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  1. BrandX

    AOE scrapper?

    Proc'ed out Dark Consumption too?
  2. If this works with OwtS, seems it would work with WP's SoW as well.
  3. Agreed! Not only do I love the pom pom animations, but I love just having the stun effects!
  4. We don't need Hero Patrons. More Epics wouldn't be bad, but they don't need to be Patrons.
  5. I'm not so much against this, as I always wonder, what's the point of resistance, if the answer to it, is to raise the damage of the sets to overcome resistances. Maybe, the better solution would be, not all enemies need to be highly smashing resistance.
  6. Tight builds getting tighter with the idea of Confront being a Taunt Aura with a pop up of single target Taunt. That seems like a pretty fair idea. Also, no need to make that Taunt Aura cost any Endurance. Now, I was okay with giving some of the other sets Taunt in some of those auras, like Fire Armor (Damage is supposed to be it's mitigation) but really, this feels like a good idea. Now, I will say, on the down side of this, is those with Confront who may not want to have the taunt aura but do want the single target taunt. HOWEVER it's not often I see a S
  7. That's another, I believe I've seen her do that with having a taunt aura in the group though. Also, group, not one, one tends to solo.
  8. I'm quite happy with my Ice/Fire Brute. Not sure what it's ST DPS is, but it's my fire farmer and it does okay on all the TFs so far in team play. But it was meant to be a fun concept fire farmer.
  9. This thread makes me want to try an EM/Fire Scrapper
  10. BrandX

    Regen 3.0?

    I made a thread about trying to make a Regen without Tough/Weave, but even then, most other sets use Tough/Weave to get that extra Resist/Defense. Maneuvers may or may not be the exception. At just SO range, I'm not sure I would see Regen much differently than the other sets on just SOs, but it's been so long since I ran a SO build at level 50 😛
  11. BrandX

    Regen 3.0?

    Well, I could do that with almost any set with a heal. Ninjitsu has a self heal. I can say that's regen for the concept. WP of course is used for Regen concepts. Fire Armor...regen with fire powers due to healing flames, and look, comes with a self rez. All it really takes for a regen concept is a self heal really. So, I'd still like to improve on Regeneration it self.
  12. BrandX

    Regen 3.0?

    The original MoG lasted more than 15 seconds and was called Moment of Glory 😛
  13. BrandX

    Regen 3.0?

    If we want to put something useful on self rez powers, why not give them a small passive ability? Grab Revive and you get +5 Resist All. Can't be buffed? Basically the same as the IO. Or 5% Heal Proc (like Power Transfer's Heal Proc). May or may not be able to enhance it. Just not +HP. We get that from Dull Pain, so that just seems terrible. Could be another +Rec boost, seeing as how Revive accepts Heal and EndMod Enhancements.
  14. BrandX

    Regen 3.0?

    Now that could be a good change to the set. Heal over Time: 11% (went a little under half of what Temporal Mending gives on Defenders) attached to Reconstruction. I wouldn't want to give up the full heal of Reconstruction but adding a small Heal Over Time on to it. Not sure it would actually help it's survival that much but it seems like it would add to the Regen feeling to it.
  15. BrandX

    Regen 3.0?

    Have to be honest. I never used MoG to run off and hide. I used it like Instant Healing. "Things are going down hill! Click it!" I still feel MoG should have Resist/Defense to All and Resilience to have Resist to All, with an increase in Toxic Resist (Regen to me should have high Toxic Resist :p) Though if Psychic really needs to be a weakness, could add it to MoG but keep it out of Resilience. I don't see why Regen and Recharge Resistance would be to over the top. Not sure about the changes to Instant Healing on times and durations. Not sure I want re
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