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  1. And just now when I was on my Sky Raider character:
  2. In the mission "Get Midnighter Hair Sample" from Darren Wade: were - past tense of the verb "to be", used with plurals ("we were, you were, they were") where - https://www.dictionary.com/browse/where "were are the Hellions." should be "where are the Hellions?" Either that or "we aren't the Hellions." Either way would make more sense.
  3. Beast Mastery/Empathy Mastermind. Pets are getting one-shotted faster than I can rez them.
  4. What happened to me was that a dozen of them literally spawned right on top of me and one-shotted me before I could react! EDIT, 10:11pm Eastern: And I just ran it again on -1/x1, the lowest possible settings. I KILL ONE OF THESE SPAWNS, A DOZEN MORE SPAWN IN, THEN I DIE! REZ AND REPEAT GIVES MORE SPAWNS, AND FASTER DEATHS. THIS IS NOT SOLOABLE! (I have not had a problem on this Ouro arc until this mission.) THIS IS NOT WINNABLE! THIS CANNOT BE HOW IT'S INTENDED! (Plus, after the first death I can't even *get* to the Will of the Earth to attack it.) At the very least, give us the option to auto-finish the mission. I don't even get that option!
  5. Doesn't she say that to Arbiter Sands of all people?
  6. I'm working on Eliza Thorpe's "An Unnatural Order" mission arc via Ouro. My mission settings are +0/x1. But when I destroy any of the mission objectives in Part 7, it spawns in a MINIMUM of TWO DOZEN white or better quality Devouring Earths right on top of me! This is a spawn-in I'd expect if the settings were +0/x8, not x1. I died at least a dozen times before I abandoned the task force. Please tell me this is a bug in the code and not how it's intended to be?
  7. In a newspaper mission to kidnap someone: Penumbra Archon: "I'll make this pigeon talk. Fetch me a comfortable chair. Trust me."
  8. L15-ish, at the start of Neutropolis. Calvin Scott had two missions for me for Neutropolis, but... both were basically Crusader. The first mission was to speak with the guy to kick off the Crusader storyline (Crow, I believe his name is); the second was basically the Crusader storyline "endgame", starting with Scott's first mission for the Crusader. I had to use the "Find Contacts" to speak with Aaron Walker, the initial Warden contact. Pretty sure it's just a glitch in the conversation tree triggering the wrong conversation. Not sure, though, how easy or hard any of that is to fix.
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