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  1. Some of my characters: Limbo - Darkness Control/Empathy Controller, my main character Fritz - Electrical Blast/Trick Arrow Corruptor Avalanche - Invulnerability/Ice Melee Tanker Mystery - Fire Blast/Radiation Emission Corruptor Elysian - Dual Blades/Radiation Armor Scrapper
  2. Technically we're all powerleveling, it's just a lot of you are really bad at it.
  3. Aha well thank you, but no, it's more of a conceptual thing we use in my SG to break up roleplaying storylines. You can see them all typed up here to see what I'm talking about: http://virtueverse.net/wiki/The_Vanquishers/Adventures
  4. Got a bunch more of those Vanquishers covers! Check it out:
  5. More stuff for The Vanquishers! This is the cover for Chapter 04: Five Columns and a Baby Ace, where the Vanquishers recruit Blindsider (the archer on the right) face off against Baby Ace, a 5th Column super soldier whose serum was based off of Ace's. This next one is the cover for Chapter 05: Incredispiracy, where the Vanquishers are tasked with protecting conspiracy journalist Mystery (top right) from the wrath of Ace's father, the original Incrediman (top center), as well as Ace's older brother, the new Incrediman (top left), after Mystery uncovers a massive scandal that centers around Incrediman's questionable past. Bulletproof (bottom left) is also recruited to the team in this chapter.
  6. Yikes. No thank you. Why would anyone want the Rogue Isles to be a Paragon City clone? Paragon City is really ugly. The Rogue Isles are "ugly" in a different sense - at least it's a deliberate aesthetic choice and not an unfortunate accident like most blueside zones.
  7. This is Avalanche, my old main from back on Live (who used to be named Coldcrash back then):
  8. Another picture of my SG The Vanquishers:
  9. This the Occultist, played by my buddy @Charlie
  10. My main character Limbo without his costume:
  11. It's been a while since I updated this, but I wrote a new short story! You can check it out here: http://virtueverse.net/wiki/Guerilla/Battle_Lines
  12. Ah, yeah, your playstyle is pretty different from mine. I personally really dislike One With The Shield as a power because of the crash (which admittedly is nowhere near as awful as Unstoppable, but I don't use that power either), and find it pretty annoying to use because it lacks consistency. However I will admit that leveraging it with Melee core is a pretty cool idea that I might have to try out. My personal preference is Assault hybrid for the straight damage because Rebirth destiny patches up anything that gets through my defenses very efficiently with the +regen and added heal. I definitely think that including incarnates makes this somewhat of an edge case, though. On just IO investment, Invuln is definitely outshine Shield. With Incarnates, everything can be amazing and the differences between the two sets (in terms of survivability) start to lose meaning a bit.
  13. As someone with both a Shield Defense and an Invulnerability Tanker tricked out at 50, I gotta say... Invulnerability really does take the cake in terms of raw survivability. Both characters are very viable, so you're not going to have trouble tanking on either. Invulnerability is going to require a bigger investment to really reach its full potential, but when it gets there it's pretty unmatched. I like to view survivability as a sort of tiered system for how the game handles incoming damage. Tier 1: Defense prevents attacks from landing. Tier 2: Resistance makes those attacks that do land hurt less. Tier 3: HP makes it so that even if the attack hurts, you'll still have health left over. Tier 4: Regen makes allows you to regain your HP quickly if you don't have a lot of health leftover. All armor sets layer these things together in some way to protect your character from attacks. Here are the numbers for my two tanks. On the left is Shield/Savage, on the right is Invuln/Ice. Again, both are going to be really great at tanking, but Invulnerability excels in all 4 of the categories I just laid out. It's just no contest, really. You could argue that Shield has better defense because of the consistency that comes with positional vs typed, but the reality is that unless we're talking about pure psionic damage, the sets are equally capable. Shield's damage output allows it to kill enemies faster, which also helps survivability in a different way, and that's what makes the set shine. But from a raw survivability standpoint Invulnerability's superiority is simply better. If we're talking about the level up experience, Invulnerability is pretty bad. Shield Defense is a much more enjoyable ride to 50. tl;dr Both Invulnerability & Shield Defense have very similar defense capabilities. However, when an attack gets past your defense, Invulnerability has way more tools to mitigate that damage than Shield Defense does. That's just objectively true. In my opinion, though, they're still both two of the best Tanker sets.
  14. I definitely suggest Invulnerability. That set is stupidly good on Tankers. You can softcap your defense to all types except Psionic, have capped S/L resists, and capped HP. It's immensely survivable.
  15. Finished another one! This would be the cover for The Vanquishers chapter 2, where they meet Captain Sunlight and defeat Hamidon.
  16. Made this yesterday! The Vanquishers vs. the Crystal Titan:
  17. I think you have misinterpreted everything I have written as some kind of attack on ChristopherRobin, but you reread my post you will find that is certainly not the case. You are grossly overreacting to what was a pretty minor exchange in this thread.
  18. Also, here is the commission that a few people from my SG on Everlasting 'The Vanquishers' got done by Avionetca. I really love this piece a ton! My character is the one in black & white in the center, Limbo: (if you have trouble viewing the full-size image try this link: https://i.imgur.com/NCVL8Fe.jpg)
  19. You might be reading too much into his phrasing. I think the point of what he's saying is that, in the event that a commissioned artist makes mistakes, having them cooperate to fix the mistakes (or make a whole new piece free of charge) is pretty much the most professional way the artist can handle that situation. It's the best case scenario for when that happens. So to still hold it against the artist by publicly warning others about them, despite the fact that they are actually making a huge effort to properly address your concerns, seems kind of harsh. Especially considering word of mouth is like an artist's primary method of promotion. That's just my 2 cents as a fellow artist whose character was also in the aforementioned group commission, haha. Personally I love Avionetca's work, and she made a huge effort to perfectly capture our entire team. And honestly, the fact that she is willing to redo your pic at all is kind of a reason why people should be commissioning from her - because she actually cares about how her clients feel about the final product. That's what a good artist would do.
  20. More sketches! This time it's a bunch of villains for The Neverenders. In order, we've got Blood Vulture, Botsworth, Dark Web, Hothead, and HUGE: Man I really need to go back through all the sketches I've posted and clean up some of the little color artifacts that I missed around the edges of the pictures. Whooooops
  21. Not long! Depending on the character I can usually knock one out in an hour or two. The female characters all took a little bit more time for me to do than the male characters just because I'm not as good at drawing women. In that regard, drawing people's characters from this game has been giving me a ton of practice, which I definitely appreciate. For these pictures, I'll usually crank out a few over a day. For comparison, some of the more polished full-body pictures I did at the start of this thread took like 1 or 2 days of steady work to fully complete them.
  22. Well, it's two very different processes! I think pen on paper is a lot more natural to me so the actual sketching itself is pretty quick, but the style allows me to get more detailed so the coloring process can take a bit longer depending on the character. That's why I didn't spend time on any shading for the sketches. I'd say the two styles probably take similar amounts of time for different reasons - the simpler ones require me to plan a little bit about how I'm going to structure the picture, especially when it comes to breaking down and simplifying some of the more complex character designs. Probably the biggest plus side to doing the sketches versus the icons is that, with sketches, if I screw up doing the lines I can edit it & touch it up once I scan it into the computer as needed. With the purely digital pictures, if I realize somewhere along the way that I screwed up my layering (which is kind of vital to the process of making them) or something it can cause some problems that aren't as easy to fix. I enjoy doing both, though!
  23. Thank you! I'm glad you like them! I also did a bunch of sketches for my teammates in the Neverenders on Everlasting! From left to right, top to bottom: Blister, Chromeheart, Dark Arts, Deadstop, Devil Trigger, Fritz, Hit Points, Nowhere Kid, One With The Earth, Pace, Rad Raptor, Smelter, Spell-Slinger, Squall, and Ultra Violet!
  24. The one with the arrows is actually Blindsider - he's an expert archer who is blind. 🙂 Anyway, I've got a lot more icons that I did for the Vanquishers. First, a new member - a former professional wrestler turned hero by the name of Flex Rodgers: And then I've also got all of the villains in the Vanquishers' rogues gallery! FIrst up are Deadlock and Flashback: Next up are the father & son legacy duo, who both operate under the alias Incrediman: Then we have my own villiain Guerilla as well as the elusive Multiman: These next two guys are called The Herald and The Other: And then lastly we have the alien hivemind race known as The Schism:
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