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  1. Decided to run my Elec/Bio/Mu Stalker through a Pylon Run, just to see where she's at currently w/ what she has. Opened w/ Build Up -> Lightning Rod before going into Assassin's Shock > Havoc Punch > Chain Induction > Zapp > Havoc Punch > Repeat using DNA Siphon and Build Up whenever they were recharged. Currently: Tier 4 Musculature Radial Tier 3 Preemptive Partial Radial (50% Energy / 25% Recovery) (I could go -HP/Toxic for concept as well, but I wanted to see how the Recovery Debuff w/ Elec Melee and Musculature's EndMod) 4:19 for a 275.88 DPS
  2. I do that, just by putting them in the order in which I want to monitor them. Also, seeing as how S/L, F/C, E/N tend to be the same, I usually just show one of those if I'm showing defenses and resists.
  3. I wouldn't make the set without Hail of Bullets. PBAOE. Just need to lower damage and range. No reason to skip it as a PBAOE.
  4. Urban assault sets have been suggested in the Eco Powerset Thread. Made my own suggestion that combined Street Justice with Dual Pistols.
  5. No. First is the simple answer, it screws with the ATO. You could say that the ATO would instant recharge the new version of BU powers, but that would seem to only benefit Dark Melee. One isn't going to generally want to hit Follow Up sooner (I would think) as it would mess with attack strings and such.
  6. Put Acrobatics up to .39/sex end use (same as Maneuvers) and they'd actually be taking a slight hit in the amount of defense they get. They also lose the team utility of leadership, for lots have a wasted KB Resist, and they still have to grab two other powers from Leaping and meh on being stuck grabbing Super Jump just for all that. 😛
  7. I wouldn't want that to happen to Invulnerable for instance, which should be just as resistant to lethal as smashing.
  8. Just went Mighty on my Elec/Bio/Mu Stalker for that super strength feeling 🙂
  9. I've still never gotten a Kheldian to 50! I have a PB at 40 though! So close!
  10. StJ was awesome on a Scrapper. However, that said, I take it part of the superhero tropes. Maybe not lethal as much, but surviving smashing (blunt force trauma) is pretty standard superhero fair.
  11. Won't count my main and namesake, EM/Regen currently and the different versions of her. Also, since I have more than 8 alts made, I'll just pick 8. So... Fox-Fire: Ice/Fire/Arctic Mutant Brute ColdSpark: Electric/Storm/Ice Tech Troller Catacombs: Necro/Time/Soul Mutant Mastermind Legend: Shield/Rad/Soul Natural Tanker (Been thinking of rerolling to Shield/EM/Soul) Wet Dream: Water/Time/Leviathan Mutant Corruptor Bad Beat: Archery/Tactical/Force Mutant Blaster Rave Spider: Electric/Bio/Mu Mutant Stalker Security: Petless Crab Build Tech Soldier Wow...this makes me realize all my 50 Scrappers have been versions of my main 😛 Everyone of them has Maneuvers (and I believe Assault). All except the Stalker has some form of team +ToHit (and Necro has Farsight and Tactics). Lots of high/capped S/L Resist. Could be nasty. O.O
  12. Do all the arcs? Doesn't it kick you out at 20? I know I had to make the choice.
  13. I had decided on Elec/Bio/Mu. Have to say I was sold on /Bio either at first, but I kept going with it and I've found it much better than my originally thought. Have most of the IOs in the build though. Only lvl 46, so none of the ATOs or Event IOs are catalyzed. Don't have Blistering Cold (in Kick) or the Purple IOs (in Zapp) yet. Not sold on Genetic Contamination yet, but I do LOVE DNA Siphon 🙂
  14. Yes, but then I'm stuck in that stance. 😕
  15. Have you thought of using a different Primary? Electric Melee has AOEs and the Assassin Strike to help with the ST.
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