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  1. Quite frankly, I have no idea where those PVP scalars came from, but unless the SCORE team rebalanced PVP at some point, they do not appear to be correct. The modifiers that I quoted come directly from the source spreadsheets available through Ourodev. They have the values and formulas used by PS developers at the time of the shutdown.
  2. Ok, no one has deigned to answer your question in the last few months, so I'm going to give it a go… Damage, as designed by the Paragon Studios staff, was a rather complex beast pulling from multiple tables with a host of variables, both logical and illogical. It all starts by determining the base health of a generic entity at a given level. From there, base damage for a generic entity is determined by the formula: BaseDMG_Generic = (HP_Generic * 0.3) / 3 This is equal to the base damage for temporary powers for each archetype. From there, the individual archetypes then undergo the formula: BaseDMG_Class = ((BaseDMG_Generic * (1 - LevelModifier)) + (BaseDMG_Generic * ATModifier * LevelModifier)) * (UnspecializiedLevelEffectiveness/100) Where: LevelModifier = 0.20 @ level 1; 1.00 @ level 20+ UnspecializiedLevelEffectiveness = 100 @ 1; 51.93 @ 50 Sounds like a lot?  Good thing I already did it for you. This is then applied to the scale value derived from the RechargeTime and Endurance equations for PVE. PVP damage undergoes an additional formula: (CastTime*0.7+RechargeTime*0.04+0.4)*AdjustedATDamageMod*DamageType%*(1/3.25) AdjustedATDamageMod Tanker 1.267988141 Scrapper 1.147593307 Blaster 1.229564258 Defender 1.560600789 Controller 1.676678533 Brute 1.352520684 Stalker 1.014390513 Corrupter 1.352520684 Dominator 1.4 Mastermind 1.50901068 Kheldian 1.2 Veat 1.2 Pet 1 Maybe that will help some?
  3. Discord Tag: brw316#5735 Applicable Skills: I am an amateur creative writer with an interest in working collaboratively with other individuals to expand the story of this game. Lore for any game has long been the single most important factor of interest for me starting with COH back in 2005, so I am intimately familiar with the implemented lore (missions, badges, descriptions, etc) and the unimplemented lore ("Lore-gasms", "AMAs", Story Bible, Comics, books, etc). I also have a strong desire to see that the spirit and vision of the original development team is adhered to, with some creative liberties. In that vein, I have two story arcs in the rough draft stage that expand on John "Protean" Hegner's concept of pulling missions from the broader task pools to more concretely define the inter-gang conflicts of the lower levels. I am more than happy to push them up for review. While having never worked in an official capacity, collaborative story-telling has long been a pasttime through PnP RPGs. Availability/Time Zone: between 8pm and 11pm Eastern for voice chat, though I am available at any time for DMs. Weekends are mostly open with the exception of one weekend each month for contractual obligations. Interests: Initially, I prefer to expand the game in the originally intended direction to complete the story of Battalion, implement the redemption of Scirocco, and expand on the aforementioned gang activities. Following that, I would love to be an integral part of shaping the future of the game lore with a personal interest on the mystical side of the game (raising of Oranbega, the release of Lughebu, introduction of Uuralur and the unfeatured Aspects of Rularuu, etc.)
  4. I've followed the instructions on how to install the game, however, I'm having trouble actually getting in. The game loads, but on full-screen I get a constant flickering that makes it impossible to navigate. When I Alt+Enter for Windowed mode, I get a black screen and the sound stutters. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? I run Win7 OS, but I have tried the game in compatability mode for Vista SP2 (same compat as my GPU), and XP SP3 (which I know worked for my GPU and game prior to upgrading OS). Is something in Catalyst 9.1 screwing with the game for some reason?
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