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  1. I think that indicates the rewarding of a costume that you've already got. Why it lights up the Enhancement tab I don't know.
  2. So it's rage against some machines. Also known as me on the highway.
  3. Demanding that everybody else shut up so that one's apparently uncontrollable offense mechanism isn't triggered doesn't exactly count as "choosing how to react".
  4. Isn't that an admission that other people are in control of your emotions? Any yahoo who knows which button to push can drive you crazy and there's nothing you can do about it? It's a Pavlovian response that's hard-wired? Okay, I guess. I prefer choosing what to worry about. If that's merely an illusion then I guess I'm a fool, but life seems to be much less exhausting this way.
  5. In this context I think there's a distinction to be made between system programmers and application developers. I'm a mainframe sysprog and yes, we document everything. The app-devs with whom I work are a lot closer to Luminara's characterization.
  6. Running a level 50 staff/RA Scrapper, Cosmic Custodian, on Everlasting. In Ouroboros I selected the Level 10-14 arc "Insert Paranoia Here" from Splice. The first mission, "The Problem with People", has as its objective "Retrieve the Resistance Message Carrier". I enter the room where the captive is and I can see her cowering in front of several Ghouls. I start attacking them and I notice that my AoE, Eye of the Storm, is doing damage to the captive. Before I realize it I've killed the captive as well as the Ghoul guards. I cleared the entire map and tried exiting, then re-entering, but the mish would not complete. I logged out for the night and when I logged back in this morning the mish was reset so I was able to complete it, being careful not to harm the captive. I just tested it with another character and confirmed that I cannot directly target the captive, but Propel affects her. That toon doesn't have an AoE at level 10, the level of the Flashback mish. I'd rather not try to recreate it with the original toon, I don't want to get stuck again. Please let me know if I've left out anything useful.
  7. Graviton

    River Rat Badge

    I finally got this badge last night. I'd been sitting at 18/19 for weeks. I went back yesterday and retraced my steps (strokes?) and it turns out I was missing #5. My guess is I wasn't actually in the water the first time I tried to get it. I made sure I turned off Flight this time.
  8. Patch server is down, I can't get to the contest!!!! Delay, delay!
  9. Thank you! I'm also the proud owner of the Dalai Llama seen above. I love these contests!
  10. I play bass in two bands (although that's about to change; the wife and I are moving out of town soon) and I also have collected over 500 official minor league baseballs that you can see here.
  11. I want to meet the guy who sold solar panels in Dark Astoria.
  12. I didn't see the power set, I just saw the name, but it's self-evident: TANKEN for GRANITE
  13. I work from home as well. Most of it is monitoring and we have the system so stable that problems are rare. So I play a bit during the day. I don't usually team because I might be called away at any moment.
  14. I'm watching the first episode right now. I am completely ignorant of the comic so I'm coming at it with no expectations, nor any idea what it's about. My jaw has been dropped twice so far. Very entertaining!
  15. So many references! +1 Infl.
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