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  1. On the Energy Focus power (Stalker version), the description still refers to Whirling Hands as one of the powers when that's been replaced by Power Crash
  2. After zoning into Atlas, any area on the map that hadn't been previously visited is black, like the way the old hazard zones used to be. See screenshot Repro Steps: 1. Level 50 character, running the Alpha unlock mission from Ouro 2. On the "Speak to Lady Grey" part of the mission, zoned from Ouro to Atlas Park 3. Unvisited areas on the map are blacked out
  3. I started a freespec with the /respec command, I had Hover activated, I think. After I finished the respec, I was still flying, and could fly around, but I had no flight power activated. The flight that I got seemed to be similar to what happens when you have Hover on, but get mezzed. There was a lot more drift that compared to the normal fly powers. See the attached screenshot with the best proof I could manage. Zoning seemed to clear it out, everything was back to normal after that.
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