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  1. Before the nerfs to Energy Melee, I played a WP/EM Tank. Loved it. Then they gave ET a terrible (imo) animation and it's just long. I wouldn't mind seeing ET return to it's original animation. However, giving ET the Spinning Strike animation (from 2.904 seconds to 1.98 seconds) and TF the Crushing Uppercut animation (from 3.432 seconds to 2.376 seconds) ups the ST DPS of the set, keeps the attacks on longish animation. Then maybe lower both their recharges from 20 seconds each to 18 seconds because seriously, two attacks on a 20 second recharge with long animations is kinda suck. However, the reduce in animation time would be the most important part imo. Lots of "Swoosh! They're already dead!" on teams. Not so bad solo. 😛 They could just speed the TF animation up to 2.376.
  2. Make the enemies pure melee. Use hover. Have capped S/L defense. Got to town. Don't think it would work as well on a defender, as their damage is just low, but I would imagine it would work well on a Blaster.
  3. WP didn't originally have KB resist when in beta. I figured NIN was made by the HC crew, but it's KB resist is very weak (though, being a mostly defense based set, this isn't to bad). Rad, I believe, was going to be a "Purchase to use" set, and those, with the exception of Dual Pistols, tend to perform on the top end.
  4. Kings Row was pretty dead before any of this, back on live. Hollows and Sewers had it pretty empty. People went there for an empty WW. I never use the slash command for the AH myself. 😛 I always just go there. I do the Hollows when I feel like it, but generally DFB. I don't even remember how to earn the Ouro portal. Not even sure I ever earned it through a quest back on live O.O
  5. Well, I can say there's benefits to Integration not enhancing Regeneration Rate. I don't need to slot it. 😛
  6. Well, we can't say they would make all future sets have KB resist, as they could've decided that was a hole for some future set. Though, I feel a few sets could use a tweaking in survival standards, and I'm not sure every set needs an exotic mezz resistance. Though I'm sure some concept reason can be made for them in everything.
  7. EA needs reigned in? Isn't it's current setup it's step up from it's original setup?
  8. While I haven't gotten my PB to 50 yet, I have them slotted in every KB power except the Nuke. My nuke I allow to do the knock back ^_^ The rest of the team can suffer!
  9. Sally's going down! You may be okay with those kids she ate, but I'm not! 😛
  10. Looking at Regen, I thought Resilience could use a +Defense ALL component. MoG get the +Defense ALL. And both get Psy resist added in. I thought Fast Healing could use a +HP component, but that may only be good for Brutes, as I'm pretty sure Dull Pain maxes HP for Stalkers and Scrappers (though, it may mean less use of DP). For sure it could use a high Toxic resist added into it, which I think makes perfect sense for Regeneration, as that's just a very common aspect to Regeneration in comics...TOXIC RESIST! Intergration and Instant Healing I have to wonder why I can't enhance those regen values. I'm not 50 yet on my EM/Regen Brute, but I can say now, I haven't found as survivable as the other secondaries.
  11. However, if you have the slot to spare, you can add a slot to Sprint, put the END RED and Stealth IO from Celerity, and nab an extra 2.25% S/L Resist.
  12. Interrupt enhancements don't shorten anything. With my EM/Regen Brute, I don't feel Whirling Hands needs a reduction in recharge time. Not saying I'd be against it, but my only feelings have been that TF and ET could use shorter animations and faster recharge. Should be repeat though, I don't care for the set to gain a gimmick. I like it for being a ST focused set, that has the disorient on every power (though, I wouldn't be against Bone Smasher also getting a knock down), that gives me a PBAOE attack for some AOE.
  13. I just put in place holders. However, Dark Blast is repeated and Focused Accuracy and Targeting Drone are the same power with a different visual effect. Like the original post said, however, was I was trying to get access to Power Blast and/or Sniper Blast, so Scrapper would have an Epic Pool that gave an energy blast that wasn't electric aesthetics or from the eyes.
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