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  1. So, we ran our first static team and had a blast, and our theme was Looney Toons. The character designs came out great and we had fun playing them. Now it is time for another team. This time we have a double theme going on. This time we are running anything with -def or -res (so rad, sonic, dark, bio, etc.) and for costumes we are going with 80's Movies as the theme. So if you are interested in joining us we have a few spots left, just message me @Crimson-One or @0th Power in game or here on the forums and we will get you added to the team.
  2. I have not selected the theme yet, I was waiting to see how many we people we could get first. Also, no times have been set since that too requires that we know who would be on the team. So if you are interested just message me your global or send me a DM on Discord DesignDeviant#9963
  3. That's why it is one new character that you play with the team, once a week, for a couple hours maybe. This is never meant to take over all game play, that's for sure. Also, I will have to look into the Friday Night Taskforce thing, sounds fun.
  4. We are now up to 3 people on my Static Team so far, anyone else interested?
  5. That's the cool part about Static Teams, it could start out as a 4 person team and you just pick up rando's along the way as you need them to fill in any needs. You might find someone who sticks around and BOOM! you have another person who is now part of the Static Team on a regular basis. 😀
  6. I was just thinking, if people still have transfer tokens then teams could be started on any server and once the character hits 50 then it could be transferred (if you decide to keep it) back to your home server. This way we could get a Static Team going just about anywhere if we find enough willing participants.
  7. Back in the old days of CoH the SG I was in used to run what we called Static Teams. These teams were a blast to be on, and you got to meet some really great people and try out some interesting AT combos depending on who the Leader was and what the theme of the team ended up being. Here is how the Static Teams worked: Decide you want to run a Static Team (Congrats! You are now the Leader). This newly found Leader now finds 7 other people to join their Static Team and they all decide together on how often, and at what times they can all play together during the week. The Leader then decides on a theme for the entire team. The theme can be anything really, you can choose a specific power type everyone should play, it could be costume based, whatever you want really. The idea is to just unify the team in some manner with a common theme. In the first Static Team I ran, my theme was "Art" so everyone had to create characters that were art themed in some way. I made a SS/WP Tanker named "Graphite", another team member made their character look like a No. 2 pencil. 🤣 Create your theme based characters and make any needed preparations to meet up on the first agreed upon day and time. It is important to make sure you are all on each others friends list, have each others global names, and discord handles in case you need to get a hold of each other for any reason. Meet at a predetermined location, team up, and go have fun until you all reach level 50 together. No power leveling. No AE missions. No double XP boosters. Just plain, old fashioned, earning your XP and Influence by completing missions, TF's, etc. with friends. The main idea behind these teams were to get people playing together again, and to try AT's and power combinations they have never tried before. Playing on a dedicated team like this allows for some flexibility when trying out new things, and it can also be a good place to get advice on build ideas from several people who are seeing it in action. Communication is key when running these teams. Using voice channels while teamed up is a huge bonus. Being able to talk with each other outside of the game helps a lot. There will be times when people can not make a particular scheduled date/time, life happens. It is up to the team to decide if they wait for missing team members or if the team member gets catch up on their own at a later time. And that is pretty much it ... And on that note! WHO WANTS TO JOIN A STATIC TEAM? I am looking to start one up on Torchbearer if anyone might be interested. You can message me on Discord (DesignDeviant#9963) if you would like to let me know you are interested and what your schedule might be like during the week. If not, feel free to use the idea and make some new friends, or even invite me to your Static Team, I would love to join.
  8. It's your friendly neighborhood UX-Man here! 😁 I'm glad to be part of this project and can't wait to see how things turn out.
  9. @Warlawk Now that there are two S&L that will exemplar to 49 ($Comic Con S&L Outdoor$ Arc ID: 16610, and $Comic Con S&L Caves$ Arc ID: 16607) will you be updating your S&L section? Or would this fall under Statement #1? 😋
  10. Hmmmm, it must have been related to that somehow I tried again this morning and everything is normal. Weird. Maybe a glitch in the Matrix again? I always camp out in AE so I should always have the Patrol XP.
  11. So, I ran $Comic Con Fire Farm$ Arc ID: 2915 tonight, like I usually have in the past and noticed that the influence seems to be lower than normal. Typically it is around 10 million per mission, so roughly 50 million after all 5 missions are complete. Tonight each mission was only producing around 7 million per mission. Has anyone else experienced this as well? Just curious.
  12. Has anyone had any success using Windfall while farming? It's supposed to add +25% inf for an hour but I just tried a run with it and it didn't add any extra inf at all. I did however get a crap ton of large inspirations, and most of my recipe drops were oranges.
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