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  1. How do I quickly unlock and attain incarnate powers now that they locked them all again? They were free previously on beta.
  2. Not sure this is the correct section for this: I'm having several issues now that didn't exist previously. All versions of CoH now force my laptop camera to turn on automatically. When I close Tequila, the camera shuts off again. Beta 64-bit previously ran perfect, but now my GTX 1660 ti GPU doesn't even see it turn on and stays idle. Resulting in very low single digit frame rates. All other versions of CoH run at max fps and are seen by the GPU as normal. New Windows 10 machine. I7 processor.
  3. Are they aware of damage enhancements and KB to KD procs not working in Trip Mine or Time Bomb as well?
  4. In addition to a majority of enhancements not working on Trip Mine/Time Bomb, I think the accuracy needs to be tested as well. It may be ignoring those enhancements too.
  5. Trip Mine and Time Bomb are ignoring both Damage enhancements (damage procs included) and the Sudden Acceleration KB to KD IO. They do the exact same damage with Armageddon/Obliteration as they do unslotted. Recharge enhancements seem to lower the recharge though.
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