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  1. I'm sorry Solarverse, my intention in playing with the sound file was not to undermine what you had already stated, it was more of a "fix" for myself while playing the game. I was just sharing the sound file in case anyone wanted to have it. I completely understand the underlying issue with how the sound files should work. Sorry for any misunderstanding or frustration. Again, just sharing a sound file for the "fun" of it... not as any type of "fix". (Waves white flag) I come in peace.
  2. I see that the darkregen.ogg sound is used in quite a few different powers, but was messing with the four sound files you listed and came up with this. Just thought I'd share. darkregen.ogg: darkregen.ogg
  3. Ohhhh now I get it! Perfect. So this is what I did: /macro FLY "powexec_toggleoff Sprint$$powexec_name Hover$$powexec_name Fly" /macro RUN "powexec_toggleoff Fly$$powexec_toggleoff Hover$$powexec_toggleon Sprint" Click FLY to drop Sprint and turn on Fly. Each click of FLY toggles between Fly & Hover. Click RUN to drop Fly or Hover and turn on Sprint. Works perfect for my playstyle (I'm a clicky kinda guy). TY UberGuy. 🙂
  4. I'm not as savy with macros... is there a way to just create a single button to toggle between hover and fly? Thanks for any feedback 🙂
  5. Or maybe that boulder is a hint towards some of the powers .... here: https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Legacy_Chain Propel rocks? Propel boulder?
  6. I think this goes here. Group Fly + team TP appears to ignore the "prompt for team tp".
  7. This is probably slightly off topic, but we have multiple powers now that offer protection when not detected, but as soon as someone detects us it uses endurance to do..... nothing? I'm confused.
  8. Ah, misunderstood the mechanics. Does work now. Thanks. 🙂
  9. Immob and resistances don't show up in Combat Attributes. And % strength to defense displays in Combat Attributes at all times (both idle and attacking), but doesn't seem to be included in the calculation for total defenses. Should there be an entry in Detailed Info about how much +FlySpeed % is in the power?
  10. I agree, it sucks, but I can confirm it has been happening and I have experienced it first-hand on MANY masterminds. Working as intended to avoid the exploit.
  11. Using Group Fly and then shutting it off to land. Pets will also immediately land. When they fall/land they either become stuck in the ground or water and will not tp or travel to catch up to me instead just remain in place. See image, not set to Group Fly and they are set to Follow.
  12. Unable to trigger Momentum on Super Speed (running around DA). Even after running for a duration of 4+ seconds leap height is not increased. Only have 1 end reduction slotted in my SS power.
  13. Sniper Rifle (Assault Rifle - Blaster) The yellow ring appears randomly and not reliably (sometimes not at all during an attack using Burst, Slug, M30, Flamethrower, Full Auto, Buckshot in random orders). When it does appear, it lasts for only approx. 1 second, making it difficult to use. I have a set of 5 Winter's Bite in the power on Beta. Current recharge on my Snipe is 5 seconds (when the ring does appear, recharge is still 5 seconds). Also noted, when I am able to use the enhanced Snipe, the animation time doesn't seem to be shortened nor does the range seem to change.
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