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  1. *Makes spiced pumpkin jack o lanterns*
  2. *Adjusts hat* Ohhhh.... yes we should start shoppin soon!
  3. *Signs autograph book, takes selfie with Grey Tree Ghost*
  4. I don't hafta... whoa. Hallo Mr Tree
  5. That looks pretty good! I walked you to the tree Puppeh! Use it!
  6. *Grabs leash, runs with Puppeh for the tree line!*
  7. Ummm wassat for? You want me to walk you through the woods Puppeh or somethin?
  8. We should have a picicicicicicnic in that first place.
  9. Wait I confused, is that a real picture? Or did someone artify it? The contrasting tones actually feels SO bright in the colors.
  10. *Pulls at the Puppeh's face to try and fix it!*
  11. *Gives Ziggy a ginormous mug of coffee* Yes Friday Friday, what happened to your face Puppeh? Is all SMUSHED! You haz good weekend too Crystal!
  12. Ohhhh zombeh! Is a zombeh David Bowie? Am confused...
  13. *Yoinks a fresh Becky through the time machine* Don't do dat!
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