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  1. As has been pointed out, Everlasting is the RP server and they are a very healthy RP community. Depending on your interest that can be a good or bad thing. Creating a character on each server to see which one you like is a good idea.
  2. Maybe a brute would work better for your concept. You would do more damage than a tank. Stalkers are really a stealth type class, that really doesn't seem to fit with you theme.
  3. Problem with DO's and SO's is you have to keep buying new ones as you level. The light bulb came on for me when I realized that a lvl 25 IO is the same as a lvl 50 SO, and it never losses it's bonus regardless of your level.
  4. Yeah buying TO, DO, and SO's is a real influence sink, and I used to be guilty of that myself. Now I make IO's at level 22 and keep adding as I level mixing in sets when I can. Once I hit 50, I'll respec and do a proper build.
  5. You have enough threads to craft your T1 alpha power. You will get more threads as you play. You might want to look for iTrails in the LFG chat. BAF's are pretty commonly run and easy to do. You can also go to Ouro and run the 50 level Dark Astoria chapter 1 story, it's only 4 short missions (most of which you can stealth), and you will get an incarnate component drop.
  6. People who don't understand that the traditional MMO trinity isn't necessary with CoH. That's part of the magic of this game, just about any team configuration will work. . Along with that people who don't understand damage mitigation can be better than reactive direct healing.
  7. My main is grav/kin/fire, I love it. Since kinetic works best in melee range I have tough and weave. Throw kb-kd's in wormhole and singularity. Wormhole mobs to singy then hit them with fulcrum shift + transference and melt them down. Kinetic requires very little slotting so you have more for gravity. It is a very team friendly combo, and I have never felt like I wasn't a force multiplier on any team.
  8. I found you can get single pulls if you position yourself so only the mob you are trying to pull has a line of sight on you. As far as farming I would suggest you build a character just for that, obviously spine/fire brutes are the most popular. If you can get a farmer to let you door sit, you will have one pretty quick.
  9. Looking for some advise and suggestions on a dark/dark build for my stalker Shadowspawn.
  10. Thank you Number Six, I may consider that.
  11. On live you could only change your global name once, can we do it more than that on homecoming?
  12. I play a little bit on Everlasting and I give them credit they do have a healthy RP community. If that is not your thing, then another server would probably be a better fit for you.
  13. Welcome back home. Don't worry about being rusty, it's like riding a bike and you will be in comfy mode in no time. There are many good guides and advise posts on these forums which you may want to check out. There are a number of quality of life features that may not have been around on live or things you may have forgot, or never realized they existed. It is wonderful to have the game back, and you will find the community is just as great (if not better) as it was when the game was live.
  14. You should never buy ATO's with merits. 100 merits can be turned into about 22-24 million influence by selling converters on the AH.
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