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  1. *Hugs the Larker Bunneh!* Sorry to hear that, I know how that sucks to say goodbye.
  2. Damn Larker that sucks! Hope you find the puppers soon!
  3. *Shares a donut with the Becky* That was fun!
  4. *Strings a rubber band in the way of the front legs!*
  5. Mah war knives are made by nerf. It's dat Puppeh you have to watch. He has a destructive streak a mile wide.
  6. Pretty sure we have used explosives *noms donut*
  7. *Uses his fancy nerf flaming sword chain thingies to fight back!*
  8. None of you can stop SackKratos! I am the God of Tussle!
  9. My plan is working flawlessly. BWAHAHAHAHAHA
  10. *Steals underdog pill and replaces with catnip to see what happens*
  11. *Takes a reading with his sonic screwdriver* Mmm still defective but within normal for the Puppeh
  12. I can fix it, mmmm let me see. Oh I know what we need! Ok, step in to this blue cardboard box for a moment...
  13. Did anyone see a funny looking... oh there it is. He got out of the lab!
  14. *Eats a stack of pancakes four times his own size* Dese are good! That dog is pug ugly... BWAHAHAHAHA
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