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  1. It would be nice to keep the enter_base_from_passcode the way it is. However having a small timer and or preventing it from working in missions like the auction house would be understandable.
  2. Before I had my farmer and a few 50's under my belt the normal way, I found it was pretty easy to hit 50 fast without farming. If you use the xp boost, run DFB to 15, then focus on doing DIB, SBB, the TF's, MSR's and ITF's you get there real fast. Of course +4/8 teams help too.
  3. Homecoming, not just a name. Welcome back you have a lot of catching up to do.
  4. For me T3, full set of IO's and 4 passives unlocked is generally complete. By that metric I would say 35%. I'm not really creating new alts anymore as much as power leveling the old ones while farming.
  5. In a casual friendly game like CoH you would need a casual friendly form of PvP. A system like Team Fortress might work. Players could choose any AT, but each AT would have the same powers. You wouldn't actually build a character, you would choose the AT and que up for PvP in different zones with different objectives. This would make it accessible to all, without having to build a specific PvP toon. You could still have the normal PvP as well.
  6. I like PvP, my first MMO was Dark Age of Camelot. I've played many PvP type MMO's, but I don't have any interest in it here. CoH was designed around PvE and that is where it shines. PvP may have been planned from the beginning to part of the game but only as an added feature. Even during live it was never a main part of the game. Perhaps if it was more accessible to all players, not just those with the proper power sets and builds, it might be more popular.
  7. Yeah I was doing a Posi 1 & 2 yesterday with a 50 and could see other team members struggling with endurance and health issues. Forgot about the group inspirations, I'll have to be more mindful of that in the future.
  8. I can see were it can be a good tool to communicate for certain teams. I have also seen it be a total chat s**t show of pointless banter. I use it with friends, and if I use it for a team or league, I'm mostly just listening.
  9. If your going to run a PL toon, I would think you would want to slot something. SO's or basic IO's at least until you settle on the build. When I PL an alt that's one of the first things I do before running any content just solo. I wouldn't even consider teams until the toon has some kind of build and I'm comfortable with the power set mechanics.
  10. I was there when the game launched and yes it is a very different animal now. I enjoyed it and maintained my sub until it closed. The game did change over that time, but I personally wouldn't have any interest in playing the early versions of the game today. Lots of great gaming memories, but I don't have rose colored glasses for those days either. I totally respect people who miss that and would like to have that experience again. It is kind of possible to do that. Create a SG called Old School or something, and use the guide below and roll back what your SG can use in the game based on the release version you want to play in. Certain things like the fitness pool can't be changed, but maybe you don't slot any of those powers.
  11. Sounds like piss poor management at NCSoft. Look at what the folks at Homecoming are doing with just donations to cover cost, imagine if they could have subs and make some money.
  12. SO's and DO's are a waste of influence. You should slot basic IO's . Either craft them or buy them from the AH. A level 25 basic IO is nearly the same as a level 50 SO and you don't need to keep updating it. Once you hit 50 you'll probably start using set IO's and replace them, but the basic ones will carry you through as you level up and save you a bunch of influence along the way.
  13. People should play whatever way they want. New players would probably have a better experience if they level up normally since that is a major part of what makes the game fun. However if you are a vet and have done that multiple times, you might want skip some or all of that. A fully decked out 50 can go back and play the old content or do TF's just as well if not better. Play whatever way is fun for you.
  14. Instead of removing the solo ability, perhaps there could be an extra reward for doing it simultaneously.
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