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  1. Hey now. I'm not worried about page 6. I'm just looking for "Page 5 Panel 3, Scrappers now have Energy Melee" 🙂
  2. I know it was never considered that great a t9, but I always liked WP's t9. No real drawback to using it, but couldn't make it recharge faster. I liked taking it on my WPs.
  3. I took Interface to generally just be more damage for everyone. Do they need to do more? I don't believe Preemptive is minor Energy Damage either, I believe it's Moderate.
  4. I think it's time to just port Energy Melee to Scrappers, see how it works on Scrappers, while making whatever other improvements are needed. This includes letting ET actually Crit and not just "no health spent" like on Stalkers 😛
  5. No, but changing it to Targeted AOE (Mag 3 Stun on Target with the damage on target and those around the target at current damage) players could slot in the Targetted AOE Damage Procs.
  6. I didn't say it shouldn't be, I said I wouldn't say it. 😛 The reason I don't want to say it, is because obviously, I like the set 🙂 I made an EM/ Brute for my main, because I wanted EM/ that much, but I just prefer Scrappers. I've been tempted to try EM/WP Brute more than once as another go at it, but still...SCRAPPER! I may want to get one of every AT to 50, but in the end Scrapper at heart ❤️
  7. I personally wouldn't want to see Energy Melee get any status effects other than it's stun. As for Stun, the power, I did think the Mag 3 Stun Effect to the main target with AOE around the target of the Stun, wouldn't be bad, if they wanted to add a bit of AOE. Not thinking upping the damage, but it would allow people to Proc it for Damage. I'd play the set as is, if they ported it to Scrappers, which is how much I want it on Scrappers 🙂 Not keen on an aura. Not caring for any ideas that cause the set to have a new mechanic/gimmick. The set should be great ST DPS (I won't say #1, but should certainly be near the top of the list...but so should most ST focused sets) and be pom poms of stun.
  8. I should say, as having a Ninja Stalker, I hardly ever notice the lack of KB. Dark Armor, Fire Armor, and Electric Armor (since the thread is about Electric) are Resist based sets. Yes, Dark Armor has one power to build some defense around, but it's pretty much in the same boat as FA and ElecA. Ninjitsu, however, is all about defense. For it, anyone thing with knock has to first get through the defense, which when built up, isn't really felt that often.
  9. With my idea, the only thing it would hurt is the few who take it, but slotted it with single target melee attack IOs (maybe all the damage procs?). So, the few who took it and then the few who didn't slot it with a stun set. Those who did use the Stun sets aren't effected and instead get splash damage. Could give it the same radius around the target as Spinning Strike, which yes, people keep asking for that to be increased at least by a little bit.
  10. Okay. This would change it up a bit and possibly mess up some slotting for a few, who I'd guess only use it as a set mule, but for Stun and to add a bit more AOE. Stun becomes a Targeted AOE. Main Target gets the Stun at Mag 3, while those around the target get hit with the same low damage, but on the plus side, people can proc it out for more damage. And, like I said, there would be a .05% who'd complain. 🙂
  11. I wouldn't change anything on StJ, but if they wanted to increase the radius a foot or two on Spinning Strike, I wouldn't be opposed. No thank you on the PBAOE. Sure, it'd be nice, because then I could just hit the button and have the nice animation go off when I'm just standing there, but I'd leave it targeted aoe.
  12. Or just replace Stun with Whirling Hands. Simple and done. Live with the .05% who complain. 😛 Stalker's being even better at the ST with their AS shouldn't be bothering (imo anyways) and it'll just be a set that many consider best on Stalker. I'd still make a Scrapper, many would still make a Brute.
  13. What did it do and claim to do, other than be a melee set that did stuns and energy damage with cool pink pom poms? That said, like I said, can always be alternate animations. However, I'd be fine with some animation reduction. I'd also like it ported to Scrappers, where it never made sense that they didn't have it. I'd take it as is for a port to Scrappers, but still, it could use some work, and I'd like Barrage to be better.
  14. You're not the only one who played Energy Melee back on live (you know, because I did too) and my idea could easily be implemented as alternate animations for attacks. Also, it didn't feel like a touch of death, it felt like a quick palm strike. However, as I think on it though, I'd also like to see Barrage get improved so it's equal to or just better than Energy Punch. I love it's animation of a one two punch. And no, one can't just give SJ glowing fists aura, as their is no aura that matched Energy Melee's pom poms 😛 Also, it's not about making it SJ 2.0. It's about giving the set some updated, fancier moves.
  15. The power set isn't called Energy Fists, it's called Energy Melee. Also, who says the energy aspect needs to be in the feet? It's a Energy and Smashing damage attack. Fist attack gives the energy damage and the kick gives smashing damage. Original ET animation didn't look like you were transferring anything. It was called transfer because it took life from you to use.
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