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  1. *Runs around in circles with his mouf open!* Donuts from heaven!
  2. *Carries Becky along over to the lego box* Good idea, I bet that sneaky kitteh is in there! Happy birfday Rooky!
  3. Whar did everyone go? *Looks under a pillow*
  4. Look, I found Puppeh's baby picture! He sure was cute...
  5. You take dat one down!
  6. Fanks guys! *Noms donut, hands out pieces of donut cake*
  7. *Stops, halts the Puppeh wif a raised hand.* STAHP! We haz other thing to attend. Is mah birfday! *Puts party hat on Puppeh and Cheez Cat*
  8. *Hides from the cheese monster*
  9. Ummm... there is going to be a lot of fur in that fondue...
  10. Can you eat... naughty Puppehs? Asking for a friend...
  11. *snugs the dragon* Wait... the Puppeh Chase has begun! *Chases the Puppeh around in circles!*
  12. Hopefully a plastic bottle? *Gives the dragon a donut and some aspirin*
  13. *Begins setting up the Rookery Olympics!* Let's see... events list... Tusslin, Puppeh Chase, Lego Obstacle Course, Fastest Rafter Climber, Donut Eatin...
  14. *Bangs on the doghouse door* Puppeh you return dat Olympic torch right nao! Opening ceremony is tonight!
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