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  1. I use FBSA only for the "main" I am playing at any time, then put a link to it in the in-game bio. I don't put every character I have there. I also post seeking connections for specific things my character is actively looking for on various RP discords. I find it better to have a clear project or goal in mind rather than a list of random interests. It gets more results. But honestly I get the most results from the discord for the actual group my character is in.
  2. Brawl has some wonderful animations, including many while holding a weapon or shield. Even Rifles. Brawl will shield slam, left hand punch, hit with the hilt of a weapon, and use a short kick. All randomly for variety. Great and varied stuff! And without putting a weapon away. But.... it's Brawl. Terrible DPA. Would it be possible to have an alternate animation setting for Boxing? Boxing does get decent use out in many attack chains. If there was an option for Boxing to animate as Brawl does, and replace the animation: It would look great, avoiding redraw and weapon sudd
  3. Excelsior has the highest population. But If you are wanting to play Villain/Redside, I highly recommend Everlasting. They regularly have a higher Redside population than any other shard, and have several active and dedicated redside only groups. Likely due to the RP crowd that refuses to change alignment easily creating a stable red population there. No. No change for the most recent i27p2 requires any respec or reslotting. Some of the teleport were changed on i27p1, but nothing that would prevent you from using your character in any way. TL;DR: No.
  4. Male, Jacket, Chest details, Over are still way the hell out there. Even with chest slider way up, it does not get any closer.
  5. I made a post in support of more dice options at this link. It features some recent player run events using the current limited dice commands. Dev time spent implementing any new dice commands would spawn many more events with added fun and complexity. It would be a good return on dev time in my book.
  6. This was the case on live in an odd attempt to stop possible gambling. This was removed for Homecoming, it's now impossible to fudge emote results.
  7. Dev time spent on this would be a good investment. I wanted to point out some of the amazing things players have been doing lately, even with the very very limited 6 sided die available. Dev time spent on making a dice roller with more options would be time well spent, allowing many more complex and fun events for the community! A very simple and no graphics local text response would do the job great. Fancy isn't needed. Here are some examples of community events using the current dice system: Club Inferno on Everlasting runs a bowling event, with detailed rules on simulating bo
  8. Pocket D VIP Teleporter (P2W Power) This power has been removed and can no longer be earned or purchased If you previously owned this power, it will automatically unlock Long Range Teleporter with Pocket D as a destination This may seem like a minor thing, but I would very much like to see this particular power stick around. Even if there are alternatives. It's a classic much loved power by Pocket D regulars, and nostalgic. It has a different entry than other teleports (You enter thru a random side door) It has a unique casting. Just having it aro
  9. Thank you power devs for putting up with players complaining and begging, and still being cool enough to listen and consider other views. This looks great! Me and my UZI toting Enforcers also thank you! Very glad to have this back eventually. It's a really fun mechanic.
  10. Just because a new tech for limiting it now exists, does not mean that tech should be swiftly and forcefully implemented changing gameplay for the players. I'm glad the devs got a new tool. That does not mean it should be used without careful thought first. Stacking procs from multiple targets is *fun*. Hopefully we can at some point get the best of both worlds: Single cap strong procs, and procs with lesser effect that can AoE stack. And again, Gaussian for pets was a perfectly reasonable and interesting pet buff proc, that worked fine. Enforcers is an entity that gives
  11. I have to strongly agree with this. Pet slotting already has limited options, and masterminds are not an overpowered AT. Hold procs work on hold pets. Accurate to hit debuff procs work on pets that give accurate to hit. Why would a pet that gives +to hit not benefit from a +to hit proc? "Not intended" frankly, that debatable. It has worked for nearly a year now on HC, it's not buggy, people enjoy it, it's a reasonable buff, it's fun, and provides creative slotting opportunities for replayability. After months and months of excitedly telling and advising players about how gaussian
  12. The current install instructions recommend C:/CoH as the install directory. There have been tons of problems with this, as it is a protected directory right off the root. Please change the guide to say C:/games/CoH so we don't have multiple people that need help on the discord daily, that argue that they were following the directions. Edit: Looks like the text part of the install guide as changed recently, good. But the pic still says C:/CoH.
  13. So I have seen some people have unclickable f-list (sexual fetish/preference summary) addresses in their character bios. A viewer would have to actively copy/paste this text into a web browser to view it. Personally I think this is not adult content in CoH itself, but can we get a clear ruling on if this is allowed? Edit: I don't have any problem with the CoC, just wanted to check on this aspect.
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