a while. "That wonderful feeling of warmth... and new clothes! My Angel took me to the clothes shop and bought me all new clothes to replace my old ones." "I know, we had to burn those horrible old robes - how many people had worn them before? They were lice infested, ugh! I can see Gold has inflicted you with her dubious taste in outfits though" Red smirked. Friar adjusted the new jacket she wore over the clingy revealing outfit she wore beneath. "The clothes My Angel showed me were sinful, but... " she took a deep breath "I liked them!" Red raised her eyes heavenward. "She's corrupted you already! Next you'll be running around in another of those metallic mini-dresses she likes and..." Red looked at Friar blushing. "Seriously? Already?" "She said she would take me to Pocket D and teach me to dance! She said my staff training would make me a natural dancer!" "Oh yeah and when you pull that 'spinning around with your legs in the air' move I can see all the blokes in Pocket D suddenly wanting to know you better! Its green isn't it - the dress?" Friar nodded, smiling shyly. "My Angel said I looked good enough to eat when I tried it on" Red raised an eyebrow. "Did she now? So when is this expedition planned? I have a feeling it might be worth tagging along... The Kallisti Girls hit Pocket D! The poor buggers!"
  5. Next is a piece written by Kallisti the Friar as an introduction, like several of the other Kallistis have written previously: =========================================================================================================== I have finally found the time to sit at this writing machine and describe how I came to be here. Please be so kind as to forgive me if my writing is poor - where I came from, we are not encouraged to write, but simply obey our holy leaders. The world I come from is very different from the one I find myself if now. I was not taught much of our history in detail and curiosity was not encouraged, but from what I can remember Bronze believes that there was some manner of magical catastrophe several hundred years ago [Kallisti Bronze's note: Looks like around the 15th or 16th Century, around what would have been the Renaissance era]. In my time, I was brought up in a Martial Monastery. I don't remember my parents but that was not unusual, most of the children had been given up to the Holy Orders by their parents as it was their duty to supply the Church with soldiers to fight the demonic hoards. Life at the Monastery of the Friars of Norton Folgate was dedicated to training us to fight the demons that plagued the world. It was a harsh life and I look back on it with fear and sadness. Your world is so much better than where I came from, you have a freedom that allows you to enjoy life. It has been a miraculous revelation to me! I was trained to fight with the Quarterstaff, a powerful weapon in the hands of a holy warrior as the wood of the staff becomes imbued with the holy spirit of the wielder so can hurt even incorporeal demons and spirits! How I came to be here is a mystery - one moment I was fighting through hoards of demons then next I was standing in an alley in the city, confronted by zombies and evil sorcerers dressed in black leather. After I defeated them, a group of girls showed up lead by a golden angel but I saw what I thought was a horned demon and made to attack it when the angel begged me to halt and wait for an explanation. What I head defied belief and it was only when they showed me my face in a mirror (we didn't have mirrors or other such fripperies a the Monastery) that I realised I looked the same as the angel in gold! Since then My Angel has introduced me to baths, showers (oh what luxury!!), hairdressers and people who polish fingernails... although I don't understand why this is as important as My Angel says it is... and most of all clothes shops!! Oh what marvellous things to be able to wear! We only ever had crude homespun robes that were often hand-me-downs, dirty and infested with lice. Here I can wear ANYTHING!!!! My Golden Angel has encouraged me to try all manner of outfits and I find myself blushing at the admiring looks I get from others. Some of these outfits are quite 'sinful', but I find myself enjoying wearing them, especially when My Angel takes me to visit this 'Pocket D' place where people gyrate in a most unusual manner to loud music. She is teaching me some 'dance moves' which are strongly reminiscent of my Quarterstaff training, indeed My Angel has said that I should swap my staff for a pole... but I don't understand what she means by that or what makes it so funny. [Kallisti Red's note: Kallisti Gold frankly has NO SHAME!!!] Recently, My Angel took me back to Albion, flying in a giant metal bird which was rather frightening as it was flying higher than I can jump! When we got to Albion, we were met by her mother and father who are also my parents, although I never knew them. It was a very emotional time as they were lovely people and looked after me in a way I'd never known before. They are wonderful people and I love them dearly, as do all of us Kallisti Girls! Our mother says she is the luckiest mother alive to have so many wonderful daughters and only had to give birth once! Bronze is still looking at ways of allowing us to return to our home times but I do not wish to go back. I love it here with all the marvellous modern things like hair-dryers and mobile phones and I could not bear to be parted from My Angel and my other sisters now.
  6. I'm collecting the stories/scenes I've written about Kallisti the Friar in this thread. I've posted them mostly in the Kallisti Girls thread in the Roleplaying forum, but this is the more natural place for the stories and I want to continue the story of Kallisti the Friar as I think her background and struggles are quite interesting, and I really enjoy playing her in game 😄 So to start off, here is her first appearance, which was originally tacked onto the ending of Kallisti Gold's intro: =========================================================================================================== The forest clearing was awash with demonic energy and filled with the evil creatures. Without hesitation, Kallisti the Friar leapt into battle swinging her soul-bonded quarterstaff in a circle to connect with as many of the foul creatures as she could. With a hiss of hatred, the entire band of summoned demons turned on her, shooting dark bolts of energy and balls of flame at the hooded figure. The staff span in her hands as she turned to face the thickest part of the throng. Some of the fire and dark energy bolts slammed into her and she felt herself weakening but her enhanced reflexes kept her safe from most of the attacks. Suddenly there was a deafening crash, the ground shook and before her the demons were pushed aside as the Demon Lord appeared to face her! This was it, this was her time to sacrifice herself to defend her people like so many of her friends had done before! With an almighty bellow, the Demon Lord struck out, catching Kallisti the Friar a glancing blow and spinning her round, but her opening move was a leap in the air to bring the tough quarterstaff down with a mighty blow that usually felled most lesser enemies. This time, the Demon Lord caught the staff in his hand and pulled her off her feet toward his deadly flaming maw... A strange ripping sound echoed across the clearing as the Demon Lord's head exploded and a dark gash appeared in reality which swallowed the fighting girl and then winked out of existence as the headless Demon Lord collapsed in a heap and began to melt. Kallisti the Friar landed on her feet in a fighting stance ready for the next onslaught, but this was not what she expected. She was in an alley with grey stone walls on either side and an a constant drone of noise in the background. The air smelled strange, an odd sort of metallic smell but a whiff of decay and corruption caught her attention and she saw a group of shambling figures ahead surrounding a figure dressed in strapped black leather... wherever she was, she knew an enemy when she saw one!
  7. Back on live I had a couple of comissioend pieces for Kallisti Gold, the first was by Douglas Shuler to represent her in her original costume which was the 'metal' pattern and before the bunny ears were made available :) The next was after bunny ears and is by an artist called Celtic Bolt
  8. Kallisti Gold was the first character I created on live, my first 50 and the first I recreated on Homecoming. She's always been an Energy/Elec blaster and I've had a couple of commissioned artworks made of her over the years. My favourite outfit for her is one that I put together since HC started, using the established design of the uniform from my old SG on live , Legion of Valor. So her outfit looks like this: and here she is as an action figure: There are a couple of slight issues with the figure: the hair isn't quite long enough, the shoulders aren't quite right and had problems with fixing the back foot to the base - you can see some glue residue, in fact just after being photographed, she toppled over and tehre wasn't a single drink in sight! This was adapted from an Emma Frost figure fromt he Marvel Legends range Which I repainted using Alclad II metallic paints, then scratch built the bunny ears from Milliput, the cloak from lead foil and the belt from flexible masking tape. I scratch built the base from a piece of MDF with some textured plastic card over the top, painted ans weathered to look like an old factory floor surface. The pose I put her in is the one she uses to cast her Energy Blast power. I tried to put her into the snipe pose, but the joints don't have enough mobility in them to get it to look right. (Edit: She's also one of the characters in Brigg's Comic Con farm missions. so wave hi before you kill her again!)
  9. The fallout continues... some unexpected consequences... ========================================================== Kallisti the Janitor sat behind her office desk, engrossed in the latest cleaning bot schedule she was compiling on the computer screen. Since she had arrived in this version of Paragon City, she had been snapped up by the municipal authority that ran Kallisti Wharf. She suspected that her name and association with the Kallisti Girls was the primary motivation for her employment, but since then she had shown excellent organisational skills and she had been rapidly promoted. She found this recognition very rewarding. She wasn't a super-hero like the other Kallisti - she had no powers to speak of, just an ability to organise and a mechanical aptitude that had taken her through a Engineering degree in Cybernetics. However it was her project management skills that had kept her in gainful employment in her old world. Her timeline was similar to this one, although it hadn't suffered quite so much with the Rikti invasion. It seems that at some point in the 50s and 60s her timeline had focussed on robotics and by the time she grew up, robots and androids were commonplace and much more advanced than in this timeline. When the spatial dimensions ripped and dragged her through her, she had fortunately been carrying some of the more advanced prototypes from her employer and these had been very useful to her in the new job. She glanced out of her office window to see that Sweeper was busy pushing the lawnmower across the patch of grass that bracketed this side of the Kallisti Wharf Municipal Facilities Management office. Her thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of her mobile - this was an area of technology that this timeline had exceeded in over her own, although she was not so keep on the 'surveillance capitalism' methods that had grown up around the devices. She checked to see who was calling but it didn't identify them, just a telephone number - the code indicated it was a public phone booth. "Good afternoon you are through to the Facilities Management, Kallisti Hamilton-Stathis speaking, how may I help you?" "Its me" came the female voice on the other end of the phone. The accent was English but it had that sing-song twang that had persisted from the medieval English... "Friar! Is everything okay?" she frowned. She had not been present at the breakup between Friar and Gold a few days ago but had witnessed the aftermath at the apartment they all shared. Gold had been inconsolable and was still in a state of misery and dejection. "Well mostly but I have a problem..." "Is it Crey? Council of Thorns? Banished Pantheon?" "No nothing like that its just... " Kallisti the Friar sounded hesitant, if not embarrassed "I don't have any money and I can't work out how to use these cash machine things!" she blurted. "Oh!" she tried not to laugh. Kallisti the Friar had never really gotten to grips with the everyday modern technology that surrounded them in Paragon City. It had never really mattered before because there was usually one of the other Kallistis to cover for her. Then when she was out on missions, it wasn't an issue either as she could handle the transit facilities without a problem and for other things she could just use the influence she'd accrued saving lives. "So where have you been staying since you left if you don't have any money?" Hotel's did not accept influence! "Um well I went to Granville first..." "Granville? You mean you went..." "No no I didn't go that far but I spoke to Mender Tesseract and he explained how to get the portal to let me travel over there. I didn't' stay there as the place just made me feel creepy - the Fortunas made me think of the priests - watching you all the time while not watching you... anyway then I got the Ferry to Port Oakes but that place smells awful so I went back to Ouroboros and spent the night on one of those floating islands..." "I've never been to Ouroboros, but Bronze showed me a photo she took. So where are you now?" "I'm in Kings Row - I thought I could find somewhere to stay here as I know Kalli Golden found somewhere to live here, but I need money wherever I go and..." "When did you last eat?" Kallisti the Janitor suddenly felt her eyes well up as she realised just how vulnerable Friar was without the support network the other girls had provided. "Um..." the hesitancy was enough to convince. "Okay I'll be right there. Meet me at the train station!" * * * "What are you like?" Janitor hugged Friar on seeing her waiting at the Kings Row station. She'd been shocked at the difference just a few days had made. Friar's hair was a mess and she had resorted to the old trenchcoat outfit she'd used in her early days in Paragon city. It did not look particularly clean and Friar herself wasn't exactly sparkling. Friar clung to the Kallisti she thought of as the most practical and 'normal' of them all. "I didn't think it would be so difficult." she said. She'd fought giant robots, monsters, helped stop dimensional invaders, Rikti invasions, zombie hoards but the simple everyday tasks of just looking after helself in the modern world were beyond this girl displaced from a mediaeval world. "I never really thought about how we lived and what needed to be done." "The rest of us just sort it out and never think about it. We have money coming in from mine and Bronze's jobs and Gold's appearances and..." she broke off as she saw the look of sadness in Friar's face. "Is she alright?" Kallisti the Janitor paused and looked into Friar's eyes, trying to gauge how truthful to be. "She'll live... she's a blaster so is used to being knocked down!" she lied. Friar bit her lip. "I didn't mean to go quite so far but things just happened..." "Yes I heard about the kidnap gang prosecutions... or lack of them..." "Hmmm, yes that is something I have to sort out." There was a look that chilled Janitor. "Okay first things first, lets get some cash and some grub. Anything you fancy?" "Fish and chips!" Friar's eyes lit up. "I've been trying to persuade Harry Ramsden to open a branch in Paragon City but they don't see the benefit somehow. I'm sure we can get something in Talos." Kallisti the Janitor realised Friar had no idea what she was talking about and had missed the joke. "Come on I'll show you how to use the hole in the wall..." she linked her arm through Friar's and led her to the cash machine. * * * "Fries are no way a substitute for proper chips." Janitor dipped the last one in the ketchup. Friar had eaten her fill, catching up on two days of missed meals. "Okay so you now know how to use the cash machine - don't forget the pin number again!" Friar shrugged. "Will you tell her that you've seen me?" "I don't know. On the one hand it might annoy her that you reached out to me and not her, on the other hand if I don't tell her and she finds out she'll think we've been going behind her back - which we have." "Oh! You should tell her then, and tell her I miss her." Friar's expression softened as she thought of her Angel. Janitor glanced out the window of the seafood restaurant they were seated in on the board-walk on Talos Island. 'That would be a BAD idea!' she thought. "I'll sort it out, don't worry" she said out loud. "So I think the next thing will be to find you somewhere to live. I heard there is a nice apartment block in Atlas Park that's been recommended by Hero Corps. Its called Renaissance Suites and I've heard good things about it. So long as the rent is reasonable, it should be okay. Are you going to take on paid jobs now?" "Well I did meet a couple of people in Granville who wanted me to help rob a bank but I don't like the thought of that, its wrong." "Well yes, I'm glad you haven't started down THAT slippery slope! You should enrol in Hero Corps, I bet they'd love someone with your talents, experience and influence!" "Could you help me apply, I'm still not that good at writing and its going to be difficult for Bronze to help me." "I reckon we can sort something out... how good are you with a broom and a mop?"
  10. Yes also love the 'Thank You' video - the truck is a small slice of genius.... Yeahhhhhh! I used to make videos in another game, Dark Age of Camelot and always wanted to do one in CoH but never got around to it until a few months ago after a particularly inspired dance session waiting for an MSR raid: It just HAD to be done 🙂
  11. Hi there Just discovered this part of the forum and thought I'd stop by. I've been a frequent visitor to the Roleplaying part of this form for a while and in there posted several story snippets about my set of characters in CoH - the Kallisti Girls. I've posted a link to that in one of the story threads. My CoH characters are essentially all the same person, but from different time lines who have been dragged into 'this one' due to an accident the original Kallisti in this timeline - Kallisti Gold - had with a Crey Portal generator. Kallisti Gold was the first character I created on live back in 2004 and my first lvl 50 on live. Since we came back, I've got 5 of them to 50 and another 10 or so of them at various levels between mid-30s and 2 🙂 My current favourite is Kallisti the Friar, a staff/SR Brute (but don't let Kallisti Gold hear me say that, she'll get jealous!) and I've spent the last month or so collecting badges on her and got up over 1300 at the time of writing. I commissioned some art works for KG back in the day and I enjoy writing stories and scenes around the various interactions between the Kallistis - they are all very different personalities due to their different timelines and its fun bouncing ideas between them. Of course, Kallisti Gold is immensely proud that there is a zone named after her (at least that is her belief) and since Kallisti the Janitor turned up a few months ago, the Everlasting version of the zone has never been neater and tidier! She does pop up occasionally when there are Costume Contents to nag people to not leave a mess.
  12. This was always one of my favourites https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGF0MYORADE
  13. OMG thank you for posting that, just listened to all 31 episodes and I've been crying with laughter, just so damn funny! I'd never heard of these before
  14. I've written a few bits and pieces about my set of CoH characters over in the Roleplaying forum here: They started off as slightly longer character bios which ended up on the website I built way back in the day on live about the Kallisti Girls which I've since resurrected (see link in sig). Since then, I've been expanding upon the stories, particularly about Kallisti the Friar who is currently my favourite (although don't tell Kallisti Gold - she was the original and would get jealous!). There was one longer story I started writing and got quite a way into it before backing away as it was getting a bit too dark and heading in directions I didn't think suitable for this sort of forum! I used to write a lot back in the day and had some stuff published back in the last century 🙂 but got distracted by other things until CoH and that rekindled my interest. It helps to have an interesting and fun group of people to write about!
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