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  1. No problem....I give out free farms all across the servers a few times a day. I appreciate the feedback you guys have given. For those that commented I would love to see your dom in action. Let me know what server your on and I will come pay you a visit.
  2. If your on Everlasting that was probably me....if not I would love to meet them 🙂
  3. I probably have only met a handful of Dom farmers.....was curious who else is out there. I travel around all the servers and teamed with a few. If your farming what sets are you using?
  4. He is new to all the IO's and Mids Hjarki so thank you for giving him some good info. Work on your def more and try to improve your recharge. You don't have to go crazy just get a reasonable amount.
  5. If you want to see a corruptor doing AE farms my toon name is Ebony Rune....I bounce from server to server but play mostly on Excelsior.....Look me up. Fire/Time and I run fire/smash lethal or whatever really. For speed I do +3 x 8, but I can handle +4 x 8. It certainly a skill more than a type of build thing, but I learned how to farm on squishes so I enjoy doing that.
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