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  1. Backpiece only. The feet used in the costume are available in the tailor.
  2. Some version of an AE terminal for SG bases would be nice. (Maybe link the editor terminal/contact/mission entrance nodes similar to how teleporters in bases work). I play with a few groups who use AE arcs to tell parts of their stories, and the ability to initiate AE missions from within a base would eliminate the awkward OOC trip to AE in the middle of a scene(side benefit: it might also thin out the herd of fire farmers crowding several AE locations at any given time). Custom costumes for base NPCs. Lastly, expanding on the "more emotes" requests... Is it possible to add a few more /e drink options? Same animation, different containers. Perhaps a bottle, or a goblet, etc. There are a number of in-game assets that would work. This is a little thing, but would see a lot of use.
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