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  1. It seems to be rotated correctly for me. Possibly you copied the new file to the wrong location? the Kallisti map (map_city_05_03.texture) goes in the MAP/static folder, and the other two pvp maps go in the V_MAP/static folder.
  2. hahaha, yeah I wish we could swap maps with the game running!
  3. Thanks! Yeah feel free to use or share them however you wish! I will have my beverage preferences sorted out just in case. Maybe the nVidia standalone tools will work. I tried them but they are command line (DOS prompt) utilities and I didn't get very far with them. Yeah, I stopped upgrading photoshop at version CS5 because of the incredible prices. I think you can use CC as a free trial for 30 days (each time a new version is released I assume) if that interests you. And maybe we can still figure out some way to match the photoshop settings in GIMP. or something like PAIN
  4. Hi! Good news: I think I have pinpointed a working method to edit maps that behave exactly like Blondeshell's maps. The file size for my test file remained the same as the source file and the process was pretty uncomplicated. You right about not using mipmaps Bad news: I ended up going to Photoshop CS5 and the NVidia DDS plugin to achieve these results. The save settings in photoshop were " ARGB 32bpp" which I believe means an RGB file with an alpha channel and 8 bits per channel for a total of 32bits per pixel. My process was to 0) install the DDS plugin
  5. Oh drat, I assumed since my edited map was visible at all quality settings that it was were working as intended, but I see what you mean. My "working" map is not behaving correctly after all. I assumed the old maps and my edited maps were working the same. However, the old maps (and original default game maps) seem to remain the same resolution regardless of the world texture quality setting, whereas the map I edited changes resolution when the world texture quality is changed. Additional research is definitely needed. We probably don't need to exchange map files. I think we have
  6. Hi, For my 100% working samples (EDIT- unfortunately, not working 100% correctly. My edited map changes resolution when the world texture quality setting is changed, but it SHOULD remain at full resolution, so more testing is needed), I used map "map_v_city_06_01.texture" from September 7, 2011 and "map_V_PvP_02_01.texture" from July 1, 2019 . I am not sure who edited them. The newer maps that do not work fully for me are all more recent than June 2020 I believe. Happy testing!
  7. Hi, I was able to modify one of the maps from the OPTIMAL BADGING PATHS map pack to display correctly at all quality settings by editing the DDS image as well as the text portion of the .texture file 1) I took the Warburg map (map_V_PvP_04_01.texture) from @AboveTheAlchemist 's optimized badge path pack and confirmed that it had the same behavior (displays correctly on my computer at "high" or "very high" World Texture Quality, but displays incorrectly at "medium", "low" or "very low" world texture quality) 2) I used the detexturizer tool from this page: http://www.cityofplayers
  8. I installed the Warburg map from the optimized badging paths set, and I can confirm that it works correctly on High, but is scrambled at Medium World Texture Quality. @AboveTheChemist, assuming that your world texture quality setting is currently at High or Very High, have you tested Medium or Low World Texture Quality setting in CoH to test the maps in question? I'm curious if the issue occurs on ALL computers running low quality settings in CoH. Regarding the possibility that the cause of the trouble is within the images themselves, a screenshot of your GIMP export settings menu
  9. Hi, (Breakthrough in green text below) I am using modder version 1.68. I don't believe that I have used a different one in the past. I ran the modder again today and uninstalled vidiotmaps I26 (V6). Then I deleted the whole data folder Then I ran CoH and confirmed the original default maps were working. Then I exited CoH. Then I used the modder to install vidiotmaps I26 (V6) again. Then I ran CoH. The Siren's call map (Juggy's version from 10-7-2020 I think) was scrambled . Warburg (and presumably all other maps) displays correctly. Then......... I ch
  10. I deleted the whole texture library folder and ran the modder to install the I26 maps V6. The siren's call map is scrambled. Warburg and Kallisti maps are displaying correctly but are not the most recent (feb 2021) versions, I think. After copying all three newer maps manually from vidiotmap_updates_feb_2021 to their correct locations, Sirens map is still scrambled, and Kallisti and Warburg are just black (with trainers, contacts, and other markers visible). (One thing I noticed is that the maps that do not work for me have GIMP DDSZ in their header information. A worki
  11. Thank you for your replies. Oh well, it's not a show stopper for me anyway. My drivers appear to be current. Maybe I'll install the nVidia DDS plugins for photoshop and test out a few things. might just be a compression type or some save option that my computer can't stomach for one reason or another.
  12. Note: possibly the newest maps have a slightly newer iteration of the .texture file format that my 2015 computer can't understand? Will check for newer drivers.
  13. Hi, With my current situation (I believe that most recent thing I did was deleting all the texture_library and then just using the CoH modder to install I26 maps V6), Warburg and Kallisti maps are visible, However, Kallisti does not have the new badge marked, so these are not the feb 21 maps. After copying all three maps manually from vidiotmap_updates_feb_2021 to their correct locations, Sirens map is corrupt again, Kallisti and Warburg are just black (with trainers, contacts, and other markers visible).
  14. Hi, I am experiencing the same issue as IceComet. installed vidiotmaps and the 2019 maps with no problem. Installed the new maps and got the Sirens call map which is rotated incorrectly. Copied the newish map_V_PvP_03_01.8badge-i27 map and it displays as a corrupt image (slightly different with a vertical shift each time I use /reloadgfx) with the overlayed items visible (portal, active events, contacts etc)... deleted that and pasted vidiotmap_updates_feb_2021 map (which is about half the file size) and it shows a black/blank map with only the overlayed items visible (portal, active
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