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  1. Sometimes, in crowded settings it would be useful to filter out OOC chatter, or at least have it as its own local-range channel than can be filtered to a different tab or recolored if you choose. If possible, maybe give the text bubble a different border as well, so when you're looking at it, you can tell right away that it's OOC (Or perhaps just throw a little OOC tag in the corner of the bubble as well.) Maybe even automatically throw some parentheses around the text? Just spitballing here.
  2. I know the thread's topic. A couple of people in this thread talked about the RP community putting together a site and I thought I'd chime in. A) I don't know of any issues, per se, other than having to contact the mods to create a new account. I believe you can do that through the VV discord. Also, right now, uploading of images is suspended, though you can just host images elsewhere and stick links in the code. I suspect these measures were taken to decrease the load on the VV server from the sudden influx of players since the revival. B) I get what you're saying, but it's too late, unfortunately. Many players, myself included, have not only been updating our characters' older pages from live, but creating new ones since Homecoming.
  3. The character bio site is called Virtueverse. It was active during the Live years. Many roleplayers include links to their character's VV page in their bios. Unless you guys were talking about a different effort, the site in question is very much in play right now.
  4. If NCsoft officially sanctions Homecoming at some point, what would they have to gain? The very small amount of money they might receive may not be worth the legal hassle. If at any point, NCsoft decided to take legal action and private servers are taken offline, they would be raked over the coals in the gaming press, because people eat up the classic "big corporation vs. the little guy" story. This may or may not hit NCSoft's bottom line. So, looking at these two options, I'd be surprised if NCSoft ever publicly acknowledged CoH private servers. Their smartest play might be to leave it alone and do absolutely nothing, one way or another.
  5. Backpiece only. The feet used in the costume are available in the tailor.
  6. Some version of an AE terminal for SG bases would be nice. (Maybe link the editor terminal/contact/mission entrance nodes similar to how teleporters in bases work). I play with a few groups who use AE arcs to tell parts of their stories, and the ability to initiate AE missions from within a base would eliminate the awkward OOC trip to AE in the middle of a scene(side benefit: it might also thin out the herd of fire farmers crowding several AE locations at any given time). Custom costumes for base NPCs. Lastly, expanding on the "more emotes" requests... Is it possible to add a few more /e drink options? Same animation, different containers. Perhaps a bottle, or a goblet, etc. There are a number of in-game assets that would work. This is a little thing, but would see a lot of use.
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