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  1. Taking out AVs is a task many ATs/sets can do. I'm not saying EM shouldn't have stellar ST but the game is such an AoE focus that intentionally focusing on ST to the detriment of AoE is legitimately a nerf to the performance of the set. It SHOULD have Stellar ST, but there's no reason for it to have horrible AoE as the trade off as we already have plenty of sets that have fantastic AoE and amazing ST (War Mace, Dual Blades, and Titan Weapons all spring to mind, though TW is an outlier granted). There's no reason EM can't have both a solid, useful AoE and also benefit from its powerful single target attacks being improved to flow better as well. Further EM already has some excellent ST attacks and its biggest problem is that it has 2 large wind-up attacks that are punishing if you miss. ET is fine as is, but TF needs a hard look specifically. Being the best at single target is intentionally nerfing yourself. See what I said above.
  2. Idealistically sure, realistically any set that focuses on single target only is going to be massively outstripped in damage by other sets that have serviceable AoEs. I'm not asking for EM to start punching at the level of Titan Weapons for AoE output but weakening its AoE is giving it the early CoV Stalker treatment. This game is not *focused* on Single Target. It's nice to have, but if you're going to try and get it to the detriment of having no AoE you can't really shift the balance lever enough to give enough ST to outweigh that. Even if Whirling hands did 48 damage base versus 10 targets, that's 480 damage with no outside damage buffs. ET wishes it could approach that but even if it could your average minion isn't going to eat it to that. Making EM ST focused relegates it to a niche role that scarcely exists in the game. You also are rarely just fighting 5 minions. Try fighting 10, try fighting 16, try playing in a group, and you'll start to see how Whirling Hands being as weak as it is truly is part of what holds EM back from being a serviceable set. ET, if anything, is absolutely fine for what it is. TF needs a tweak, maybe the early attacks some oomph, but trying to focus more on ST means you negate the set to soloing only.
  3. Something to keep in mind is that even nerfed ET is an incredibly strong skill, and really isn't why EM is suffering. For just general play it's a 2.7 second animation and has a 71 DPA versus say Bone Smasher with its 1.5 second animation and 45 DPA. The biggest offenders in EMs kit is that Whirling Hands is significantly weak for an AoE in an AoE focused game, and Total Focus is absolutely terrible with a 44.8 DPA over a 3.3 second animation. It makes the set feel horribly slow to have two large hitting attacks with a near 3 second animation, in addition to how punishing it can be to be locked for 3+ seconds, and to miss with such a long animation. TF is a prime candidate to drop in your chain, instead reserving ET for harder hitting targets and building off the strength of the Barrage/Energy Punch/Bone Smasher combo when you need quicker hits. Speeding up TF or simply buffing Whirling Hands would be enough to really help EM (personally I'd prefer the Whirling Hands buff to make the set feel better in group content)
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