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  1. Using Group Fly and then shutting it off to land. Pets will also immediately land. When they fall/land they either become stuck in the ground or water and will not tp or travel to catch up to me instead just remain in place. See image, not set to Group Fly and they are set to Follow.
  2. Unable to trigger Momentum on Super Speed (running around DA). Even after running for a duration of 4+ seconds leap height is not increased. Only have 1 end reduction slotted in my SS power.
  3. Sniper Rifle (Assault Rifle - Blaster) The yellow ring appears randomly and not reliably (sometimes not at all during an attack using Burst, Slug, M30, Flamethrower, Full Auto, Buckshot in random orders). When it does appear, it lasts for only approx. 1 second, making it difficult to use. I have a set of 5 Winter's Bite in the power on Beta. Current recharge on my Snipe is 5 seconds (when the ring does appear, recharge is still 5 seconds). Also noted, when I am able to use the enhanced Snipe, the animation time doesn't seem to be shortened nor does the range seem to change.
  4. My observations as of 5 mins ago. BETA Base Fly 25.39 BETA with Fly on 71.79 BETA with only Hover and EvMa on 37.11 BETA with only Fly and EvMa on 71.79 (for 2 secs) 83.52 (for 6 secs) then repeats (staying completely still, no attacking or being attacked). Fly has 1 FLY IO Hover has LoTG Def+Rech and Def+End EvMa has LoTG Def+Rech
  5. Just chiming in on Fast Snipe distance change. Would like to see a little more than 80 on Fast.
  6. Use of the "server tray". Will there be an option to add the power icon (ie: Afterburner, Speed Phase) to our regular trays and it greys out when not available? I work with it, but not a fan of the pop-up server tray powers and try to, personally, avoid them. Thanks 🙂 Group Fly - love this!! My MM loves you!
  7. Thanks for pointing me in this direction. The hover/jets sound on the Gun Drone is : SOUND\OGG\ENEMIES\JETPACK2_LOOP.OGG Still working on locating the explode noise. Most likely a generic sound for most destruction explosions. Testing them out.
  8. I forgot to update my original post... the only two I'm lost on is the hover/jets looping noise, and the explode when it expires/dies.
  9. I'm just checking - haven't seen any new stuff in the CoH Modder in a bit. Am I not connecting, or are things just quiet for now? Thanks 😁
  10. I'm taking a stab at the Sonic set. My goal is to replace them with more wind/breath sounds (like super breath). Other than the in-game sounds, where do you find your sound effects. I'm finding a few sites via the internet, but keep hitting pay sites for seemingly "good" sounds. Any site(s) you recommend?
  11. Hi - having trouble locating the sounds for the Devices (blaster secondary) Gun Drone. Thanks for any assist. 🙂
  12. AND Voila.... The new directory needed the "mods" folder also. Sigh...
  13. These texture mods are great! Have you or anyone attempted mod that would change what MM pets we see on our end?
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