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  1. Really enjoying this build - thanks for posting it. I've got to admit, I was very skeptical - it skips a lot of conventional thinking, but in practice, it's awesome. It's far better than it looks on paper - also, very affordable! If you want to see it in action, find me on Everlasting as Swampfire. Cheers - thanks again!
  2. Thank you for sharing this! I am loving this build. It's almost an embarrassment of riches - I have too many valid, useful, powerful powers. I haven't even come close to dying once. With great res + def plus transfusion and transference, my green and blue bars are never low. Tons of offensive abilities, mobs of minions are nothing, LT.s are two-shot kills, and bosses are just fun to take down. I forget this isn't a blaster - it's a 'support' or 'healing' toon. The build came in around $800k, but I was impatient and didn't build anything, so I solely used the market and paid high. I would think it could be done for about $500k or less if someone was building to this, and taking their time. About to go try her on AVs now - Look for Miss Prism on Everlasting if you want to see her in action. Thanks again! In all seriousness, do you have other builds posted? I like your style and would totally try out a few others.
  3. @rolekiI tried this precise build and it's amazing! Thank you for posting this. It came in under 400m, as I built about half the recipes myself, and it operates better than some of my 'nearing-1B' builds. This is the best bang for the buck by far. And yes, I wade into +mobs fearing death, as I'm a controller and ergo squishy, but with just enough def/res, true perma PA, and amazing End reserves, I have not gotten into trouble yet. I'm about to take him for a spin up against AVs though, so we'll see. But thanks again, this build makes 'Stage-Fright' (on Everlasting) very fun to play!
  4. This is a great build - I'm really enjoying it! Thanks for posting.
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