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  1. Hi, Players who are not interested in doing redside content for its own sake might be lured over to the red side by: 1) a weekly scheduled event with an active VG or coalition that does not conflict with other regularly scheduled events like Hami, MSR etc 2) a weekly event immediately following or preceding the weekly redside Hami on any server that has such a thing. 3) a weekly themed event such as "all Mastermind", "all Storm", "all Rad" (one of my absolute favorites from live), "all Defender/Corruptor"... 4) Giant Monster hunts, possibly supplemented with the runni
  2. from Discord: Telephone — Today at 8:16 PM @here We've applied significant quantities of duct tape and chewing gum to bring up Homecoming using some backup networking tunnels. The shards are currently locked; our intent is to bring up only Torchbearer to stress-test the backup networking. If Torchbearer remains stable for a little while, we'll gradually work to bring in the other shards. We continue to monitor our escalated ticket with OVH and hope to have our normal networking restored ASAP. We apologize for the inconvenience and downtime. Torchbearer is
  3. << Oops. Yoru beat me to it on the previous page >> Quote from Discord: Telephone — Today at 6:59 PM @here Update: OVH continues to work on our issue. We've managed to get Torchbearer up using some backup networking technology. Now that we've proven this method, we're going to finish getting the rest of our cluster set up over the backup. ETA should be just a couple more hours.
  4. Thank you thank you!
  5. Several official comments have been posted in the following thread (note: the slap emoji was generated by the linked thread and not by me): and apparently there is a discord server discussion although I do not have a link.
  6. I assume Fast and Furious movies. and probably thumbed down because anything other than being in the Game gets a thumbs down.
  7. Also working on a pocket D loading screen to replace the paper flyer image. Screenshot and texture file attached. texture file goes in <wherever you have the game installed>\data\texture_library\loading_screens\City_Zones\ City_02_04.texture
  8. LOL I know! If you are using photoshop, the nVidia website has a good free plugin for editing (importing and exporting) .dds files. There is version of the plugin for photoshop cc and newer (which requires you to sign up as a developer to download it) link: https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-texture-tools-exporter and there is a "legacy" plugin (if you scroll down and find the link for legacy files) for photoshop 5 through cs6 ( I am using cs4- so I use this plugin) that just requires a basic login account on the nVidia site to download it for free. Like Mina said abo
  9. Hi, I believe that the most recent updates have already been provided by @AboveTheChemist as explained and linked in some of the previous replies. If you are seeing anything that is incorrect in your maps, please describe it clearly (and if you are seeing anything that is incorrect, it is probably because you have not installed the newest maps, or possibly you have placed a map in the wrong location so it is not being found by the game). Hope that helps, P
  10. Excellent troubleshooting! Might be a good note for the GIMP forum too. It has to be an oversight.
  11. It seems to be rotated correctly for me. Possibly you copied the new file to the wrong location? the Kallisti map (map_city_05_03.texture) goes in the MAP/static folder, and the other two pvp maps go in the V_MAP/static folder.
  12. hahaha, yeah I wish we could swap maps with the game running!
  13. Thanks! Yeah feel free to use or share them however you wish! I will have my beverage preferences sorted out just in case. Maybe the nVidia standalone tools will work. I tried them but they are command line (DOS prompt) utilities and I didn't get very far with them. Yeah, I stopped upgrading photoshop at version CS5 because of the incredible prices. I think you can use CC as a free trial for 30 days (each time a new version is released I assume) if that interests you. And maybe we can still figure out some way to match the photoshop settings in GIMP. or something like PAIN
  14. Hi! Good news: I think I have pinpointed a working method to edit maps that behave exactly like Blondeshell's maps. The file size for my test file remained the same as the source file and the process was pretty uncomplicated. You were right about not using mipmaps Bad news: I ended up going to Photoshop CS5 and the NVidia DDS plugin to achieve these results. The save options I chose in photoshop were " ARGB 32bpp" which I believe means an RGB file with an alpha channel and 8 bits per channel for a total of 32bits per pixel. My process was to: 0) install t
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