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  1. Has anyone had any success using Windfall while farming? It's supposed to add +25% inf for an hour but I just tried a run with it and it didn't add any extra inf at all. I did however get a crap ton of large inspirations, and most of my recipe drops were oranges.
  2. @Warlawk you mention that your rotation for Rad/Fire is Ball Lightning, Burn, Electrifying Fences, and Atom Smasher, which would be the first 4 slots of Tray 1. What else do you put in Tray 1 to use with the /bind keys you setup to run powers and macros?
  3. It looks like the line is starting to clear up ... GOODBYE PINEAPPLE! You're next olives, you dark rings of nastiness!!! 🤣
  4. More costumes options would always be nice. New powers for sure. More travel powers. Customizable pets for Masterminds, it would be nice to be able to make them look different from all the other pets. Copy/paste for base building. Duplicate/repeat for base building
  5. So to summarize, Knockback Protection is a small issue for the three Tank armors (Fire, Electric, Dark) that don't receive the Knockback Resistance the other eight Armor types get by default. I believe that this may have been a possible over site back in the days when CoH was being shuffled around, and code was changing rapidly. All AT's used to be able to increase their Knockback Protection to mag 100 just by simply taking Acrobatics before Issue 12 was released (https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Patch_Notes/2008-05-20) this is when they nerfed the KB Protection in Acrobatics from 100 all the way down to 9. I would suggest one of the following ideas which have been mentioned throughout this thread so far: Simply change Acrobatics to have a higher Knockback Protection, maybe set it back to 100, or just add a zero and make it 90. This becomes useful for any AT, not just Tanks. Add Knockback Resistance to Plasma Shield, Obsidian Shield, and Grounded, this way all Tank Armors have the resistance. Thematically, if the idea was to give damage aura Tanks no Knockback Resistance then remove it from the Radiation and Bio Armor sets to align them more with Fire, Dark, and Electric. Combine ideas 1 and 3, and let players build their Tanks how they see fit.
  6. My old brain is starting to remember some of these things now, and I just looked back through some of the old issues and found that they nerfed Acrobatics from Mag 100 down to Mag 9 clear back in Issue 12, but offered nothing in return to the Fire Tanks (or any other AT, for that matter) that had relied on that from the beginning.
  7. Not sure how asking to add KB Resistance to the other three Tank Armors, or being able to add it via Acrobatics or something else, would be neutering the game in some way? I can spend millions, sometimes even billions of Influence on Enhancement sets, and then hundreds of hours getting Incarnate levels/shards/threads, and spend a ton of my time turning my Tank into a GOD (Just like your signature suggests) only to find out that there is nothing I can do about keeping him on his feet. It just doesn't make sense to me that I can tweak, adjust, and enhance to make my character resistant to just about everything else in the game, but not knockback. My friends and I are always trying new ideas and strategies, we have several lvl 50 alts and build combos because of it. We are always asking questions and trying to find answers. This was just one of those things that bugged me and it felt like a hole was left behind from the old days of CoH.
  8. See, I wouldn't mind that approach either, just adjusting the other armor sets so there is some resemblance of balance. Or, even adding in what @EverStryke mentioned earlier about changing Acrobatics to include Knockback Resistance and then any AT can add it into their build. This way it would require sacrificing a power slot to gain the advantage if it was important to your build. I wouldn't make it as strong as the Tank version but make it worth taking and slotting for at least. I have only tested using Recluse so far, but I am sure there are other AV's or mobs that can hit just as hard and have KB as well. It's just one of those things that bugged me so I started looking at it more. 😃
  9. Can we please get back to the subject at hand, instead of bickering over who's right, and who's wrong? I would appreciate it! Moving on, Looking at all the Status Protections in Mid's, they pretty much mimic each other with a 12.98 base for Stun, Sleep and Immobilize, and then 10 for Knockback. Except Shield and Stone they get a huge bump in some of their numbers. Of course, no Knockback for Fire and Dark here. In Status Resistance, EVERYONE gets the same 75.7% to Sleep. All but three get the Knockback Resistance (the point of this thread). Only four get Repel Resistance, not a big deal. And only one is super special and has Teleport Resistance. Debuff Resistances vary as you can see.
  10. I was the main target of the ID once I started the Recluse butt bounce. 😃
  11. On a side note. My team had a Kin who was hitting me with Increase Density as well, which also adds a Mag 10 KB for 60 seconds, which can stack, and I know they stacked that on me a few times, and yet I still got knocked on my butt. So it all boils down to that Knockback Resistance that is not attainable unless it is coded into the build.
  12. The only time my feet left the ground is when Recluse made them leave the ground. And since it is Energy melee, no I did not use Lightning Rod. 😃
  13. Posted something more in the feedback section. There are three Tank armors that would run into this issue due to not having Knockback Resistance. I am now convinced you couldn't add enough Knockback Protection into your build to stop Lord Recluse from knocking you back, it's all about that resistance.
  14. I have been running some tests on my Electric Armor/Energy Melee Tanker over the past few days and I have run across an issue I think should be looked into. As many of you might know Electric Armor comes with a power called Grounded that gives you Knockback Protection at a whopping Mag 15.6, and in most cases this is enough to get you through just about everything. Most people don't slot other AT's past a Mag 8 for Knockback. So, I figured this would be good enough for my Tank. Then Lord Recluse happened ... Old spider-butt couldn't hurt me, but he was bouncing me around like I was a basketball. So this got me wondering about how much KB Protection I would need to add to prevent him from knocking me down again. However, slots are valuable so I had to be able to only alter one or two slots to add more KB to achieve this. So I added another Mag 4 KB enhancement to my build and increased my KB Protection to 19.6 and tried it again. And yet again, I was still knocked down! So I took to Mid's and started looking at all the Tank Armor Sets and noticed something. Three of the eleven Armors didn't have Knockback Resistance at all, which is something entirely different from Knockback Protection. Fire Armor, and Dark Armor, don't even have powers that give them KB protection of any kind, so they have to slot KB Protection into their builds, which seems odd for a Tank. The other eight Armor sets give an INSANE Knockback Resistance, AND Mag 10 Protection. Screenshot from my Super Strength/Invul Tanker Knockback Protection 10.0 Knockback Resistance 1.00% Distance (Unyielding -9900.00% distance from self) WTF??? Vs. what my Electric Armor Tank gets ... Knockback Protection 19.6 Knockback Resistance 100.00% distance Following the logic from the screenshots above, KB Protection 10.0 + KB Resistance 1.0% is somehow greater than KB Protection 19.6 + KB Resistance 100% ... Weird! I know there is more going on here, but you see my point. So, my recommendation is to level the playing field and make all Tanks equal in this area and give them all the same Knockback Resistance and Protection. I don't see anything special in their power sets that would make the other three any stronger if they could stand on their feet the whole time like the other Tanks. Fire Armor - Add it to Plasma Shield Dark Armor - Add it to Obsidian Shield Electric Armor - Add it to Grounded and balance the KB Protection to match the others. I would still leave the part of this power that requires you to remain on the ground for it to work. 😃 This would make Knockback Resistance exclusive to ALL Tanks, which makes them all tanky and stuff! Then all the Squishies of the world can have all the Knock Protection they want. If you think adding this KB Resistance to these three Tank Armor types would be a mistake I would love to hear your reasoning. If you support this idea I would love to hear that as well. Thanks for reading through all this!
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