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  1. Oh thanks! Super helpful in which case that settles it Ill keep the -res proc in CAK and ditch the -tohit proc in CS and replace with a nice damage proc
  2. Right the Critcial proc is the active one right? But the other set (Scrapper Strike?) that one is passive right? Its not a proc its just a permenant bonus? I have slotted that one in EC since I only use EC for AoE situations and never for ST
  3. Oh ok ... so very very marginal then I very much doubt the Absolute Amazment -tohit proc is worthit in Cobra Strike then. Probably better off with a damage proc (Touch of death maybe for nice Energy Damage) Crippling Axe Kick ... Still not sure. Im no math wiz but for example if i were fighting an AV, Youre saying that they resist 85% of debuff? So something like 8% + damage on all attacks (including team mates) for its duration (bearing in mind MA has a lighning fast attack chain) A damage proc like Touch of death would fire off 3 x times in a min for about 1200 damage roughly. So Im still not sure - i think the damage proc might actually be better unless you were on a mega team pumping out crazy numbers but I am not sure The thing that stays in the back of my mind is how much -res procs seems to matter in top DPS builds and maybe I am badly undervaluing them
  4. Yeah I figured this might be the case. I guess when it comes to the Def vs Corr numbers the rule of thumb I have seen a few people use around here is Rain powers + Really bad Tier 1 blasts = Play Corr On another slightyl related note, do you know who made this sheet or if they keep it up to date at all? I noticed that the MA chain for scrappers did not slot the -res proc (which I believe it can now properly take). Some of the other sets go out of their way to note the impact this proc has on the numbers. Would be really curious to see how MA fairs with this tweak. The way I see it is that its AoE is horrible, so its ST should be epic - but it seems to be a middling set which I find sad
  5. Thanks for this. Im guessing in particular sets with combo mechanics suffer the most on this sheet then, for example Water Blast / Dual Blades etc All underrepsented due to the fiddly nature of the mechanics? Does anyone know why the Corruptor tab seems to have been abandoned? It just caught my eye is all, I would imagine is because it would read exactly the same as the defender one? Or was it due to Scourge being to tricky numbers wise? Just curious.
  6. Forgot about that! Thanks, memory like a sieve Just the proc questions then - ill edit the original post Thanks again
  7. Hi guys, Quick couple questions re: the original ass kicking powerset MA Anyine know roughly the global recharge needed to run the max DPS chain: CAK>SK>CS>SK ? Trying to see if i can ditch hasten from my build (MA/SR fyi) (^ Answered by the ever helpful Redlynne) Anyone know much about procs? I dont. I have the Heactomb proc in CAK and i notice that a fair bit! I noticed today that CAK actually takes -DEF sets! I know people love Katana (as an example) for the ability to slot the Achillies -res proc. Im guessing this is a must for MA these days since so much of our damage is heavily resisted Yay / Nahy to the following: -res proc in CAK -tohit (purple) proc in CS (bearing in mind im /SR thought this could help against AVs etc? or should i just bang a damage proc here? Thanks in advance!
  8. Reviving an old thread but was there ever a master template created for sets performance DPS wise? Or is the sheet listed waaaay back in this thread (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19VuZ9zJ_8eKN11JytgaK9mt9Fy-8pjANopb-FGh68Uw/edit#gid=983294472) still the go to?
  9. Wow i just took a look at the post - what a beast, very impressive build - it has a deciptive amount of utility too I notice you mentioned you were testing storm on corr and def - any update on this? I feel that althought storm has better damage, in todays fast moving meta it struggles to keep up fast paced teams which might hurt it + its end heavy (no heat loss) and i worry since its a bit more involved that /cold it has more chances to hurt waters rotation?
  10. Im trying to decide between Ice/Cold and Water/Cold Would you say Water is better? Would Cold/Water Def be better than a Water/Cold? I know that Ice/Cold is better than Cold/Ice due to the rains and scourge
  11. Good breakdown, thanks! It seems the general concenous is that Trollers do get slightly more from Grav/ than Doms. Grav/Kin is a combo ive never even considered! But now I think about it thematically has some nice synergy (and as you stated mechanically has some nice synergy too!) Gona have a little play and see what I want to pair with Grav/ - im leaning towards /time + /kin atm but always looking for cool combos
  12. What secondaries are you thinking of specifically here?
  13. Which AT do you think gets the most out of Grav? I am really unsure, anyone have any ideas / experience with this one?
  14. Just say "no, sorry I dont have time" No need to be an ass about it.
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