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  1. First, a quick rundown on to Hit vs Accuracy which you might already know. You have a base chance to hit based on the enemies relative level/type. To Hit *adds* directly to that number. Then you *multiply* by 1+Accuracy buffs. So if you have a base 50% hit chance, +10% to Hit and +0% Accuracy will give you a final chance of 60%. +0 To Hit and +10% Accuracy will give you a 55% hit chance. To Hit is better than the same amount of Accuracy, and is particularly important for fighting higher level mobs and mobs with +Defense. Kismet provides To Hit, which is good. Separately, Sniper attacks have a special mechanic. They used to become instant cast if you had +22% to Hit. They were changed to always be instant cast in combat, but their damage scales up directly with To Hit instead (in addition to hitting more.) I don't know the final formula, but +6% To Hit is increasing your Sniper Shot damage by at least 6%. With the Instant cast (and +50% Range!) buffs, Sniper Rifle gets a lot more use, so the extra damage is important. But not as important as getting to +22% To Hit used to be.
  2. I think you want Tactics over Assault, particularly since the +To Hit will increase Sniper Shot damage. I put Defiant Barrage into Slug, so I have a chance for the +Status Protection proc to break me out. Why Boxing and Tough but no Weave? It's not great on a Blaster, but you're already going to Def w/Frozen Armor. With that much melee, I'd probably go Combat Jumping over Hover. I mentioned in the other thread, Sniper Shot has a +50% Range for 10s now. So Boost Range+Build Up+Sniper+Full Auto should be awesome on maps where you have room.
  3. @jonwol2 it's been a lot of fun. I just got to 50 with early Incarnate stuff. I only took it initially to fit my name (Shoot and Leaves) but it's excellent. The new Blaster sustain helps a ton, and give you a lot of End to work with. AR is an AoE machine, and the plant Hold and Immob go a long way early. Immob+Ignite is crazy damage. I ended up taking all the AR cones, so Ripper is a nice melee cone to finish off anything that gets to you. Once you get APPs, Bonfire +KB to KD is great. Char is a second longer range copy of the plant hold, and also awesome. Vines is an AoE Hold with a CD dramatically lower than any Controller AoE Hold. Not that you'll need to use it much. I only noticed after I hit 50 that Blaster Snipes give a 50% range buff for 10s. Toxins, Sniper Shot on a yellow from 150', then dropping a Full Auto 120' cone and watching packs of whites melt offscreen as the run towards you and die before they get in range is golden.
  4. I can't find good hard numbers, but I think Preventative Medicine is 15-20% of your health, but only triggers at most once per 90s. The chance to trigger in any 5s window goes up at lower health, and is basically guaranteed under 30% health. I think Reaction time is a flat 60 HP absorb every 5 seconds (assuming it's similar to /Plant's Wild Fortress.) So for my 50 AR/Plant, Preventative is 266hp/90s roughly 3hp/second. A 42 Heal buff in Wild Fortress is 12*.42 roughly 5hp/second. But you'd need to be getting hit every 5seconds for the extra Reaction Time absorb to really count, where Preventative is likely to get the full use since it's a bigger chunk.
  5. I'll second using the Flame Mastery APP for control. Char is a great, fast recharge, long range, high damage single target hold. And Bonfire w/KB->KD is great control. I've got an AR/Plant/Fire that feels very blastroller-y. I'd consider /Plant over /Atomic. The AoE hold is ranged, it's got the same solid single target hold (not that you need 4 with Ice) and the mandatory Immobilize is Magnitude 4 for some reason.
  6. Awesome! Thank you for taking the Dominator Snipe feedback into account. What is the intent behind the Power Boost->Power Up changes for Dominators? I'd rather have the live Power Boost (with 100% secondary buffs and higher uptime.)
  7. Relatedly, has anyone found a font replacement they like that works better on higher resolution monitors? I find the block-i-ness of the default font makes it a lot harder to read at higher resolutions, even if you increase the Font size. But I haven't had time to play with replacing all the fonts with something skinnier.
  8. Ah, then maybe the APP Mind Link being unbuffable is a separate issue. Mind Link doesn't take Damage Resist enhs/sets, but's still un-buffable. :(
  9. Well the Psi resistance is already unenhanceable so there's no reason it couldn't work with power boost now. It's likely an oversight where whoever did the proliferation originally went for the full on ignoring buffs rather than just tagging the resistance part as ignoring buffs. Oh? I thought the issue was the the whole power has to be marked to ignore outside buffs? And that's why Cold shields are kind of weak in a power boost world? If they could just mark the resist part of the cold shields as unbuffable, there's no problem, right?
  10. 1. there should be two different channels, not one mixed channel. 2. sort of. blueside is a set of content that was connected to heroes originally, now there's no limit on who can access it. same for redside. 1/2 my characters are villain ATs, most play blueside most of the time (but can switch to redside content in seconds by talking to one npc). specific example: my brute has never been redside. my defender has done considerable redside content. Ah, you mean the villain ATs don't need to play redside content? Yeah, got that. The problem is the Villain alignment power is really good for the Villain ATs, and you lose it for a week if you switch to blue to run some content or get a team.
  11. I'm not sure what you mean ed_anger. Certainly on the in game LFG channels, blueside means heroes, and redside means villains?
  12. Does that mean if they removed the tiny Psionic resistance from Dominator APP's Mind Link, it would work with Power Boost? I thought there was some balance reason. If so, please drop the 1.75% Psi resist!
  13. I'd really like this too, but I imagine the animation problems would be hard to overcome.
  14. Combining it with PvP makes sense. Unfortunately, Indomitable is current tied for third (aka tied for second to last place) in terms of redside population. :( So we'd be fighting an uphill battle if it's not Everlasting.
  15. Ry, that's absolutely why I want to play Redside! There's no other good way to prime the Perma-Dom pump! But it would be nice to be able to get groups while playing with the power. :) If there was some way for blueside to get Frenzy, or for Redside to keep Frenzy if they went Rogue/Vigilante to groups with Blue, I'd be happy. Maybe a Null the Gull option to choose your alignment power? But losing Frenzy and having to wait 7 days to get it back runs counter to the changes to make faction swapping for groups easier.
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