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  1. Thanks! & yeah I took some creative liberties with Interface's look so I totally understand. He's a crab spider played as an unmanned mecha drone. Here's what he looks like in-game:
  2. So I spent the past few days cranking out some pictures for everyone in my SG, The Vanquishers on Everlasting. First up, we've got Ace & my character Limbo again: Next is Occultist and Osiris: Trance and Interface: Feverburn and Timeburn: Blindsider and Captain Sunlight: Gunfight and Knifefight: Signal and Bulletproof: ...and finally, Starr Power:
  3. I missed the ring bit, so that's fair. The current version of Rage makes Super Strength an unplayable set for me on the SS/EA I recreated from Live. These changes help, but the way stacked Rage ignored the crash from back on Live is by far the optimal option between Live, Homecoming's public servers, and now Homecoming's beta.
  4. I have to say I'm flabbergasted as to why you think people would want Rage to change from a low-maintenance power to a power you have to meticulously keep your eye on its remaining duration so you fire it off at the right time. That's ridiculous.
  5. I'm definitely excited to try these changes out. It seems like these changes are trying to carve an actually unique niche out for Tankers by letting them actually excel at tanking, which is at the very least a step in the right direction. What are the chances of having the aggro cap for Tankers increased?
  6. Players shouldn't be punished for stacking rage with high recharge. This is not a good change. Stacked Rage should counteract the crash penalty to incentivize IO usage. If I'm spending inf on a build, one of the key powers in the powerset should not get worse on that investment.
  7. I'd play Force Fields but I don't hate fun, so...
  8. I'm surprised to see hate for the Twinshot arc considering it has more personality in a single mission than like 90% of the content in this entire game lmao
  9. Actually fixing & balancing old powersets.
  10. Cosmic characters are always a great way to highlight the limitation of the origin system. A lot of them could be any blend of all 5 origins, depending on the character. I usually pick the origin that fits my characters best but I don't ever let the in-game origins limit my character's actual concept.
  11. Glad to see how few people actually go petless on Masterminds. It's such an annoyingly bad concept to build around, so clearly it's more of a joke than anything else. Also Confront is clearly a pretty useless power. Would love to see it changed.
  12. Here's Guerilla, my Mercs/Pain Mastermind:
  13. I apparently have the only 50 Sonic/Traps Corruptor, Airwave on Everlasting.
  14. Thanks you guys! I'm glad people like them. Here's one more - Mystery, my Fire/Rad Corruptor:
  15. I started drawing my characters, so I thought I'd share. On the left is Limbo, my Dark/Emp Controller, and on the right is Bonfire, my Spines/Fire Brute. I'll probably do more at some point, and when I do I'll post them here.
  16. They had an improved version on the private server that was able to pull your costume from the game to use as a default profile pic in addition to all the normal CIT stuff, and I really wish it made its way over here. Last I heard, however, there was no plan to bring it to Homecoming.
  17. Yeah, the Pocket D vendors aren't on the map. They totally should be.
  18. Invulnerability is stupid good on Tankers. I'd definitely put it in the Indefatigable category - with IOs you'll have capped S/L resists, softcapped defense to all types but psi, and capped HP. It's a monster. I'd also bump Willpower down to Above Average if only because of its weaker taunt aura, which is important on a Tanker. I'll also go ahead echo the others' sentiment that all Tanker primaries can be fun and playable.
  19. For a macro that will put a little RP button you can click from your power tray: /macro RP Roleplaying
  20. I've been doing a bit of writing about my characters recently for my VirtueVerse pages, so I thought I'd just post links to the short stories I've made here for anyone who might be interested in reading any of it. I'll update this post with new stories as I write them and use it as a directory for 'em all. 1) Bonfire Goes to the Dentist 2) Limbo: Repossessed Stay tuned for more!
  21. The heated rays of sunshine piercing through the burn holes in the black-out curtains over the windows spent hours slowly creeping towards the bark-like skin of Woody’s face as he slept. The light finally reaching its destination worked as a relatively effective alarm clock for a schedule-free heathen who didn’t even own one. As Woody awoke from his slumber and sat up in bed, several empty bottles of liquor rolled off of him and onto the floor. For a brief moment, Woody idly pondered his reasoning for being awake before finally reaching for his phone. According to the phone’s screen he had “1 New Notification(s)!” that he missed late the night before. Although he wasn’t really in the mood for conversation, Woody decided to go ahead and check his messages to see who the hell tried to contact him on a weekend. “Hi! This is Tabatha calling from Pearly Whites to confirm your appointment with Dr. Langston for tomorrow, Friday, at 1 PM. Please show up 15 minutes early!” Wait a minute, it was Friday? Woody closed his voicemail and looked at the clock in the upper right-hand corner, which read 12:10 PM. Panic began to bubble inside of Bonfire’s stomach as the gravity of his situation started to fully sink in. His drunk ass got the date mixed up, and he was getting dangerously close to missing his dentist appointment. He had no desire to go through the hassle of paying the no-show fee, so he forced himself out of bed and out the door towards the dentist’s office while wearing nothing but the same pair of pants he wore the night before. Most clothing didn’t fit him after all, so most days were pants-only days anyway. It was well after 2 PM by the time Woody stumbled in the front door of the dentist’s office clutching a half-empty handle of gin. “You’re late, Mr. Woodward,” chimed Tabatha, the gleeful receptionist. “We’re going to have to reschedule your appointment. Our next available spot would be next Friday, one week from today.” “Reschedule? You gotta be kidding me,” Woody complained. “You guys are open for like three more hours. Just squeeze me in before the next one!” “Sir, we can’t just--” “Oh, spare me the bullshit, Tabatha,” interrupted Woody as he drove a wooden spike from his hand into the counter out of frustration. He leaned in so that she could feel the heat from the flames where his eyes should be. “If you don’t let me back there right now, I’m going to take it very personally.” Leaving the spike embedded firmly in the countertop, Woody stood straight up and took a step back to get a quick look around the waiting room. When he felt assured that other people would be within earshot, he proclaimed, “I didn’t realize this was an anti-mutant establishment. It’s 2019! You can’t discriminate like that!” Tabatha immediately bolted up from her desk with an alarmed expression on her face. “Uh, r-right this way, Mr. Woodward,” she stammered as she opened the door for him to head back. With an air of smugness, Woody brushed by Tabatha and tossed his empty gin bottle towards the bin at her desk, which shattered when he missed. He then proceeded into a room where he waited for someone to begin his appointment. After a few minutes, a young hygienist enters the room. Woody, who was ready for the entire visit to be over with by this point, was already laying back in the chair they used for the dental cleanings and oral examinations. The hygienist, who introduced herself as Vicky, sat down next to Woody’s head and prepared to start his cleaning. When Woody opened his mouth, a burst of flame billowed out and Vicky fell backwards off of her stool in surprise. “I… I don’t think I can do this,” admitted Vicky, who sounded absolutely defeated by the experience before she bolted out of the room. A few more minutes passed before another knock at the door welcomed Dr. Langston himself, who was dressed from head to toe in heavy-duty protective welding gear and wheeling in an industrial toolbox. Vicky must have given him a heads up. The dentist got to work right away. His toolbox was full of dental supplies, as prolonged exposure to the elevated temperatures inside Woody’s mouth cause them to melt out of shape after a while. He’d work with a tool until it was no longer usable, and then he’d replace it with a brand new one to continue. “Well, I don’t exactly know how this is even possible,” began Dr. Langston as he switched out a melted tool for a fresh one. “All of your teeth seem to be made out of wood, which already doesn’t make much sense with all of the fire you’ve got going on in there. But somehow, you’ve managed to get a cavity in one of your rear molars.” “Wha ha hehh aya--” reacted Woody, whose mouth was being held open by a retractor device that was secured in place. He reached up and pulled it off of his face so that he could actually get his words out. “What the hell do you mean I have a cavity?!” Woody, with his head covered in flames that seemed to be gaining intensity as he stirred, pulled himself out of the examination chair and knocked over the dentist’s toolbox with a dramatic kick. “Do you think I’m gonna pay extra for something as stupid as cavity repair? You guys know I don’t have insurance.” He stood towering over a cowering Dr. Langston, who was still sitting on his stool next to the chair. The dentist was speechless, unable to process the leaps in logic of Woody’s defensiveness. This moment of hesitation was all Woody needed to convince himself to drive a spike through the dentist’s sternum, pushing him onto the ground and impaling him to the floor. “Ha! Now you’re the one with a cavity, Doc,” taunted Woody as Dr. Langston bled out onto the floor of his own practice. Woody casually ignited the contents of the room around his rapidly dying dentist before heading back the way he came in, making sure to ignore Tabatha’s requests for payment as he passed by the front desk. The building’s fire alarm started going off right when Woody reached the exit. As he stood on the sidewalk outside the building amid the growing frenzy caused by his act of arson, Woody reached into his mouth to feel around at his rear molars. It didn’t take long for him to find the cavity in question. With a hard tug, he snapped the charred wooden tooth out of his mouth and chucked it onto the asphalt of the parking lot in front of him. “Boom. Problem solved. Dentists aren’t shit,” Woody said to himself as he departed towards his home with absolutely zero self-reflection on the events that just transpired.
  22. Not saying anything about your implementation of it but I would love a Melee/Support AT in general.
  23. Not sure how to feel about the proc requirement for permanent fast snipe. Why not just leave the +22% to-hit requirement for it instead of forcing everyone to rework their builds to fit in an extra IO, especially since you made a point to entice people to keep their high to-hit builds in the first place by adding a damage increase (to counter the overall damage decrease to snipes)?
  24. Bumping this thread for my new Sentinel with Ninja Tool Mastery who has an invisible, uncustomizable katana.
  25. VANQUISHERS VETO NAZI TAKEOVER Yesterday, an armed militia of Nazi soldiers stormed into government buildings in Washington and took over control of the state, aided by a number of criminal organizations. The Vanquishers were seen entering the central conflict zone shortly after the incident began. An Olympia news crew captured footage shortly after their arrival of the Vanquishers fighting what appears to be a Nazi super-soldier. In this short clip, you can see the team struggling to fight the Nazi before retreating. Late last night, the Vanquishers entered the super-soldier Nazi’s base. Shortly afterwards, most of the remaining Nazi forces fled just as quickly as they arrived. While nobody knows exactly what happened in there with the Vanquishers, one of our field reporters was able to stop one of the team members, Limbo, on their way out to find out more. “Alright, did you hear about us fighting that Nazi who kicked our asses in Olympia? That’s Hyper-Nazi. Well, we were originally gonna call him Baby Ace, but we figured that might get a little confusing for Ace, our own resident super-soldier. Two Aces? That’s insanity, man. Anyway, we followed him here. Occultist and Interface built this weapon to, I dunno, supercharge his super-soldier powers or something? I’m not really sure about the science. All I know is we got in there and fought our way to Hyper-Nazi, they zapped him with it, and it was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my life. He just kept growing, and growing, and-- well, you get it. After that, I’m not sure. That’s about when I got knocked out. You’ll have to ask one of the other-- hey, where’d they go?” We may never know the full story about what happened in there, and we may never fully understand the connection between Ace, Baby Ace, and the Nazi agenda, but at least we do know that the Vanquishers will never give up on a fight no matter the odds. Those are the kind of heroes we need in today’s world.
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