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  1. Also just an added FYI, My Dell laptop client is also updating now. Looks like the http vs https really was the culprit. I do understand your dilemma though, coz I as a dev, I would prefer the plain http protocol for downloading stuff as it is faster. This looks like an ISP thing on my end though. Thanks Faultline. You rock!
  2. Whoa.. it worked! thank you... Thank you very much! And thanks for taking the time.
  3. Nope... no firewall/antivirus here. The http url example I gave above came from the manifest my client is trying to load. It does not load for me ( probably why it is stuck in bin.pigg - trying to load that via http). However if I try to access that resource via https, it will resolve and allow me to download that file directly (There a lot of files to go through that manifest list so doing that one by one manually might not be the smartest thing lol). Although if you say both links work for you... and only one works for me, this may be an ISP routing/caching thing t
  4. Thank you for highlighting this... wasn't really sure where to ask for help on this one. Definitely tried more than 3 times and still no chicken dinner for me 😪
  5. Need a little help... Upon updating my Macbook pro client, Island Rum is stuck at at downloading bin.pigg been like that for hours now. Same scenario with my Dell xps laptop... Tequila is stuck in downloading bin.pigg Investigating further, I checked out the Manifest file https://patch.savecoh.com/manifest.xml and it loaded fine. the items in the filelist timed out i.e. http://cdn-na1.homecomingservers.com/hc/assets/20210426_4294/patch/bin.pigg however if you hcange protocol to https, it will resolve properly.\ i.e. ht
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