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  1. My poison/pistols is 50. Number 3 with a bullet, or lots of bullets really, and poisons!
  2. Yeah I need to come see the mansion, am really curious how the library is! :o
  3. *Gets a chocolate donut around each arm and leg and begins nomming!*
  4. Lesse tank is 50 +3 getting very well kitted out, corruptor at 45, defender at 37 I think. Abraham Wonderland is 18. Stuff all over da place! Good job working on the base Neko!
  5. How do you like bio armor? I hear good things about it.
  6. Hmmm well hopefully by the time you all is ready I will have an army of fifties!
  7. Save your Empyrean and Astral merits for incarnate stuff! Astral can be converted to Emp and Emp are used to buy the rare and very rare incarnate components.
  8. Something is definitely going around Rooky *coughcoughcough!* *Ties helium balloons to the laptop so it floats where ever Neko wants!* Was that a Becky Beetle?
  9. *Pats blackjinn onthe noggin.* Is ok, we can fix! *Gets a large mallet* Dis only hurt for a little bit!
  10. *POUNCES the kitteh for an immediate rematch!* That is also true blackjinn. Ummm mostly working my tank, have a few others at the 20-25 range though.
  11. *Pops out of the plate with the chocolate donuts and noms one* And I should remind everyone I am still the reigning, defending TUSSLIN champ of the Rookery! *Paints a sign on the atic door. Pogo's Lab!* Got to get a few things ready just in case.
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