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  1. These texture mods are great! Have you or anyone attempted mod that would change what MM pets we see on our end?
  2. Sorry to derail... but would anyone happen to know what the screechy noises the Giant Fly Trap (from controller plant control) might be? I don't see them listed in the excel sheet.
  3. To the powers that be - I'm one of the "complainers" originally, but now that I've started to adjust... the new travel is working. Thanks for your hard work and keeping our game alive. 😘🤗
  4. I LOVE the new "Long Range TP Zone Check" option - tiny request - any way to have the menu open in the other direction (to the left) or is there a macro command that would do it. I have all my trays to the right side and the menus won't open (or just are on top of each other, can't tell). Otherwise - Thank You.
  5. First, let me say again, I really do appreciate all the hard work you guys have put into this game. That being said - maybe I'm just misunderstanding... when I use ANY teleportation power (base, team, mission, etc.) are they ALL supposed to go into a cooldown timer? If not, then I have a bug OR if that's working as intended, then yes it's a PITA. Help ?? 😢
  6. Yes, I do appreciate the work that went into this... but... I am confused how having a Fast Travel menu with 9 travel options on it - use ONE - and then you are left with NO travel powers for 10 minutes ???
  7. Now we HAVE to badge hunt, no longer an option, if we want to travel. Bleh! Badges used to be fun/optional... now they're a chore.
  8. I heard a few sounds in the Soul Mage Energy Aura that def triggered an image of Transfusion or Fulcrum.
  9. Hey Solarverse - I know probably have requests left & right, but after hearing your newest sound mods I got to thinking that it'd be cool if the Kinetic set had a more "witchy/dark" theme to it. Like sucking the life out of your targets. Just a passing thought. Tons of thanks to you for the newest stuff. It's great!
  10. Hey Solarverse - just fyi - frozen foot stomp still showing as v2 in CoH Modder.
  11. Sorry to dump all that on you, my brain runneth over. The two that were silenced were Dog_Howl_01 and Dog_Howl02. I'll play with those to see what they were from. And, yes that's the "boo" noise - thank you. Wanted to swap that out to something different for myself. I really appreciate your help. 😁👍
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