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  1. I had to look it up. It stands for the "Federal Bureau of Superpowered Affairs" and is apparently a section of the HCWiki for personal bios I think from what I'm reading about it.
  2. What kind of help do you need? I'm willing to do what I can, but I'm not sure what you need here, even after looking at the site.
  3. I can't watch more than a few minutes of any particular game. My YouTube viewing is limited mostly to mechanical repair guides (auto and appliance) or techie/gadget reviews. Occasionally I watch people repair handheld consoles. But I'm not really into watching someone stream live gaming or posting of gameplay after the fact. Just not for me.
  4. I have plans to remake my personal Fire controller guide some time and will update the videos from the 720x480 or whatever ridiculously low resolution I had to use 15 years ago to something modern like 1920x1080. To do that, I've setup OBS (https://obsproject.com/) and confirmed it works. Just need time to re-record all the animations and game activity I want to show and then edit most of them down to a few seconds each (possibly using the free version of DaVinci Resolve). As noted above, GeForce Experience has built in recording software as well, but I can't comment on its quality nor ease-of
  5. Not sure who would fill out the rest of the cast, but Rowan Atkinson as Iron Man and Jack Black and Captain America would make for a questionable Avengers remake/reboot.
  6. Good mechanical switches are good for tens of thousands of presses at a minimum, and more likely to run over one hundred thousand click cycles than not. I'm surprised in only one year you've had to replace *ANY* switches, let alone four. I believe Techwright is correct, and that you have some clones of the good stuff rather than the preferred Cherry switches. I also am by no means an expert but have used numerous Cherry-switch based mechanical keyboards for years and years, including the keyboards I gave both of my sons for their computers 4+ years ago. I have yet to need a switch replacement
  7. Way back in the days before containment, I played a controller as my main on Champion. I almost quit CoH due to difficulty leveling and finding a team (probably a reflection on my poor player skills, not the playerbase). I met/befriended one Jenny Dangerously on Champion, who funded my SO purchases (I was level 23 or 24 at the time) and gave me the push to get my fire/rad to pet level. Suddenly, the game was fun again. I ended up playing until shutdown, thanks in large part to Jenny's generosity and friendship until the game went away. Since CoH is back, I've asked periodically in
  8. I was never a member of the Taxibots, but I did often stand around the Hollows and offer transport to lowbies. I was certainly inspired by them even though not formally part of the group(s).
  9. I think at one point I was even Steam friends with you, gameboy1234. I remember you. Never checked this thread out before today, though. Grumpy McFoul reporting for, well whatever heroing or villaining is needed.
  10. So sad. Too young. Sorry to hear this, and thanks for sharing.
  11. Were Lords of Winter packs supposed to return to 25M? Bought some last night for 10M still. Wondered if that was intentional or a missed flag.
  12. Putting this on my calendar. Could use a spare 1B inf, and I happen to be free that evening.
  13. RagManX1

    Shout Out

    I'm not a badger, but I know some people are into badging so I like to help when I can. Just happened to have the right powers for the badge in question. Glad you got your gold!
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