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  1. Okay. It has been a while since I posted in here. Love what has been written! I mentioned that I might post my stuff...but to be honest, I have never liked the way my stories looked when posted in a forum. (yes, I am really particular about the appearance LOL). In any case, I have looked and, unless I missed it (which is entirely possible) I saw nothing that said I could not post a link to my stories. If there is..PLEASE remove this. Okay, I have been writing Fan fiction since 1999, I had all but stopped reading comics after DC destroyed what I loved with the Crisis on Infinite Earths in '85. A friend convinced me to write a story and I did..I resurrected the Pre Crisis Supergirl in the Marvel Universe - writing as Dylan Clearbrook. From there, what was a monthly installment in an online mag turned into a complete website called The Continuum Worlds. I took a lot of liberties with the characters and created a new universe called (tada) the Multiverse which included the five remaining earths of Crisis, a Marvel Earth, the three original earths of my Multiverse, and the post crisis earth.z My main character was an older Kara Zor-El (superwoman) but I had a much younger version who was rescued from a monster named Xenon living on Probability 4 Earth (what used to be Earth 1). This is the Supergirl who appears in the following stories. (Convoluted, I know but this works as a short intro) And here is the link to what was originally supposed to be my Primalverse Stories: Primalverse
  2. Okay....just found this topic! While I haven't written any strictly COH fan-fiction, I DID try to pull COh (post closing) into the fan-fiction I was writing. I had about 5 chapters completed when, after discussions with the other writers on our site (the continuum worlds), it was decided that we would take a different direction with our shared worlds. Unfortunately, this meant that those chapters never saw the light of day. I am going to spend a few days reading what has already been posted and then decide if I truly want to embarrass myself by posting those chapters here 🙂
  3. What kind of teams do you like? the no nonsense move through and kill'em all teams....or the slower moving teams that leave time for banter? Personally, I like the second :) of course it is easier with me since I only team with support or ranged toons. (I won't subject others to my pathetic attempts to play a melee toon LOL - which can be a bit awkward since all of my support toons are female (ie Doc Uzi, Mercy Vengeance, Angel Sprite) while most of my melee toons are male LOL) in any case, I find that I have more fun with teams that interact with each other more than simply rushing through a mish. I have to say, I have met some fantastic people on Torch...and while I do jump every once in a while to Everlasting (seems most of my old Virtue friends ended up there) I think I will continue to call Torch my new home :)
  4. Here....Started out on Champion...moved to Virtue...and stayed to the end :)
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