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  1. I didn't see the power set, I just saw the name, but it's self-evident: TANKEN for GRANITE
  2. I work from home as well. Most of it is monitoring and we have the system so stable that problems are rare. So I play a bit during the day. I don't usually team because I might be called away at any moment.
  3. I'm watching the first episode right now. I am completely ignorant of the comic so I'm coming at it with no expectations, nor any idea what it's about. My jaw has been dropped twice so far. Very entertaining!
  4. So many references! +1 Infl.
  5. I've taken to doing this, especially when I'm on my laptop as it lags a lot worse than my PC. For toons that have Flight and/or Hover I also make sure to hover above the trainer instead of trying to push and shove my way through the crowd. The crowds alone are sometimes bad enough without all the pyrotechnics. Please, people, turn your $#!@ off.
  6. A bovine-headed Animal/Nature MM called the Dalai Lamoo An Illusion/Plant Controller named Purple Hazel For a mythology-themed costume contest I created a human/fabled-giant-bird hybrid who leads a metal band: Roc Star.
  7. Silver Lightning is an Electric/Electric Sentinel who always sees the bright side of any situation!
  8. I created numbers 24 and 25 last night (Dr. Brainpan and Silver Lightning). But that's not including the ones I've created, played a couple of of levels, and then deleted because something just didn't feel right about them. I still have a couple on the chopping block, it depends on how much I like the new ones I'll create in a few days. Back in the day I had at least 10 characters on each server. I think I got four to 50.
  9. Driven insane after his character died for the umpteenth time due to lag, he quit his job at NASA and spent his life's savings developing the Biodigitizer (don't ask, it's too sciencey for sane minds). He bio-digitized himself and his invention into the game, and now does to the bad guys what the game used to do to his toons: lag their bodies and their minds. He is the Mind Control/Time troller known as LAG MAN! After 30 years as a high school janitor, his latent mutant genes were activated by the radiation treatments he underwent for colon cancer. Now his body generates and thrives on radiation, so he's taken to the streets with his trusty broom to clean up Paragon City. He is the Staff/RA scrapper called The Cosmic Custodian!
  10. This thread should be banished for a pantheon of reasons.
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